Пьер Лаконт. Сеcсия: «Общественный транспорт – фокус на пользователя»


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Пьер Лаконт. Сеcсия: «Общественный транспорт – фокус на пользователя»

  1. 1. "Megacity on a Human Scale“, Moscow Urban Forum, December 4–5 2012 Moscow: Looking to the Future - Mobility Pierre LACONTE President, Foundation for the Urban Environment,Past-president, International Society of City and Regional PlannersTuesday, December 11, 12
  2. 2. Competitive distance of the high speed train: 900 km High speed rail today.Tuesday, December 11, 12
  3. 3. SHEREMETYEVO m ka d Leningradsky high speed rail Kursky today station connections high speed line (speed up to 300km airport express Leningradsky and Kursky station VNUKOVO airport express station linked to M5 metro 5 ring DOMODODEVOTuesday, December 11, 12
  4. 4. High speed rail tomorrow. Competitive distance of the high speed train: 900 km Moscow will be then strategically connected with Europe (Helsinki in the north, Berlin in the west). It also serves the main regional capitals close to Moscow.Tuesday, December 11, 12
  5. 5. high speed rail tomorrow SHEREMETYEVO The line from Berlin merges with the one from Kiev before entering the city, then using the south railway ring to reach the north-south m ka ka bypass that crosses the city. d Two new passing stations Komsomol’skaya Studencheskaya could improve the north south/east-west passage : one station in the south- west (Studencheskaya close to the CBD Moskva City), the second in the center of the VNUKOVO city at Komsomolskaya. (proposal Secchi- Vigano) to high speed line (speed up 300km/h) airport express New High speed station airport express station linked to M5 DOMODODEVO metro 5 ringTuesday, December 11, 12
  6. 6. Dubna Jaroslavl Tver Dmitrov Sergiev Posad Regional rail Klin Velikije Luki Lobnja Vladimir Improvement of Kryukovo Pushkino existing rails for Voskhod Dedovsk Orekhovo- Kupavna regional Odintsovo Zuevo integration: Korenevo Kubinka Golitsyno Aprelevka Ramensko Kurovskoe reuse of Smolensk Podolsk Domodode vo ye industrial rail Naro-Fominsk Murom and railway ring, Checkhov Voskresensk at good Zhilevo frequency (proposal Secchi- Brjansk Vigano) Rjazan Tula Mosow mkad Tambov Intercity line Intercity station (one stop every 30 Km)Tuesday, December 11, 12
  7. 7. Regional rail in connection with metro, one of the best in the world SHEREMETYEVO Moscow should not be the end-station, but trains will connect different urban areas without passing through the city center. m ka New interchange d stations could connect the ring stations with the radial metro going out of Moscow. metro 5 ring old industrial railway ring Reused for passengers regional railway system (one stop every 3 km) new transit station along the new passenger railway ringTuesday, December 11, 12
  8. 8. Highways (Moscow city masterplan) A new highway ring into the city Exhisting road system M8 m ka d m ka d M7 M9 M1 M5 M2 Exhisting situation Moscow city masterplanTuesday, December 11, 12
  9. 9. How to choose? What criteria? • 1 Space savings • 2 Health savings • 3 Saving the liveable cityTuesday, December 11, 12
  10. 10. Space savingsIf one takes the spaceconsumption by apedestrian as thebenchmark, the cartakes up about 18times more spacethan a pedestrian, asit moves, but itrequires parking forthe time it does notmove, i.e. for some90 % of its life cycle.Space consumptiontherefore has an areax time dimension.The spaceconsumptiongenerated by trafficon new highways isnearly 100x higherthan by rail transport.Tuesday, December 11, 12
  11. 11. Health savingsThe cost of additional health care entailed by physicalinactivity as estimated by the UK National Centre for ChronicDisease Prevention.Tuesday, December 11, 12
  12. 12. Saving the liveablecityMobility makes LiveableCities and EnjoyableCities – poster byFriedensreichHundertwasser for UITP(1995).Tuesday, December 11, 12