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Storytelling;Who Needs It?


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A look at some of my storytelling venues and subjects both traditional and non-traditional

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Storytelling;Who Needs It?

  2. 2. Everyone Loves A Story • Seniors • Youth • Children • Parents • Civic Groups • Congregations • Scouts • 4-H & FFA Programs • Sports Teams • Professionals • Corporate Leaders • Politicians • You
  3. 3. Traditional Entertainment and Teaching • Everyone has a story • Everyone has heard a story • Everyone needs a story Stories have been with humans…. since time began!
  4. 4. Traditional Venues
  5. 5. Non-Traditional Venues • Bus Trips • Story Slams • Stores • Horseback Rides • Boat Trips • Hospitals • Prisons • Where Can You Take A Story?
  6. 6. Stories Will Be Told
  7. 7. Everything Can Be A Story Subject Folk Fairy Gnome Elf Sprite Goblin Ghoul Grouch Grim Character Cousin King Queen Count Horse Elephant Zebra Mouse Moose Hawk Eagle Robin Sparrow Hero Heroine Prisoner Soldier Sailor Cowboy City Slicker Senator Fool Grandma Grandpa You and…
  8. 8. Listen To My Stories I’ll take you places only your imagination has been! • • • • 860-690-4292 • Member Ct. Storytelling Center Board of Directors • Lanes Member- League for the Advancement of new England Storytelling • NSN Member- National Storytelling Network