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Newsletter #3

  1. 1. 16 С In conjunction with the World Bank
  2. 2. Members of the Moscow Government will discuss topical issues in relation to RESIDENTIAL SUBURBS of megacities М Sergei Sobyanin Mayor of Moscow On 5-7 December at the Third Moscow Urban Forum, representatives of the Moscow Government will make a series of presentations on the most pressing issues related to the development of Moscow. Experts will focus on key topics affecting life in the residential suburbs and industrial zones of megacities: economics, social policy, development of transportation, culture, ecology and the urban environment. 2 ayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin will speak on the Forum’s second day during the plenary session “Moscow reforms: implementation experience, assessment of results and significance for success beyond the centre», during which he will discuss the major changes in relation to transport, infrastructure and the urban environment that occurred during the past year in Moscow, and determine key projects. A balanced governance policy is key to the sustainable development of rapidly growing cities. The principles for the formation and implementation of development strategies for megacities taking into current requirements, as well as the main models for urban planning and governance of modern agglomerations will be discussed by Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction, Marat Khusnullin, during his speech at the Forum. Together with other experts, during the final plenary session the head of the Moscow construction complex will discuss the most interesting ideas voiced at the Forum, as well as determine key approaches to the development of peripheral areas of Moscow. Creating a city that meets the needs of residents is not possible without their active participation. The authorities of megacities around the world are in search of the optimal balance between local interests and those of the city as a whole. Deputy Mayor of Moscow and Chief of Staff to the Mayor and the Moscow Government, Anastasia Rakova, will make a presentation on the most effective mechanisms for taking into account the interests of citizens and involving them in resolving urban issues, the implementation of strategic development projects with interaction between different social groups. Housing problems are a key area of focus for the administrations of most cities. Housing prices are increasing while the quality of the urban environment is not improving.
  3. 3. Anastasia Rakova Deputy Mayor of Moscow and Chief of Staff to the Mayor and the Moscow Government Natalya Sergunina Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Effective housing policy strategies that ensure an acceptable quality of life for citizens, opportunities provided by the rental housing market and other models for the effective use of real estate to resolve housing problems will be discussed by Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, Natalia Sergunina. She will also participate in the plenary session «Creating new centres of attraction in the city: approaches and projects that have changed cities», which will cover issues related to the formation of new points of attraction in the city: technological and financial hubs, cultural centres, etc. One of the sore points for the world’s largest megacities is the issue of transport accessibility. What is the current situation in relation to transport infrastructure planning on the scale of the Moscow agglomeration, what innovative approaches can be used in transport planning and how the introduction of paid parking around the perimeter of the centre will 3 Marat Khusnullin Head of the Moscow Department for Urban Development and Construction Maxim Liksutov Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transportation and Development of Road Infrastructure Leonid Pechatnikov Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Policy help coordinate traffic flows – the answers to these and other questions will be included in the speech by Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure, Maxim Liksutov. Deputy Mayor for Social Development, Leonid Pechatnikov, will raise the issue of improving the quality of the urban environment and social standards, and talk about ways to resolve these problems based on the experience of megacities in developing countries. How to ensure improvement in the quality of life in areas where residents have limited access to essential social services, who should initiate changes, and how the actions of the authorities, citizens and social entrepreneurs should be combined – these questions will be discussed by the speaker and experts during the session.
  4. 4. The Moscow Urban Forum proudly presents its partners The Official Partners of the Third Moscow Urban Forum “Megacities: Success Beyond the Centre”, taking place on 5-7 December in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, include leading Russian companies in the construction and energy spheres: Tashir, City-XXI Century and INTEKO development companies, and the vertically-integrated oil company Gazprom Neft. F or the third consecutive year, the General Partner of the Moscow Urban Forum is Russia’s largest diversified holding – Tashir. Established in 1999, today Tashir unites more than 200 leading companies in various sectors of the Russian economy. Tashir owns and manages assets in production, financial, and construction industries; power, telecommunications, housing-public utilities, and the fuel and energy sectors in Russia and abroad. The foundation of Tashir’s activities is construction, development and energy. The company’s portfolio of more than 70 properties includes residential real estate, office blocks, shopping malls, industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals and other infrastructure, with a total area of approximately 5 million square metres. The full implementation cycle for these 4 properties is performed by Tashir companies. The Cascade energoholding, which is part of the Tashir group of companies, performs the full range of activities in the sphere of heat and electricity supply, design, construction and engineering. Cascade is a long-term and reliable partner of the Moscow City Hall, having implemented dozens of successful projects with the city, including the illumination of courtyards, streets and iconic landmarks of the Russian capital. T he Forum is supported by another large Russian development company, City-XXI Century, which is also the Official Partner of the joint project with the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, and the Moscow Urban Forum – the “What Moscow Wants” exhibition. City-XXI Century has been on the real estate development market since 1997 and is a part of Novard Corporation. The investment portfolio of the company includes 50 commercial and residential projects in Moscow and the Moscow Region. City-XXI Century creates and develops largescale investment programmes for the creation of new microdistricts, with individually designed architectural and planning solutions, and developed infrastructure. Since 2010 the company has presented a new product – Minipolis. Its idea involves the organisation of a common living space, which includes not only modern real estate, infrastructure and services, but also an environment for active social communication. For this product the company was acclaimed in the Urban Awards-2012 under the nomination “For a conceptual contribution to the real estate market and creation of a new real estate model”.
  5. 5. The Moscow Urban Forum proudly presents its partners Gazprom Neft and INTEKO are Official Partners of the Moscow Day of the Forum G azprom Neft is one of the largest companies in the Russian oil & gas industry. It is a vertically integrated company primarily engaged in oil & gas exploration and production, the sale and distribution of crude oil, and the production and sale of petroleum products. The company controls the Moscow Oil Refinery, which provides approximately 40% of the demand for petroleum products in the Moscow region. Gazprom Neft is implementing large-scale modernisation of the Moscow Oil Refinery, which has resulted in a significant reduction in the plant’s impact on the environment. In addition, ahead of the deadlines established by the government, in of concepts, architectural design and construction of facilities, to their sale and subsequent operation. INTECO’s priorities include the revival of the domestic construction industry on a qualitatively new level and the implementation of integrated development projects for large-scale construction of housing in various regions of Russia. 2013 the plant was fully converted to production of gasoline and diesel fuel of the 5th Environmental Class. The use of 5th Class fuel produced by the Moscow Oil Refinery will allow harmful emissions from vehicles in Moscow to be reduced by 25% in 2014, greatly improving the quality of life of Muscovites. P I NTECO is one of Russia’s leading developers and a recognised industry expert in the field of urbanism. INTECO’s investment portfolio consists of more than 2.6 million square metres of real estate, with various functions and levels of complexity in Moscow and the Russian regions. INTECO performs the full cycle of work on the highest professional level: from the creation artners of the Third Moscow Urban Forum also include the following companies: AFI Development, Capital Group, IBM in Russia CIS, MR Group, ArtKvartal, Auchan, AFK Sistema, Barkli, GUTA Development, DonStroy, ENKA TC, MonArch Group, Pioneer Group, PIK Group, Terra Aury, the Tushino 2018 city development project and TEN Group. About the Moscow Urban Forum: The Moscow Urban Forum is an international conference on city development, urbanism and associated disciplines. It is held annually in Moscow under the auspices of the Moscow Government. The key theme of the 2013 Forum is «Megacities: Success Beyond the Centre». The Forum’s international 5 partner is the Urban Land Institute. The Forum is held in conjunction with the World Bank. The Moscow Urban Forum is a platform for exchanging experience, where the leaders of the largest cities of Russia and the world can discuss pressing topics and projects with representatives of the international expert community. In 2012 speakers at the Moscow Urban Forum included such world-renowned experts as advisor to the Mayor of London, Tim Campbell; guru of world urbanism, Jan Gehl; former Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley; Director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Federico Casalegno; leading specialist on creative clusters and Director of Create Berlin, Robert Eysoldt, and many more.
  6. 6. Media partners of the Third Moscow Urban Forum include Russian and foreign mass media The Forum 2013 promises to be one of the most significant events in the life of the city and to draw public attention to issues related to the development of districts in outer areas of cities. Traditionally the Forum’s media partners include leading national and international mass media. T he Moscow Urban Forum 2013 will be covered by major business, political and thematic publications, news channels and radio stations, popular web resources and other media outlets from different countries. The Moscow Urban Forum’s Exclusive TV Partners are major domestic news channels broadcasting around the clock – Russia 24, Moscow 24 and Russia Today, which will carry live broadcasts from the Forum’s venues. In addition, the role of the Forum’s TV Special Partner will be performed by the Dozhd independent news channel, and the Forum’s Exclusive Multimedia Partner will be Russia’s first business radio station, Business FM. Among publications enjoying the status of the Forum’s Exclusive Media are key Russian business and special publications – Expert magazine, the RBC Daily newspaper, and the leading international magazine on design and architecture, AD/Architectural Digest. Exclusive rights to cover the Forum have also been granted to the largest publication of the Russian Internet, the socio-political portal, the RBC Real Estate themed resource, the popular online edition on city life The Village, as well as the Smart City of the Future project of Russia’s largest media holding, RIA Novosti. Event Media Partners include the business magazines Profile and BRICS, the information portal, and the professional architectural magazines Project Russia and the TATLIN project by Snob. The Forum is also supported by the Theory and Practice online platform, which unites people, communities and organisations in the search for, promotion and monetisation of knowledge. Serious interest in the discussions and events unfolding in the Manezh Exhibition Hall is being shown by foreign media outlets – the Xinhua news agency (China); magazines Cities Today (UK) and Volume (Netherlands); architectural web resources ArchDaily and Archello, as well as the international application Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH). Gorod publication. The Moskovskie Novosti newspaper is the Festival Day’s Exclusive Partner. The Rossiyskaya Gazeta and the Golos Rossii radio station are General Partners of the Festival Day. The Official Guide of the Festival Day of the Third Moscow Urban Forum is the Bolshoi Gorod magazine, and the Federal Press agency is responsible for regional media partnership. The Festival’s Special Partners, the Vechernaya Moskva newspaper and the Cityboom project of the portal, will also focus on the events of the Forum’s final day. The Official Radio of the Festival’s events is the Shokolad radio station. The final day of the Forum, the City Festival taking place on 7 December, will be remembered by the Forum’s participants and guests due to its packed schedule that will be covered in detail by the Festival Day’s Media Partners. The Official Events Partner is the Afisha- The Official Media Partner of the Forum and Festival is the Interfax Information Services Group. The Forum’s Special 6
  7. 7. The Forum is about to begin. Registration for the Forum has already been completed, but those who will be unable to attend the event itself in the Manezh Exhibition Hall will be able to follow the work of the largest urban platform online. Broadcasts of the Third Moscow Urban Forum will be available online at, and it will be possible to follow the presentations of speakers on Facebook at, VKontakte at and Twitter at In addition, the most interesting presentations by speakers, plenary sessions and heated discussions in key sessions will be broadcast live on the Forum’s official television channels «Russia 24» and «Moscow 24». Subscribe to Forum news Contacts of the Organising Committee of the Moscow Urban Forum +7 (495) 788 35 84 22 Voznesensky Lane, Moscow, 125009 7