Planning A Special Mothers Day


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Planning A Special Mothers Day

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  2. 2. Planning A Special Mothers Day Planning a special Mothers Day is important in honoring your mother or your wife, the mother of your children. Mothers spend every day of their lives thinking and caring about their children. They make sacrifices for their children and they work hard to give their children the best lives possible. Because they put so much work into being a mother, mothers deserve to be honored on Mothers Day. If you want to honor your wife or mother, plan a special Mothers Day for the family.
  3. 3. Making It Special A special Mothers Day does not necessarily mean a Mothers Day gift for her. Some women do not like gifts, some families do not have money to give gifts, and sometimes women have too many things and simply do not need any more “things” around the house! If the problem with giving a gift is the first or third issue, there are many different ideas you could use instead of a traditional Mothers Day gift.
  4. 4. You Could Give Her A Framed Photo, A Scrap Book, Or A Photo Album You could give her a framed photo, a scrap book, or a photo album. These are gifts, but not standard or traditional gifts. You could even give her something edible, like chocolate or fruit to make it a special Mothers Day. But if you are trying to buy something for a woman who has it all or simply does not like receiving gifts, it will not be a special Mothers Day for her if you buy her a nick-knack or something that is just going to collect dust.
  5. 5. You Can Still Plan A Special Mothers Day Without Gift Giving If the reason for not purchasing a gift is that your family does not have enough disposable funds to purchase a gift, you can still plan a special Mothers Day without gift giving. Almost every town has tons of free or low cost activities for families to do. You could go to the park, take a walk, or take a swim in a local river. Pack up your lunch and have a picnic at the park. You could rent some of her favorite movies, pop some popcorn, and spend the day watching mom’s favorite movies—without complaining that they are chick flicks or boring!
  6. 6. There Are Many, Many Free Or Low Cost Activities There are many, many free or low cost activities to do with mom on Mothers Day to make it a special Mothers Day. Look in your phone book or on your town’s web site to see exactly what type of activities are available in your area. No matter what you do, as long as you are able to spend time together as a family on Mother’s Day it will be a special Mother’s Day!
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