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Brochure Softwareteams Dkk


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Brochure Softwareteams Dkk

  1. 1. SoftwareteamsCreative and innovative consultancy35172652120900If you want be up to date in the competitive market by using the best tools or products and services for restructuring, renewing or updating your IT system and infrastructure. Improve your business potential by choosing SWTEAMS services. Reduce your cost and expand your resources by using our teams of developers.Our offerA SWTEAMS consultant can work on your project with a selection of developers of your choice. This method is a new innovative package, that gives you a team working full time for you, as well as an on site consultant who will manage the team while communicating the correct understanding of your needs to the developers.The concept is to offer a consultant on site, thus providing our clients with the best possible quality when solving a problem with support from a group of developers.ExpansionWe believe in a strong company spirit and culture and expand our teams at a moderate pace. We go for quality and understanding resources.ValuesSWTEAMS LTD is a danish managed company with well trained consultants and have experience working with Scandinavian clients. Most of the developers often travel to Denmark and Norway visiting our clients. The company culture has evolved since the business in 2004.Here is the solution you have been waiting for.. A team of IT consultants at your service at a very competitive rate.The A-Team!!IT consultancy in a new and innovative way...455295457200A dedicated team in our officeThis team will work 100% for you, during the period you specify. You will then be able to expand or reduce your team as you need to.Each team consist of 2 – 6 developers. As well as a team leader of your choice.On site consultant teamThis is our innovative concept, that we believe will bring you not only the best value, but also the best results.A consultant will assist you during the project process, and a team of 2- 6 developers will be available in our office, providing full time development and supportSWTEAMS offers the following rates:ResourcesRate (DKK)Monthly Cost*Junior Developer11014,300Developer15019,500Senior Developer18524,050Software Architect19525,350Project manager/SCRUM19525,350*Clients will only be invoiced 130 hours per month flat rate per resource out of a possible 160 hours.We work closely with our clients and understand where they have issues on their projects and together find a solution. That is why at SWTEAMS we give our clients the best deal possible in order for them to focus on their business. On site consultant teamOur onsite consultant will work at your office at the rate of DKK 750 per hour.If you choose to have effective, quality assured delivery, then we can offer you our innovative consulting concept. With an onsite consultant and a team of developers backing up his work.By choosing our innovative consulting concept the rates we present will be very cost effective according to the team size and length of project.Development teamsOn site Consultant Rate (DKK)Off site Consultant Rate (DKK)Total (DKK)Team of 0750750Team of 1700185885Team of 26752*150975Team of 45504*1501,150Team of 64506*1501,350Here the on site consultant rates will vary from $ 82 - 136 depending of the team size required.We give our clients a discount of 10% on any projects that are longer than 6 months.There is constant increase in the productivity and in the quality of work of our resources.By choosing our services we can help you reduce your cost.Our Partners:Secorigo - Simplify your businessSecorigo – the name covers our services: Security, Compliance, Risk and Governance. We are a systems integrator and management consulting firm – and a trusted advisor to both private firms and public institutions. Common for all our customers is that they all face challenges within governance, risk and compliance (GRC).We deliver advisory services, design and architectural sparring, configuration and implementation assistance as well as project management services around GRC. Our concepts and methodologies are proven in supporting our clients IT environments and ERP systems such as SAP R/3 and MS Dynamics. - People in developmentComet•people has a strong background in Games development, Media Entertainment and Consultancy. As an agile company we deliver a wide range of services...• Web solutions and development: As a Certified Sitecore CMS partner we are at the top of Internet technology as Sitecore CMS is rated a top 3 world leader in Internet CMS provider.• Mobility for smartphones: The next generation of internet connectivity. All statistics show that internet users are seeking functions more than just information. Smartphone applications can get you down your customers pocket and have a much better retention...Contact us for more information.What are the package options available ?45529545720021494754572003978992464574Contact us for best dealsOur competitive ratesOur methods and technologies5807635484094SCRUM and Agile methodsOur developers have extensive experience in using SCRUM and Xtreme programming and development is performed with security in mind.<br />Database developementOur developers are specialised in the following databases: MS SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) , Oracle, Postgresql<br />MMobile DevelopmentOur team of developers have experience in the Mobile Development for iPhone , iPad, Windows 7 and Android.<br />Java developmentOur developers have experience in J2EE, Webservices, Java Server pages, Servlets and Hibernate as well as Web frontend and mobile design.<br />.NET and Microsoft developmentOur developers use Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 for our development, with .NET Framework 3.5 and 4 respectively.Development of Windows application(desktop), web apps, Windows services, web services using .NET technologies with C# as programming languages. <br />PLACEHOLDERIFUSERPROPERTY WorkStreet3 Farquhar Lane="" "[Adresse]"USERPROPERTY WorkStreet3 Farquhar Lane3 Farquhar Lane* MERGEFORMAT3 Farquhar LanePLACEHOLDERIFUSERPROPERTY WorkCityQuatre Bornes="" "[By]"USERPROPERTY WorkCityQuatre BornesQuatre Bornes* MERGEFORMATQuatre Bornes, PLACEHOLDERIFUSERPROPERTY WorkStateMauritius="" "[Område]"USERPROPERTY WorkStateMauritiusMauritius* MERGEFORMATMauritius+230 427 5689/+230 941 0077/ +45 5031 7579PLACEHOLDERIFUSERPROPERTY WorkWebPage"" "[Webadresse]"USERPROPERTY WorkWebPagehttp://www.softwareteams.biz* MERGEFORMAThttp://www.softwareteams.bizGet it done doneFor more information see http://www.softwarteams.bizSWTEAMS LTD<br />