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mothering Mother


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mothering Mother

  1. 1. Linking  our  knowledge  of    food,  nourishment  and  health,  to  our  understanding    of   Mother  Nature    Sydney  MacInnis,  Founder  &  CEO  
  2. 2. What  Is  mothering  Mother’s  Mission?  •  mothering  Mother’s  mission  is  to  strengthen  the  natural  bond  between  our  bodies’   health  &  wellness,    and  the  health  and  sustainability  of  the  natural  resources   embodied  in  our  Mother  Earth.  •  Through  web-­‐based  educaAon  and    its  lead  product  line  of  reusable  coCon  grocery   bags,  mothering  Mother  has  made  the  relaAonship  between  food  choices,  food   buying,  and  the  environmental  crisis    caused  by    single-­‐use  plasAc  bags,  a  resounding   call  to  acAon  for  consumers.  •  Every  minute  over  one  million  single  use  plasAc  bags  are    given  away  in  grocery   stores  to  transport  produce  and  other  bulk  items  to  the  home;  within  a  maCer  of   hours,  these  bags  are    discarded.    The  evidence  linking  these  bags  which  never   biodegrade,    with  environmental  destrucAon,  is  profound.    mothering  Mother’s   coCon  bag  system  for  grocery  shopping  is  a  convenient  and  appealing  alternaAve.  •  The  health  benefits  conveyed  via  mothering  Mother’s  educaAonal  focus  on  bulk   foods,  best  pracAces  in  buying  and  storing  fresh  produce,  and  exploring  healthy   ingredients,  brings  the  circular  message  together.    With  regular  blog  entries,  lifestyle   suggesAons,  recipes  and  cooking  videos,  mothering  Mother  connects  its  bags  to  a   new  way  of  thinking…about  the  health  of  the  body,  and  the  health  of  Mother  Earth.  
  3. 3. What  Is  mothering  Mother’s  Strategy?  •  mothering  Mother  offers  a  complete  system  of  unbleached  coCon  bags  for   plasAc-­‐free  shopping:     –  A  drawstring  coCon  bag  (available  in  two  sizes)  designed  for  the  produce   secAon.   –  A  Velcro-­‐closure  bag  (also  available  in  a  range  of  sizes)  best  accommodates   bulk  food  items.   –  A  sizable  coCon  tote  designed  for  the  checkout.      •  The  ulAmate  value  proposiAon  is  strong.    Benefits  of  a  $2.50  –  $3.00  bag   include:   –  300  fewer  clear  plasAc  bags  used  per  person  each  year.   –  Food  spared  the  exposure  to  the  toxins  emiCed  by  plasAc  bags.   –  Fresher  food:    produce  stored  directly  in  mother  Mother  bags  is  able  “to   breathe.”  •  mothering  Mother  is  not  just  selling  a  bag.  We  are  teaching  people  how  to  use   the  bag,  and  how  to  prepare  the  food  from  the  bag.    This  approach  is  an   invitaAon  to  a  lifestyle  that  centers  on  connecAng  our  personal  health  to   planetary  health.    
  4. 4. mothering  Mother’s  Revenue  •  Money  is  earned  through  the  sale  of  the  bags.  We  sell   six  different  bags  with  thirteen  different  SKU’s.  •  Our  end  consumers  are  primarily  women  in  the  30-­‐65   age  category,  especially  young  mothers  concerned   about  the  environment  etc.  •  Consumers  find  us  in  stores  and  on  the  internet.    •  Our  wholesale  customers  are  approximately  50  stores,   including  two  Whole  Foods  regions.  •  We  have  two  e-­‐tail  distributors  and  ecommerce  on  our   home  website.    Traffic  is  driven  to  the  site  with  SEO,   the  promise  of  diet  and  health-­‐related  arAcles,   YouTube  videos,  shared  newsleCers/blog.  
  5. 5. Our  Technology  •  Our  technology  is  technology  of  yesteryear:    reviving  the  usefulness  and  reusability  of   coCon.    Shopping  and  eaAng  closer  to  the  Earth  can  have  a  large  impact  on  the  carbon   footprint  of  an  individual  over  a  lifeAme.  •  Our  manufacturing  process  reflects  this  ethos.    mothering  Mother  designed  the  bags,   which  are  manufactured  in  India.  The  coCon  fabric  must  be  sourced  from  Asia,  making   assembly  in  India  more  cost-­‐efficient.    Sydney  has  travelled  to  India  to  visit  the  two  major   manufacturers  of  the  bags,  ensuring  safe  and  legal  work  condiAons  where  the  bags  are   made.                                    Bulk  Bag                                                                    Produce  Bag                                    Tote  Bag  
  6. 6. Target:    The  “Unaware  Aware”  •  Changing  habitual,  ingrained  grocery  shopping  behavior  is  a   HUGE  task.    mothering  Mother’s  strategy  has  been  to  focus   on  early  adopter  women  who  have  the  potenAal  to  become   ambassadors  for  change.   –  i.e.  she  is  currently  shopping  the  health/organic  food   distribuAon  channels  and  probably  bringing  her  own  reusable   shopping  bags  BUT  is  almost  completely  unaware  of  the   produce/bulk  plasAc  bag  issue  •  With  distribuAon  in  place,  mothering  Mother  now  needs  to   drive  sales  with  greater  awareness,  educaAon  and   engagement.     •  More  signage  and  promoAonal  events  to  support  the  sales  channel   and  create  more  awareness.   •  Educate  and  engage  consumers  via  website,  blog,  recipes,  speaking   engagements,  video  and  social  media.  
  7. 7. Re-­‐thinking  What  CompeAAon  Means  •  At  this  stage  of  the  market’s  development,  we  have  ONE  foe,  and  a  number  of   allies.  •  The  foe  is  the  free  plasAc  produce/bulk  food  bag  available  in  every  supermarket  in   the  country:  •  Our  allies  are  every  other  brand  of  reusable  product/bulk  food  bag*.    At  this  point,   they  are  NOT  mothering  Mother  compeAtors;  we  are  all  niche  brands  with  the   same  goal:    to  unseat  the  free  plasAc  bag  as  the  default  choice  for  shoppers  and  in   doing  so,  educate  and  inspire  beCer  shopping  decisions.  •  As  the  market  develops,  MMs  compeAAve  objecAves  will  evolve,  from  growing  the   market  (with  allies)  to  dominance  through  superiority.   –  Versus  today’s  allies:    more  sustainably  sourced,  beCer  value,  superior  performance,   more  trusted  brand.    *Companies  producing  reusable  bag  products  include:  Ecobags,  Chicobags,  Hands  on  Hemp,  Blue  Lotus,    Reusit,  Flip  &  Tumble  
  8. 8. mothering  Mother’s  Team  •  Sydney  Bio:  An  unusual  combinaAon  of  a  Cordon  Bleu  trained  cook  with  a  HolisAc   NutriAonist  with  a  Yoga  &  MeditaAon  Instructor,  all  swirled  together  with  Sydney’s   passion  for  care  of  the  Earth,  make  for  unlimited  twists  and  turns  for  the   mothering  Mother  company.    •  Summer  student  (1),  part  Amers  (2)  throughout  the  year,  an  unpaid  intern.  •  The  Board  of  Advisors  is  a  recent  part  of  the  team.    •  Kate  Guenther-­‐  non-­‐profit  fund  raiser  and  business  development  professional.      •  Susan  Monteith-­‐  investment  banker  with  over  25  years’  experience.        •  Gary  Ryan-­‐  MarkeAng  and  sales  execuAve  with  extensive  experience  in  both  not-­‐for-­‐profit  and  for-­‐profit   sectors.    •  Bea  Smith-­‐  former  advisor  to  major  financial  services  projects/M&A  deals.  Currently  a  virtual  markeAng   strategist  for  SMB  clients.      •  Hugh  Duthie-­‐  Strategic  planning  consultant  and  market  researcher  with  a  broad  experience  in  the  world  of     consumer  brands.      •  BeCs  Fitzgerald-­‐  Business  Development  ExecuAve:  Licensing,  MarkeAng,  Branding.  •  Iain  MacInnis-­‐  Banker  with  over  20  years’  experience  financing  mid-­‐sized  companies  in  all  industry  sectors/   both  Canada  and  the  US.    
  9. 9. Financials   YEAR  3   YEAR  5   SALES                                                                              Stores   $100,000   $200,000                Distributors   $80,000   $250,000                mM  Website   $20,000   $50,000   Total   $200,000   $500,000   CUSTOMERS                                                      Stores   300   700   Distributors   25   40   mM  Website   1500   4000   CONVERSION  RATE                              Stores   20%   25%   Distributors   30%   40%   mM  Website   10%   15%  •  Less  than  1%  of  target  consumers  are  currently  using  produce  and  bulk  bags.  •  Bag  awareness  is  increasing  with  bag  bans  in  communiAes  across  the  country.    •  Distributors  will  find  stores  more  recepAve  as  consumer  demand/interest  grows.  •  Start-­‐up  capital  came  from  private  investor.  
  10. 10. Sustainability  •  mothering  Mother  evolved  from  over  20  years  of  sustainable   pracAces  in  the  home  of  founder  Sydney  MacInnis.    Those  pracAces   are  also  in  place  in  the  home-­‐based  office:   –  Only  recycled  paper  purchased.    Limited  prinAng  of  file  copies-­‐-­‐when   required,  ‘scrap’  paper  is  used  first.     –  Natural  light  and  minimal  temp  control  most  days.  Low  flush  toilet.   Laptop  computers  with  energy  efficient  fax/printer.  LED  light  bulbs.     –  Carpooling/biking  encouraged.     –  Snacks  are  homemade  and  filtered  water  is  available  from  the  tap  in   glasses.    •  Most  communicaAon  with  stores  is  by  email  and  phone.  We  work   to  restrict  store  visits  for  demos,  unless  there  is  a  specific  need.  The   Board  of  Advisor  call  was  through  teleconferencing.    •  As  sales  volume  increases,    more  sustainable  organic  coCon  will  be   viable.      
  11. 11. Current  Status  •  mothering  Mother  has  been  in  business  since  2009.   –  over  25,000  bags  sold!     –  in  2  Whole  Foods  Market  regions.   –  accredited  member  of  Green  America.   –  awaiAng  cerAficaAon  as  a  NaAonally  recognized  Woman  Owned  Business.  •  Growing  library  of  educaAonal  tools:   –  over  20  food-­‐prep  videos,  and  more  evolving.   –  60+  vegetarian  and  vegan  recipes,  created  by  Sydney,  on  the  blog.  Increasingly  weekly.  •  Free  screening  of  Bag  It  sponsored  by  mM  for  Earth  Day  2012.  •  Sydney  is  a  vocal  advocate  for  bag  bans  throughout  lower  Westchester  County.  •  Sydney  is  compleAng  her  first  book  in  a  series  from  mothering  Mother.  Each  will  focus  on  an   individual  lifestyle  choice  that  encourages  the  mM  values.  The  book  will  include  pracAcal   informaAon  interspersed  with  personal  stories  and  reflecAons.  •  With  this  funding,  mothering  Mother  would  add  one  full  Ame  employee,  who  would    handle   social  media,  store  relaAons  and  markeAng  promoAons.    Store  display  and  promoAon  will  be   improved  with  the  help  of  a  markeAng  consultant.  If  resources  permit,  web  markeAng  would   also  be  addressed  to  bring  mM  to  the  forefront  of  reusable  opAons.