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Lec.6,larynx pt&rc


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Anatomy for physical Therapy and Respiratory Care under graduate students

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Lec.6,larynx pt&rc

  1. 1. Anatomy of The Larynx RESPIRATORY SYSTEM By: Dr. Kamal Motawei
  2. 2. Larynx (voice box) •Why! : –Sphincter action –Voice production •Where! In the upper part of the front of the neck. Opposite C3-C6. It opens into the laryngopharynx and is continuous with the trachea
  3. 3. Relations of the larynx •Anterior: –Skin –Infrahyoid muscles –Pyramidal lobe of thyroid •Lateral: –Great vessels of the neck –Thyroid lobe •Posterior: –laryngopharynx
  4. 4. Structure of the Larynx •The larynx is made up of: –Cartilages –Ligaments & membranes –Muscles –Mucous membrane –It has nerves & blood vessels
  5. 5. Cartilages of the Larynx •Single: –Epiglottis –Thyroid –Cricoid •Paired: –Arytenoids –Corniculates –Cuneiforms
  6. 6. Cartilages of the larynx
  7. 7. Cartilages of the larynx
  8. 8. Cartilages of the larynx
  9. 9. Cartilages of the larynx
  10. 10. Cartilages of the larynx
  11. 11. Membranes & Ligaments •Thyrohyoid membrane •Median & Lateral thyrohyoid ligaments •Fibroelastic membrane: –Upper part: Quadrangular membrane. Its lower border forms the vestibular ligaments –Lower part: cricothyroid ligament. Its upper border forms the vocal ligaments •Aryepiglottic folds
  12. 12. Inlet It is directed backwards and upwards into the hypopharynx •Boundaries: –Epiglottis: infront –Aryepiglottic folds: sides –Arytenoids & interarytenoid fold: behibd •Valliculae •Piriform fossae
  13. 13. Cavity of the larynx •Upper part of the cavity (Vestibule) •Middle part: - Rima vestibuli - Sinuses and saccules of the larynx -Rima glottidis •Lower part