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Quality Management Project


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By using:
1-X-bar-R charts.
2-X-bar-S charts.
3- I-MR charts.
4- EMWA.
6- Process Capability.

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Quality Management Project

  1. 1. Mo’tasem H.Y.Abushanap, Bahçeşehir University Department of İndustrial Engineering , Bahçeşehir University Acknowledgments The appriciation and all thanks to My instructor Assist.Prof.Dr. Demet ÖZGÜR ÜNLÜAKIN , for the whole effort she gave by explaning concept and principle. And to Hamdi Abushanap co. For thier coboration by giving the required data and answering the questions. Conclusions In all statistical process control tools, the process appears to be in control according to the USL=50 and LSL= 35 m2 per 2 hours. Aim   This İs an approach to check a stone cutting process if it is in control or not, by applying several methods and charts, such as: 1- Histogram. 2- Run chart. 3- Scattered chart. 4- statistical process control by the mean of X-bar, R, S and Moving averages, EMWA and cumulative sumation.   Introduction   A Quality management concept application, to verify a process whether it is in control or not ın a company. Company Name : Hamdi Abushanap and Parts co. Location: Amman-Jordan. Profession: Marble and Stone Products. X-Bar R chart X-Bar S chart I-MR chart EMWA chart CUSUM chart Process Capability Moving Average chart Run chart Scatterplot Probability Plot Timeseries Plot Histogram Critical to Quatlity Characters   The CTQ of the cutting process could be specified as: 1- hardness: how hard the piece is. 2- Color: how much the color could be the same or homogenous.   [email_address]