Everyday Is Blessed


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Each day is yours to do with as you wish because simply put everyday is blessed : )

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Everyday Is Blessed

  2. 2. “Everyday is blessed”<br /><ul><li>Even when the sky is grey
  3. 3. Everyday is blessed.
  4. 4. Even if you lose your job
  5. 5. Everyday is blessed
  6. 6. Even if you find out that those you loved never loved you.
  7. 7. Everyday is blessed : )</li></li></ul><li>YES EVERYDAY <br />I S B L E S S E D <br /><ul><li>“If you think of our world as a place where everything is possible and it has been proven so. We have men walk on the moon, we can talk to someone on a mobile phone thousands of miles away. All progressive idea’s good and bad started off as a thought in someone’s brain. They may have been surrounded by people who thought them foolish yet they persevered until they made real what they knew was inside them. They turned their thoughts into actions.
  8. 8. Good or bad right or wrong. You just have to think it first, then if it nags at you it will come into being. How could you not think everyday is blessed when everyday offers you the possibility of making real your ideas, saving your life with your thoughts and desires.
  9. 9. Never be scared when bad situations happen to you, especially if you have no control over them. It just might be providence taking you out of something you no longer need and placing you in the perfect place for you to be happier.</li></li></ul><li>“Every day is owned by you”<br /><ul><li>From the moment before you open your eyes in the morning.
  10. 10. This day belongs to you : )
  11. 11. Do not let others negative attitudes dictate how you will behave on this day, because what you give bounces back to you
  12. 12. This day belongs to you
  13. 13. Do not get caught up in other peoples drama's.
  14. 14. You wouldn’t readily catch someone else’s cold? Then don’t let people coat you in their unresolved ‘dreck’
  15. 15. This day belongs to you : )</li></li></ul><li>HONOUR<br />Y O U R S E L F<br /><ul><li>It doesn’t serve you to take on board other peoples problems. Of course if you can help then do, but if you find yourself being shouted at by them and then find yourself upset. Honour yourself and day and walk away. You can not go through every uneasy encounter running away but I do think it wise to save your day you won’t get it back. You can’t live in a bubble but you can decide who deserves your care. Who deserves your time.
  16. 16. If there is no respect , there is no love. If there is no love then you honour yourself and show yourself some. Keep smiling eventually the things that try to stop you from this wonderful state of being will disappear from your side and day.</li></li></ul><li>“Every day offers you everything”<br /><ul><li>Each day comes with positive and negative possibilities. You choose which you want to accept.
  17. 17. The majority of this world is programmed to expect the worst to happen. It is easy to find others brave enough to change this for themselves, reach out!
  18. 18. Remember good thoughts sow good seeds for you. Be nice : )</li></li></ul><li>“Every day is opportunity anew”<br /><ul><li>Yesterday may of seen you sad
  19. 19. Yesterday may of seen you angry
  20. 20. Yesterday may of seen you unloved
  21. 21. Yesterday may of seen you fail
  22. 22. Yesterday may of seen you hurt
  23. 23. Yesterday may of seen you jobless
  24. 24. Yesterday may of seen you envious
  25. 25. Yesterday may of seen you crying
  26. 26. Yesterday may of seen you vengeful</li></li></ul><li>KEEP GOODTHOUGHTS AT THE<br />FORE FRONT OF<br /> YOUR MIND<br />It doesn’t serve you to take on board negative opinions about people you meet, you can with a smile slide away. I often encounter people who want me to justify my beliefs, argue with them so they can prove me wrong and I guess themselves right. What a waste of life LOL,do not have to convince anybody about what should be prevalent in their day. We all come from the same place we all know. : ) Some fight, some don’t, some believe some won’t, it’s as it should be. If your with me you’ll understand you do not have to convince anybody about how you choose to think, what you choose to make real. Life is how you perceive it, if you choose happiness, there is no way on this earth it won’t find you. Be nice : )<br />
  27. 27. “Every day is yours to try something new”<br /><ul><li>How do you discover what your good at?
  28. 28. How can you prove to your boss you deserve a promotion?
  29. 29. How do you show your family that you are more </li></ul> than they surmise?<br /><ul><li>How do you explain to your spouse that love is more than being able to buy more things?</li></li></ul><li>BY BELIEVING IN YOU<br />EXPLORE NEW IDEAS<br />Read as many books as you can stomach, we have all the answers on this planet and when you realise there are only a few real paths that guide us forward then it’s easier to place some things in true perspective.<br /><ul><li>What if re-incarnation is real?
  30. 30. What if when you harm anything, you karmically damage yourself for a long time?
  31. 31. What if hating someone brings hate to your table day after day?
  32. 32. What if envy has a karmic weight and the price of your success is people constantly waiting for your famous marriage to fail, or for you to ‘fall off the wagon’
  33. 33. What if you knew that people loved you because you were a f**k up?
  34. 34. What if love really does heal everything even karma?</li></li></ul><li>“Every day offers promise”<br />"I bargained with Life for a penny,<br />And Life would pay no more,<br />However I begged at evening<br />When I counted my scanty store.<br />"For Life is a just employer,<br />He gives you what you ask,<br />But once you have set the wages,<br />Why, you must bear the task.<br />"I worked for a menial's hire,<br />Only to learn, dismayed,<br />That any wage I had asked of Life,<br />Life would have willingly paid."<br />
  35. 35. SHOW<br />YOUR KIDS HOW TO <br />BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES<br /><ul><li>Please don’t let your children learn to self sooth usingfood?
  36. 36. Please don’t let your children grow up thinking they are not worth anything?
  37. 37. Please don’t let your children witness people treating you like ‘crap’ just to collect a wage?
  38. 38. Please don’t tell your children life is hard, it isn't?
  39. 39. Please don’t teach your kids a belief system that is based in hate?
  40. 40. Please don’t make your children lives the same as yours if you know with a ‘spine’ they could live much better.
  41. 41. Please do not be jealous or envious when your children accomplish the things you didn’t.
  42. 42. Please show your children that having good thoughts sends good opportunities your way.</li></li></ul><li>“Everyday is Blessed”<br /><ul><li>When you wish for something don’t throw it away by not planning it.
  43. 43. Make sure what you ask for is ‘over the top’ but all you can handle.
  44. 44. Write it down in present tense.
  45. 45. Read it aloud everyday until it happens.
  46. 46. See yourself with it accomplished.
  47. 47. Makes sure it doesn’t harm anyone e.g. Wishing you could have someone else's job when they are perfectly happy.</li></li></ul><li>“Every day requires bravery”<br />"If you think you are beaten, you are,<br />If you think you dare not, you don't<br />If you like to win, but you think you can't,<br />It is almost certain you won't.<br />"If you think you'll lose, you're lost<br />For out of the world we find,<br />Success begins with a fellow's will-<br />It's all in the state of mind.<br />"If you think you are outclassed, you are,<br />You've got to think high to rise,<br />You've got to be sure of yourself before<br />You can ever win a prize.<br />"Life's battles don't always go<br />To the stronger or faster man,<br />But soon or late the man who wins<br />Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!"<br />
  48. 48. “Every day needs you to be your friend”<br /><ul><li>When you do not like yourself, you think any company is good company.
  49. 49. You think any attention is good attention.
  50. 50. You think any invite is a good invite.
  51. 51. You think any advice is good advice?
  52. 52. You think any affection is good affection.
  53. 53. You intuitively know when something is right for you.</li></li></ul><li>LISTEN TO YOURSELF<br /><ul><li>Think about all the times you were angry with yourself when you didn’t follow your own council. We all intuitively know what we need and who is for us.
  54. 54. You don’t have to step out into this world armed with doubts and sarcasm to get by. You just need to listen. People are always up for telling you about themselves. “How when this happened I took her boyfriend, drove off left him in the middle of nowhere”. All sorts of things that when you’ve finished laughing you look at them and think NO THANKS
  55. 55. I've discovered that weak people in their vanity always think that the most extreme behaviour is normal. It isn’t, when someone tells you they’ve got a knife in their bag to stab someone if they get attacked. It’s kind of like affirming the fact that it will happen. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t protect yourself by being mindful, just keep paranoid antics out of the equation)
  56. 56. Remember the universe gives you everything good and bad you have to choose where you plan to sit and with whom.</li></li></ul><li>“With each day that passes you have acquired another day ”<br /><ul><li>To follow your dreams
  57. 57. To find true friends
  58. 58. To pursue better health
  59. 59. To make more money
  60. 60. To make your rented home yours
  61. 61. To get rid of past clutter
  62. 62. To realise you are rich.
  63. 63. To realise there is no such thing as compromise when your with the right people.
  64. 64. To make your life happier</li></li></ul><li>“Every day is here for you to realise”<br />THERE ARE NO LIMITATIONS TO THE MIND <br />EXCEPT<br />THOSE WE ACKNOWLEDGE<br />BOTH POVERTY AND RICHES ARE <br />THE OFFSPRING OF THOUGHT<br />BOTH HAPPINESS AND SADNESS <br />THE OFFSPRING OF THOUGHT<br />
  65. 65. “Every day is yours to master”<br />NO THOUGHT,<br /> whether it be negative or <br />P O S I T I V E, <br />CAN ENTER THE<br />SUBCONSCIOUS MIND <br />WITHOUT THE AID OF THE PRINCIPLE OF AUTOSUGGESTION,<br />
  67. 67. If you realised thatyour words shaped yourfuture. How would youchoose to talk about yourself?<br />I can’t to I can<br />I won’t to I will<br />I haven’t to I have<br />I didn’t to I did<br />I couldn’t to I could<br />I hate to I forgive<br />Life is crap to life is sweet : )<br />
  68. 68. “Examine the things you love often”<br /><ul><li>Your thoughts always bring you more of the same, be nice to yourself think good thoughts.
  69. 69. If you desire love be love.
  70. 70. If you desire wealth be wealthy, give good deeds show the universe your up for the exchange of sharing.
  71. 71. If you desire a better job be a better person.
  72. 72. Love the plans you make for yourself it’s the only way I know it doesn’t become a chore : )</li></li></ul><li>Join us click wherever : )<br />YOU ARE "THE MASTER OF YOUR FATE, <br />THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SOUL,"<br />