Most Mira - Bridge of peace - Annual Report 2012


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Most Mira – Bridge of Peace is a UK and Bosnian charity working to encourage understanding and tolerance between young people of all ethnic backgrounds in Prijedor area.

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Most Mira - Bridge of peace - Annual Report 2012

  1. 1. Most Mira - Bridge of PeaceAnnual Review 2011/ Twitter @tedxeastend Facebook
  2. 2. What is Most Mira?Three words: Bridge of Peace. We seek to build a better, more peaceful future for the young peopleof Prijedor and its surrounding areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.We seek to do this by engaging young people through the creative arts and thoughtful play activities,with crucial help from our volunteers—young people from all over the world.The concept is simple: carve out a safe environment for the young people of Prijedor to be able toengage with each other, form new friendships, develop sympathy and understanding and becomeleaders in their communities.We hope that through such shared experiences, the young people of Prijedor will promote a cultureof collaboration and mutual respect. We hope that as a result of working with Most Mira, these youngpeople will better be able to contribute to a stable and peaceful future in the region.
  3. 3. And this is why...The Prijedor area witnessed horrendous violence during the war in the early 1990s, including theinfamous camps of Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje. The war has left its mark – 20 years on, this is adeeply divided community living in ethnically segregated areas, struggling with high unemployment anda stagnant economy. The generations of young people who were born and brought up after the war arenot being given a fair chance in life. Young people of all ethnicities are stuck between a traumatic past,a depressing present and an uncertain future. In 2008, the UN Human Rights Council identified thetwo main issues affecting the right to education in Bosnia and Herzegovina as being: 1) the excessivefragmentation and politicization of the education system and 2) the segregation between ethnic groupsand assimilation processes based on ethnic motives. Recent history of this region is a warning that wecannot afford to ignore this reality, or the threat it poses to peace in the region, and in Europe.According to the most recent World Bankdata (2008), youth unemployment in Bosniais the 4th highest in the world for males(44.7%) and 5th highest for females(51.9%). According to The Economist’s‘Pocket World in Figures’ (2011), Bosnia andHerzegovina is no. 1 on the list of thecountries with “brain drain” — it has thehighest rate of emigration in the world.
  4. 4. Since 2009, Most Mira has delivered this mission throughMost Mira can make annual Youth Festivals. In 2011, at the most recent festival, 108 volunteers from 17 countries spent a week in creativea difference. We workshops with 465 children from Ljubija, Hambarine, Kozarac, Omarska, Prijedor and Trnopolje. The young people loved learning new skills and getting to know eachknow how to change other in arts, drama, music, dance, media and circus workshops.attitudes and lives. In December 2011, generous support from the Sir Halley Stewart Trust enabled us to employ a Most Mira worker in Prijedor, to provide training and support to a network ofWe turn challenges young volunteers who will take the ethos of Most Mira forward on the ground, in their schools and local communities, and amongst their friends and families.into opportunities. In spring 2012, thanks to a grant from the SDL Foundation, Most Mira purchased a 1,200 square metre plot of land at the Festival site, which is at the crossroads between theWe are making a villages Kevljani and Petrov Gaj. This is a first step in the development of the Most Miradifference and International Youth Centre, an independent cultural and social educational space for all young people in theinspiring the next region. The Youth Centre will provide local youth with angeneration. opportunity to host young people from all over the world, to learn about other countries’ history of peacebuilding, to offer and receive training through arts activities, to share their skills and knowledge with others, and to build relationships and networks for a better and brighter future.
  5. 5. In 2011, at a ceremony in Prague, Most Mira wasawarded the ERSTE Foundation Award for SocialIntegration. It was a big achievement just to be oneof the organisations shortlisted among 1,850applicants from 30 countries.The award is a true recognition of Most Mira’s hardwork and an active role in the social integration offragmented communities in Northwest Bosnia.The ERSTE award financed the 2012 Most Mirapilot drama and arts workshops, which took placethroughout the year.In August, arts and drama volunteers from Prijedorand the UK worked with young people from LjubijaYouth Centre, Most Mira’s longstanding partner.The young people wrote and produced a play abouttheir experiences of family life and the challengesthey experience in growing up in one of the mosteconomically deprived areas of Europe.Young artists also decorated the derelict building atthe site of the future Most Mira InternationalYouth Centre, symbolically marking the newbeginning for a generation that has to build life foritself on the ruins they inherited from the previousgenerations.
  6. 6. Most Mira Beyond 2012Most Mira is developing exciting ideas and initiatives and strengthening our presence on the ground inPrijedor area. In 2012 we made a major step towards our dream of building the permanent base for ourwork - Most Mira International Youth Centre for local youth and international volunteers to learn, playand work together by purchasing land and obtaining planning permission. We will continue fundraising forthe annual Youth Festival but we wish to be more present and supportive all year round in a productiveand useful way. Therefore, next year we plan to deliver the following activities for Prijedor’s youth:Training and Networking Drama and Arts Workshops Youth FestivalMost Mira will continue to deliver Most Mira will continue to work A week of creative workshopsuseful training programmes for with schools, youth groups and proved to be very effective inyoung Most Mira volunteers, to young people on arts and bringing divided communitiesfurther their skills, broaden their drama projects that will help together. International volunteers,networks and build their capacity them to interact, express with their skills and enthusiasm,to run and govern the Youth themselves and develop skills, are the key to success. Most MiraCentre in the future. better mutual understanding continues to fundraise for the 2013 and new friendships. Youth Festival.
  7. 7. Most Mira International Youth CentreMost Mira has to date engaged with 1,500 young people of Bosniak, Croat, Serb, Roma and Ukrainianethnic origin, as well as their teachers and parents. Young people told us about their disillusionmentwith the state of Bosnian society and their prospects within it. They told us that they need anindependent learning space to interact with each other and with international volunteers, to learn,organise and build a better, more integrated and stable society. We are working on making this happen.Here are some of their practical ideas and dreams for the future:Be Creative Be SmartYoung people told us Young people told usthey want a space they want to improvewhere they can make their existing skillsmusic, write plays and and learn new ones.poetry, design art, be They want to learnyoung and have fun languages, practicetogether. They need a digital skills, learnsafe space, open to more aboutall who want to photography, .collaborate and have journalism and thefun. creative arts.
  8. 8. Most Mira International Youth Centre Be Included Young people told us they feel Be Connected excluded from processes and Young people told us that structures that effect their lives their interactions and (economy, politics and civil friendships with volunteers society). They feel from different countries are disconnected from each other important to them. The and the rest of the world. volunteers told us how They want skills and the transformative it was to work confidence to influence change with young children in in their schools, communities, Bosnia, to make a country and the rest of the contribution and learn first world. They want to participate hand about post conflict in democracy and grow up to society and peacebuilding. be responsible active citizens. .
  9. 9. International Youth Why We Need a Youth Centre? Twenty years ago, Prijedor was a site of terrible Centre Activities war crimes. Neighbours and friends turned against each other and within days detained, tortured, killed and expelled the local non-Serb population, destroying their property. The peace agreement in 1995 ended the war but the process of reconciliation has been painstakingly slow. Prijedor is the area of highest return by refugees, but different ethnic communities are physically segregated, unable to reconcile. Their children are educated in ethnically segregated schools, taught different versions of history and taught not to trust ‘the other’. Generations of young people are growing up confused, unable to talk about the past and disillusioned abut their future. The lack of independent safe space for young people to come together and interact with each other in a creative way as young people and away from ethnic divisions and identities is an obstacle in moving forward and building long term peace.Prijedor is just an hour drive away from the new EU Border and yet for young people it is a world away.If young people are not supported to build bridges between their communities and the rest of the world, if they don’t get a chance to come to terms with their past and work on their future together, the peace in Bosnia — and therefore in Europe — will remain under constant threat.
  10. 10. International Youth Young people told us that the newCentre Activities International Youth Centre should feature a Cinema, a Library, a School of Rock, an Internet Radio Station, Photography Workshops, Live Music, an Arts and Crafts Design Studio, Dance Workshops, a Drama Studio Internet Cafe and a Website... They also want training workshops in Civic Participation, Dialogue and Collaboration, Protection of the Environment, Social Enterprise, Foreign Languages Classes and a Media School... They want to have the capacity to regularly host international students and visitors who wish to learn more about post conflict societies and engage with young people of Bosnia in meaningful way, by offering skills and knowledge in return.
  11. 11. Partnership OpportunitiesWe want to work with a select group of philanthropists, individuals, trusts and companies that arecommitted to the power of ideas, and who would be willing to support and share our dream to build theMost Mira International Youth Centre.We need support for our mission of peace and equality.We are looking forward to discussing ways in which you could help underwrite and add to what we haveachieved already.If you are interested in a tailored package to meet the needs of your organisation, we would be happy todiscuss further.Partnership Levels • Cash PartnershipsWe want to make it as easy as possiblefor our partners to contribute, so we havea range of supporter options. We realise • In-kind Partnershipsthat your brand, time and money is Partnerships can be developed to sponsorextremely valuable and we want to ensure specific elements of Most Mira activitiesthat you get something rewarding in return and events and the International Youthfor your contribution. Centre building project.
  12. 12. Funding Partnership OpportunityThis is an opportunity for you to become a partner of Most Mira. That means that you will share in ourmission of spreading the ideas of peace, inclusivity and equality in a very practical way. You will joinour community of dedicated supporters and volunteers, and benefit from an individually tailoredsponsorship experience. As Most Mira’s partner, youll be part of this journey and directly contribute tothe building of a more tolerant and stable society.To be part of something To link up people of Prijedor, For more than just a logomeaningful Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world We’re not interested in selling one-Most Mira is helping the young off ad space; our goal is to createpeople of Prijedor to deal with The Most Mira community in lasting partnerships with individualshumanity’s toughest questions: Why Bosnia, London and around the and organisations that want to be adid the war happen? Why did world is an extraordinary breed: part of something bigger and addneighbours and friends turn on each open-minded, outward looking, depth to Most Mira’s mission andother? How can we overcome the curious, intelligent and hungry to experience.legacy of war and division? What learn more. Each partnership opportunity iscan we do to help prevent it from Most Mira brings the most crafted to meet your goals as wellhappening again? Most Mira is committed and innovative as the needs of young people inanswering these difficult questions international volunteers to Prijedor Bosnia. We work very closely withwith innovation, enterprise and to interact with brilliant and inspiring our partners to ensure that they areoptimism. We seek to inspire young young Bosnians, to share ideas, participating in a way that reflectspeople to change their lives, their have fun, express themselves and the values of both organisations.communities and their world. build a better future together.
  13. 13. Most Mira International Youth Centre Kevljani, BosniaMay 2011 August 2012 2013 and beyond
  14. 14. In-Kind Partnership OpportunitiesIn-kind PartnershipsIn addition to cash partnerships, there are several ways you can participate and support our work. Weneed you to spread the word about Most Mira achievements, our mission and our dreams. We need youto be our Ambassadors. We have identified a number of practical options for your kind contributions, butthe range of possibilities is wide open for you to tell us how you can contribute.• Volunteer skills and time• Catering & refreshments• Printing• Design services• Filming and post-production• Participants’ clothing• Accommodation• Transport• Building and construction services and material
  15. 15. Most Mira People: Most Mira Trustees: Kirsteen Tait, Kemal Pervanić, Sue Macmillan, Zrinka Bralo, Duncan Stewart, Minna Javernpaa,Most Mira is run by a group of volunteers from Laila Sumpton and Miloš Stefanovićaround the world currently living, studying andworking in the United Kingdom. In 2012, the success of Most Mira would not have been possible without the hard work and support of hundreds of Most Mira volunteersThis year we were able to employ one member of and supporters and this year we are especiallystaff in Bosnia which increased our capacity to grateful to:deliver training and support to a growing networkof dedicated Most Mira volunteers and supporters Angela Trotter, Charlotte Freeman, Dajanain the Prijedor area. Desnica, Danijel Rodić, David John Evans, Del Taylor, Djordje Bilbija, Elise Phillips, Ian Napier, James Macmillan, Jeremy Hardy, Joanna Pink, Kasim Pervanić, Katherine Gill, Kirrily Pells, Kristina Hemon, Maja Milatović-Ovadia, Monica Mukerjee, Mr.and Mrs Freeman, Nick Micinski, Samuel Hodge, Sanela Avdić, Sanja Božović, Senka Spasojevoć, Slaven Trebovac, Sonja Živak, Vahidin Omanović and Zoran Ergarac. Our Partners in 2012 are: Ljubija Youth Centre, Serious Road Trip, Centre For Peace Building Sanski Most
  16. 16. Partners and SupportersIn 2012 Most Mira worked with and was supported by:Sir Halley Stewart Trust, Erste Foundation Award, the Jefferson School Georgetown USA, SDLFoundation, CanadaPast FundersThe British Council (Youth in Action EU funding), The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, ArcelorMittalFoundation, Spencer Hart Charitable Trust, SDL Foundation, Canada/UK, The Funding Network, W.F.Southall Trust, Alan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust.Participating Schools and Youth GroupsĆirilo i Metodije School, Trnopolje; Kozarac Primary School, Kozarac; Vuk Karadžić School,Omarska; Branko Ćopić School, Prijedor; Hambarine Youth Group; Ljubija Youth Group.PartnersSerious Road Trip from Romania, Demokratija-Organizovanje-Napredak – DON from Prijedor,Partnerski Omladinski Pokret – POP from Banja Luka; Positive Play based in Sarajevo; Scouts fromPrijedor, BiH Armed Forces, BiH Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education RS; Kent College, TheFrontline Club, Acumen Design, Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum.SponsorsPrijedorcanka and Vatrogasci Prijedor, Mira/Kras, Marbo Special thanks to hundreds of individual donors and volunteers whose cash and in-kind support make Most Mira possible.
  17. 17. Connect Please contact Most Mira at or write to us at 2 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL Find out more For short films, evaluation reports and more about Most Mira, visit our website at Join us on Facebook at Registered Charity No: 1120122 Donate Limited Company No: 7014954 Udruženje građana Br. 11062326
  18. 18. Join us in making dreams come true