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Marcello Balbo "International Migration and the City"


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Marcello Balbo "International Migration and the City"

  1. 1. Moscow Urban Forum 5-7 December 2013 International Migration and the City Local responses to a global process Marcello Balbo SSIIM Unesco Chair Università IUAV di Venezia
  2. 2. Where from, where to • Not only South-North • Heading to the city • Ethnic, community and family networks • Increasingly circular and temporary
  3. 3. Migrants and policies • Migration policies border and entry controls, residence permits, expulsions • Migrants policies housing, urban services, employment, citizenship
  4. 4. Migrants, Cities, and the Right to the City • From guest to citizen (access to) • From emergency to project (policies) • From solidarity to promotion of citizenship (social inclusion) • From challenge to opportunity (city attractiveness)