Mother’s Day Crafts – Fun and Cool


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Mother’s Day Crafts – Fun and Cool

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  2. 2. Mother’s Day Crafts – Fun and Cool With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what to give. This year why not have some fun and make her something special that she can call all her own. You can find Mother’s Day craft ideas everywhere and this would provide her with a one of a kind gift she will never forget. You can find crafts that are simple and easy or you can find more complicated crafts that require more skill. If you tend to be a crafty person it is possible to make a very nice gift. There are many craft ideas for children to make which bring delight to mom.
  3. 3. Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Great Mother’s Day Gifts The Family Tree: Get a piece of poster board and cut to the size you want. Draw a tree out of construction paper and glue to the board. Also cut the leaves out of construction paper making them big enough to frame a small picture. Make copies of pictures, one for each family member. Glue them to the leaves. You can add any decorations you want or you can leave it simple.
  4. 4. This Would Make A Great Gift For Any Mom This would make a great gift for any mom. Another idea for a Mother’s Day craft is to start a scrapbook for mom. There are literally hundreds of scrapbook supplies available today. It would be nice to add an additional page for each holiday or family gathering. This is a gift that could be passed down through the generations.
  5. 5. If Mom Is A Coffee Or Tea Drinker If mom is a coffee or tea drinker you might want to give her a personalized mug. Purchase a plain white mug then you or your children can paint the mug with either pretty pictures or handprints. You can also print “I love you Mom” onto the mug. Allow the paint to dry being careful not to touch it. Once it is dry use a clear sealer as a topcoat.
  6. 6. If doing this Mother’s Day craft project If doing this Mother’s Day craft project keep in mind that the topcoat sealer needs ten days to dry and cure before it can be washed. If this doesn’t appeal to you there are places you can take in a photo and they will transfer that photo to a mug.
  7. 7. If Mom Loves Lavender If mom loves lavender try filling a fruit jar with great smelling lavender flower heads. Using a rubber stamp make a pretty tag to attach to the lid of the jar. Using a thin fabric such as tulle to cover the top of the jar and use some pretty ribbon to hold the fabric in place and attach the card. This will provide mom with the comforting smell of lavender for several months.
  8. 8. These are just a few ideas for Mother’s Day crafts These are just a few ideas for Mother’s Day crafts. There are literally hundreds out there if you want to do a little research. The most important thing is do not forget mom on this special day. Let her know she is loved and appreciated.
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