A Guide to Choosing How to Order Flowers for Mothers Day


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A Guide to Choosing How to Order Flowers for Mothers Day

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  2. 2. A Guide to Choosing How to Order Flowers for Mothers Day Choosing whether to order flowers for Mothers Day online or by using your local florist is a personal choice only you can decide. If it is the day before Mothers Day and you are sitting in your pajamas with your laptop, then by all means, order online. Otherwise, if you have the time, educate yourself and explore the opportunities, prices, and reliability offered by both types of florists.
  3. 3. Your Friendly Local Florist Chances are your city has at least one local florist. Perhaps your mother has used the same florist for years, and this florist knows what your mother likes. Another reason for choosing a local florist is because they want repeat business, and will do a good job to assure you come back.
  4. 4. Personalize Your Choice At your local florist you can usually personalize your choice of flowers for your arrangement or select from a wide variety of Mothers Day plants assuring your mother will receive a beautiful, well-thought-out floral gift. The card can be personally selected and signed by you, which your mother will treasure. Another reason for using a local florist is cost. Many local florists do not charge a delivery fee.
  5. 5. Going Online Some online floral services, such as Teleflora, use local florists for design and deliver. In this way, you can combine the convenience of ordering from the comfort of your own home with the satisfaction of knowing your local florist, with whom you may already have a business relationship, is taking care of your mother's big surprise.
  6. 6. Online Florists Before you order flowers for Mothers Day, do some research about online florists as there are thousands from which to choose. If provided, read the online testimonials on the site to see if they have a good reputation, and then proceed with caution by checking out the following:
  7. 7. Security & Delivery Security – First and foremost, be certain the online florist offers a safe, secure system for payments. Delivery – It is always a nice option to have same-day delivery. Compare online florists' delivery fees beforehand as you might save quite a bit due to the competition for your business.
  8. 8. Flower Choices Flower Choices – If you have in mind certain flower choices or specific Mothers Day plants you know she would be delighted to receive, again, check it out before you order. Nothing is more frustrating that learning that what you ordered was not what was delivered.
  9. 9. Budget & Guarantee Budget – If money is an option, then by all means do some bargain shopping, but remember you usually get what you pay for when it comes to flowers. Guarantee – Your online florist should offer a guarantee of some sort, either a money-back guarantee, or to replace the unsatisfactory arrangement or Mothers Day plants with another.
  10. 10. Personal Touch Whether you like the personal touch or the convenience of online buying, your mother deserves the very best for Mothers Day and will appreciate the time you spent assuring she gets it.
  11. 11. This Slide Show is brought to You by http:// mothersdaycrafts.blogspot.com