Creative Meals for a One-of-a-Kind Mother’s Day Brunch


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Creative Meals for a One-of-a-Kind Mother’s Day Brunch

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  2. 2. Creative Meals for a One-of-a-Kind Mother’s Day Brunch Planning a Mother’s Day brunch is a great way to celebrate this important occasion. By sending out Mother’s Day Ecard invitations, you can invite your family and friends to this special festivity while saving paper.
  3. 3. Preparing An Elegant Meal However, before you go shopping for the usual bacon, eggs, and pancakes, brainstorm on how to prepare a unique Mother’s Day brunch that will always take up a special place in your mother’s memories. From preparing an elegant meal that elaborates on traditional brunch recipes to serving drinks that go beyond your average OJ, give your mother a Mother’s Day Brunch that she will never forget.
  4. 4. Prepare a Meal with Pizzazz When you think of brunch, you may visualize plates piled high with pancakes, gritz , hashed browns, bacon, etc. How about taking those brunch favorites and adding a twist to them? Delight your mom with an elegant and creative meal that is both delicious and daring. Take eggs for example. Rather than the usual omelette , make one filled with a combination of cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers.
  5. 5. Frittata With Cherry Tomatoes And Goat Cheese Better yet, instead of an omelette , make a frittata with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese. You can play with the traditional eggs benedict recipe and make eggs benedict with ham, avocado, tomato, egg, and hollandaise sauce or replace the eggs with tofu and make tofu benedict. Give scrambled eggs some life and color with feta cheese, sliced olives, onion, green pepper, and tomato.
  6. 6. Make syrup with fresh strawberries A Mother’s Day brunch is not complete without something sweet. Make syrup with fresh strawberries to go along with those buttermilk pancakes. Instead of making the usual French toast, how about making French croissants? They are buttery, flaky and delicious. Sprinkle powdered sugar on pancakes, waffles, and French toast to add sweetness and character.
  7. 7. A fruit salad is a low-calorie A fruit salad is a low-calorie way to satisfy mom’s sweet tooth. Add exotic fruits like mango and kiwi to give the fruit salad a kick. An elegant and aesthetically pleasing way to add a hint of sweetness to your Mother’s Day brunch is to make a breakfast parfait. In a parfait glass, add layers of fruits like kiwi, strawberry, and banana, and yogurt, granola and honey, topping it off with a dollop of whipped cream.
  8. 8. Prepare Drinks that Dare to be Different Instead of serving the usual orange juice and coffee, spice up your Mother’s Day brunch by making iced coffee drinks and tropical fruit juices. Mango and milk in a blender makes a delicious drink and fresh orange juice goes very well with fresh passion fruit juice.
  9. 9. Cocktail Umbrellas And Cocktail Sticks With Fruit Decorate glasses of juice with cocktail umbrellas and cocktail sticks with fruit. Rather than serving the usual drip coffee, how about making an iced coffee drink for Mother’s Day brunch? Blend instant coffee, condensed milk, and ice to make a delicious frappe popular in Greece. Buy a bottle of good champagne to make a toast to start off your Mother’s Day brunch.
  10. 10. Unique And Elegant Now that you have ideas on how to have a unique and elegant Mother’s Day brunch that your mother will never forget, get out there and start planning! Remember that in order to make your Mother’s Day brunch a memorable experience for your mother and the guests, getting creative is a must. Do it differently and most of all, have fun!
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