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Inheriting iOS code


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Inheriting Code:
Tips for inheriting iOS code

Presented at NSLondon January 2014 in the Pecha Kucha style


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Inheriting iOS code

  1. 1. @Mostgood Inheriting code Sally Shepard
  2. 2. Who am I? @mostgood ✤ Started writing iPhone apps in 2008 ! ✤ Head of App Development at Dennis Publishing (we’re hiring!)! ✤ Best of 2013 - Newsstand
  3. 3. Inheriting code ✤ Code that was written by someone else that you have to maintain! ✤ How many of us have inherited code?! ✤ Try it if you haven’t - it’s amazingly fun and educational, and only occasionally painful
  4. 4. Why inheriting code? ✤ Had a new iOS developer join last week! ✤ There has been a lot of ! “Why was this done?” ! “How does this actually work?”! and general anger at the people who wrote it...
  5. 5. “Why do I need to open Xcode?” ✤ Some rampant bugs need squashing! ✤ The app looks dated! ✤ Add new features! ✤ Legal issues! ✤ API deprecation
  6. 6. I’ve opened Xcode... wow such error much warnings so deprecated
  7. 7. Stalk your prey ✤ Go through documentation! ✤ Look through commit history! ✤ Issue tracking! ✤ Crash reports! ✤ Become obsessive
  8. 8. As you go ✤ add comments! ✤ add pragmas! ✤ document how it works! ✤ keep track of known issues! ✤ add tests
  9. 9. Quick fixes ✤ Update 3rd party libraries/frameworks! ✤ Basic refactoring! ✤ Drop support for older OS versions if possible! ✤ Run ‘Convert to Modern Objective-C Syntax’, etc
  10. 10. Not so quick fixes ✤ Standardise: Replacing XYMagicGridView with UICollectionView! ✤ Modernise: NSURLConnection -> NSURLSession! ✤ Updating persistent storage type: Plist -> CoreData! ✤ Complicated refactoring
  11. 11. It’s too broken: rewrite all the things ✤ Declare bankruptcy on technical debt! ✤ Shoehorning! ✤ Latest and greatest
  12. 12. This isn’t working: rewrite all the things ✤ booBoo.surfaceArea > plaster.surfaceArea! ✤ Making it worse! ✤ Ghosts in the code
  13. 13. “Why is it like this?” ✤ Did people really not care about quality and maintainability?! ✤ Possibly! ✤ But there is usually a reason why
  14. 14. Culprits... ✤ On the cheap! ✤ Newly native! ✤ Inexperienced team
  15. 15. ...Culprits ✤ Cray cray deadlines! ✤ Too many cooks! ✤ Bad clients
  16. 16. Don’t point fingers ✤ We all do stupid things! ✤ There are always circumstances! ✤ If you haven’t already, you’ll create something that will torture another developer someday
  17. 17. Open a dialogue ✤ If possible, get in touch with who worked on it before! ✤ Talk to people who are maintaining your code! ✤ Find people at conferences, meet-ups, twitter, etc...
  18. 18. “It’s good to talk” ✤ It shows you how far you’ve come! ✤ Grounds you! ✤ Learn something new! ✤ Teach someone something new! ✤ Shows respect! ✤ Strengthens community
  19. 19. What’s your legacy? ✤ When you write code, think of the next developer! ✤ Document and comment! ✤ Write meaningful commit messages! ✤ Coding standard! ✤ Readability! ✤ Write tests (if you’re into that sort of thing)
  20. 20. Insurance Premiums mild WTF Good Better Ultra-über- awesome Comments x x x x Documentation x x x Issue tracking x x Refactor x x Coding standard x x Readability x Tests x Price: < hour few hours a day few days
  21. 21. Thanks! @mostgood