Top beautiful women in the world


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Top beautiful women in the world

  1. 1. Naming the Most Beautiful Women in AmericaThere is somewhat a standard, a common ground on what people consider as beautiful,no matter where they come from. This is true with some women who are consideredbeautiful, whether the one looking at them is Chinese, Indian, American, African, Latinoor African. There are women who, with their sheer beauty, transcend boundaries. Butnot only are they considered beautiful because of their flawless faces or their sexyfigures. A lot of women considered beautiful by people all over the world havesomething that adds to their allure. In what foreigners consider as “the Land ofOpportunity” and “The Land of Milk and Honey,” beautiful women abound.Listing down the top five most beautiful women in America is no joke. After all,America is a melting pot of different cultures and races. Narrowing down the choices tofive is no easy task. Thus, this list can never be exhaustive, as there is only room for fivegorgeous women.There are a lot of things people don’t know about Olivia Wilde. Not many people mayknow it, but she is actually American. Some may think she is British because of herunique beauty and facial features. Her dad is British raised in Ireland, but she was bornand raised in the US, which makes her a dual citizen of Ireland and the USA.Moviegoers and TV watchers may recognize her on House and Tron: Legacy, but theymay also be surprised to know that she has been married for close to eight years already.Television addicts will argue that a list of the most beautiful women in America will notbe complete without mentioning Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara. The spicy Colombianstarted out as a commercial model in her native country before moving to Miami in thelate 1990s. Her comedic timing, screeching accent and curvy body has all men watchingTV wanting to be Ed O’Neill, her older husband in the award-winning hit TV show.Trivia: she is a natural blonde.
  2. 2. On the other hand, not a lot of people know who Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is, andthey’d be surprised to know that it is the real name of singer Katy Perry. The CaliforniaGurls chart topper is actually a California girl, born and raised in Santa Barbara by aChristian household. Her unique style conjures colorful and perky vintage images of pin-up girls, but with edge. She is married to British comedian Russell Brand.Another Latina on this list of the most beautiful women in America is Jessica Alba. Sherose to prominence via a television show, Dark Angel, where she played a genetically-enhanced soldier. Her gusty TV persona led her to more action-packed roles in movieslike Sin City. Fantastic 4 and Into the Blue. She has been married since 2008 and has adaughter.A lot of women look up to American supermodel Marisa Miller for finding success in themodeling industry. They actually don’t have to look that high, becau8se she is only 5’8”,which makes her all the more admirable. Despite being not as tall as other fashionmodels, she has risen in the ranks of the world’s most sought-after models, appearing inthe prestigious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the Victoria’s Secret fashionshows, where she is one of the “angels”. No wonder she has been referred to as ‘thereturn of the great American supermodel.”Finding the Most Beautiful Women in AsiaFinding the most beautiful women in Asia is a tough task, tougher than looking for themost beautiful women in other continents. Asia is the world’s largest continent, both inland area and population. With so many people to choose from, singling out five of themost beautiful is certainly near impossible. It doesn’t help that countries in Asia, fromJapan to India, China to Indonesia have thriving entertainment industries, where beautifulpeople naturally abound. Thus, this list comes with a disclaimer: it only contains five,and there are definitely more than five beautiful women in Asia. As for the ranking, it is
  3. 3. really up to the beholder to choose. Anyway, here are the five, with so many moredeserving to be included in the list as well.Maggie Q may have been born and raised in Hawaii, but Asians, especially theVietnamese, can only be proud to claim them as their own. After all, she started hercareer as a model in Japan before making it big in Hong Kong movies. Her sultry Asianfeatures, coupled with her perfect English and natural action moves have made her aperfect fit for the main lead in the TV series Nikita. The show has been maintaining asteady viewership which can only be good news for the fans.Asian beauty is diverse, with South Asian, East Asian, South East Asian, Middle East andWestern Asian features being different from each other. But anyone is Asia who wouldsee Gong Li’s picture would agree that she is one beautiful Asian. The star of modernday Chinese film classics such as To Live, Raise the Red Lantern and Farewell MyConcubine has dazzled moviegoers with both her flawless performances and skin. It isnot a wonder why she has graced ads for cosmetics, hair care products and clothingstores.Elegance is the first word commonly attributed to Sushmita Sen, a Bollywood actress andthe first Indian woman to be crowned Miss Universe in 1994. The beauty from Delhihas proven detractors wrong from the start of her career when everybody thought thatAishwariya Rai, then a known fashion model already, was going to be crowned MissIndia. Sudshmita’s eloquence in the final question and answer round got her the crown,and eventually the Miss Universe title as well. She went on to become a multi-awardedfilm actress and an advocate of women’s rights. She adopted two daughters and has beenthe face of countless products from cosmetics to shampoo and jewelry. She is now theorganizer of the national pageant that selects the Indian representative to the MissUniverse.East Asian women are not particularly known to be sexy, unlike their Latin American orEuropean counterparts. But then, Li Wen has proven that Asian women can be sexy too.
  4. 4. Her participation in the 2009 and 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has made her thefirst woman of East Asian descent to be a Victoria’s Secret “angel”. She has also chosento be the first Asian face of the US cosmetic giant Estee Lauder. She has walked therunways for luxury designers Chanel and Gautier, among others.Not to be ignored in a list of the most beautiful women in Asia is a representative of the“Korean Wave”, a movement of all things in Korea being considered hip and trendy.From music to fashion and their soap operas, people all across the globe have caught theKorean fever. Who else better to represent Korea in this list than Kim Tae Hee. Theactress of hit TV shows such as Stairway to Heaven and Love Story in Harvard has beenproclaimed by a poll conducted by a national paper as “the most beautiful woman inKorea.” With her endorsements ranging from consumer electronic gadgets to a chain ofFrench-inspired restaurants and even coffee, there’s no doubting the star power of thisbeauty.Continentally Gorgeous: The Five Most BeautifulWomen in EuropeA lot of people may think that Europe is a place of boring beauty, where people all lookthe same. European beauty may be perceived as blonde, blue-eyed with perfect bodyproportions, which although is ideal, can be a bit tiring. But then, Europe is such a bigcontinent with diverse people and ethnicities. Despite the big push of the governments ofthe various countries to show a united Europe, it still cannot be denied that a Finnishlooks different from a Portuguese and a Greek is doesn’t look the same as a Dutch. Onething is for sure: there is no lack of gorgeous women in Europe.The name Monica Belluci will surely come up in any conversation about Europeanbeauty. This Italian actress has seduced moviegoers for close to two decades already.
  5. 5. Her sizzling performances in Irreversible (where she played alongside husband VincentCassel) and Malena are as well-received as her more dramatic and action-filled turns inThe Passion of the Christ, where she played Mary Magdalene and the Matrix movies,where she played Persephone. She is already in her mid-40s, but film fans around theworld do not notice her beauty fading at all.Just across the border from Italy is France, a country known for Paris, good foodbreathtaking scenery and proud people. If they have Vanessa Paradis as tone of them, it’seasy to see why they’d be so proud. The singer started a career in the music industry atage 14 with a bang. The second song she recorded, Joe le taxi, was France’s number 1sing for close to three months. Her quirky songs and ethereal beauty (most notably hersignature gap in her two upper front teeth) were her passports to fame, and sexiest manalive Johnny Deep noticed. Vanessa and Johnny have two children already.Europe is also full of unconventional beauty. Denmark, a country that’s supposed to be abirthplace of the most conventional Euro beauty, is the birthplace of Freja Beha Erichsen.Anybody may think with that name and the country where she’s from, Freja would beblond, blue-eyed and blessed with the right curves. However, Freja, one of the world’stop models currently, looks awkward, with brown hair and what most people wouldconsider to be awkward posture. Her androgyny and lack of curves have made her thetoast of the modeling world for some years now.Meanwhile, located on the southwestern tip of Europe, Spain boasts of some of the mostexotic-looking and fiery women anywhere in the world. Penelope Cruz has been afixture of Spanish cinemas since her 1992 debut in Jamon, Jamon (Ham. Ham) and hasmoved from strength to strength in each film. With her exquisite beauty comes her flairfor choosing the best gowns that fit her perfectly, no wonder she is someone so manypeople look forward to on the red carpet. Her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress,“crossover” to Hollywood, marriage to fellow Spanish actor Javier Bardem (incidentally
  6. 6. her first leading man in her first film) and the birth of her first baby have made her stay inHollywood front page news.The British contribution to this list is Cheryl Cole, the impossibly gorgeous singer. Hermeteoric rise to fame started only less than ten years ago, when she became a contestantin a show that was supposed to create a girl pop group. She did find success with hergroup, Girls Aloud, and she continued with a solo career where she has, so far, producedtwo number 1 albums in the UK. She has also been a footballer’s wife for four years toAshley Cole before they got divorced. She has also been an endorser of a cosmeticscompany and is a regular in fashion magazines.Getting to Know Five of the Most Beautiful Women inthe WorldAs the old adage goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” True as it may, peoplearound the world, despite their differences in culture, upbringing, values, opinions andtaste still somehow agree on certain points, including some standards of beauty. Thereare women who, when people who look at, are in agreement that these women have morethan just the looks: they have substance as well.Ask anyone to make a list of beautiful women in the world and the name of AngelinaJolie will always come up. The American stunner is known for many things, and herunique exotic looks is just one of them. Her acting career is not one to brush aside, withher numerous Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards. She is amongHollywood’s elite who can boast of having an Oscar in her mantel for her performance inGirl, Interrupted. Her showbiz career aside, she is also known for championinghumanitarian causes with her position as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United NationsHigh Commissioner for Refugees. Her personal life has been subject of tabloid fodder,from her relationships with actors like Billy Bob Thronton to her current arrangement
  7. 7. with Brad Pitt, with whom she shares six children – three biological and three adoptedones.Aishwariya Rai Bachchan is another name that comes up in any conversation when thetopic is about the most beautiful women in the world. The former beauty queen (havingwon Miss World in 1994) went on to establish herself as one of the most bankableactresses in Bollywood, the largest film industry in the world based in India. With heruniquely-colored eyes, her feline dance moves and unique beauty, she has been noticedby film enthusiasts all over the world. She has been chosen as the spokesperson forinternational brands of luxury watches, cosmetics and hair care products. She hascemented herself in Indian showbiz royalty by marrying Abhishek Bachchan, the son ofAmitabh Bachchan, India’s most revered actor.If men were to be asked who they consider to be beautiful, Megan Fox would surely bementioned. The American actress is a constant topnotcher in “sexiest” and “hottest” listscompiled by men’s magazines around the world. He continues to grace the screen withher smoldering presence in films such as Transformers, Jonah Hex and Jennifer’s Body.The idea of the “supermodel” probably ended in the mid-1990s with Cindy, Naomi,Linda and their contemporaries branching out to different careers. What followed was awave of Brazilian models who redefined “model beauty” as being more sexy and curvythan stick-thin. Nobody spearheaded this Brazilian invasion better than GiselleBundchen. The “last supermodel” has also proven her business savvy by singingprofitable endorsements while championing environmental issues in her native Brazil.Alas, a list of the most beautiful women in the world will not be complete without KimKardashian. This sexy celebrity has positioned herself as the heir apparent to ParisHilton, but with more brains and sense. Aside from starring in her own reality show withher sisters, she also has a perfume line, a chain of boutiques and just recently, a recordingcontract.
  8. 8. Who are the Five Most Beautiful Women on Movies?People all around the world love watching movies. It’s a communal hobby that peopleshare, whether they’re rich, poor, uneducated or sophisticated. Some actresses, for morethan a century now, have illuminated movie houses, not only with their acting chops, butwith their beauty. From Elizabeth Taylor to Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren to JuliaRoberts, moviegoers throughout history have been dazzled by so much beauty. Thecurrent crop of actresses do not lack in this regard that narrowing a list of the mostbeautiful women on movie to only five can actually be a challenge. But then, thechallenge must be faced.Even pregnancy cannot hide the beauty of Natalie Portman. The proudly Jewish actressis a double threat- not only is she breathtakingly beautiful, she also has credibility as anactress. She was first introduced to mass audiences around the world as the orphan whowas taken care of by a hit man in Leon: The Professional. Her fame then escalated whenshe became Queen Amidala in the three Star Wars prequel movies. Lately, her careertook a bold turn as a distressed ballerina in the Black Swan, a performance that cementedher place in Hollywood history by winning her an Academy Award. While pursuing heracting career, she also finished her bachelor’s degree in Harvard University. She is nowset to perform her most challenging role: as a mother to a baby she is currently carrying.Beauty in the movies is also clearly seen in Blake Lively. More known to the currentgeneration of pop culture buffs as often-troubled socialite Serena van der Woodsen in thehit television show Gossip Girl, she has also graced the silver screen in movies like TheSisterhood of the Travelling Pants and the ensemble piece The Town. Aside from her TVand movie roles, Blake’s beauty has also gotten some notoriety for her (un)consciousdisplay of her cleavage with her rather racy outfit choice on Gossip Girl and even on redcarpet photo ops.
  9. 9. Armed with a sexy body and a deep throaty voice, Scarlett Johansson is one screenpresence men and women agree to be beautiful. While the public began to notice her as ahorse’s loyal rider in The Horse Whisperer, audiences, particularly men, really startedappreciating her in more adult roles in movies like Lost in Translation, Vicky, Christina,Barcelona, and Iron Man 2. Men may welcome her more now that she has separated fromher husband, actor Ryan Reynolds. By the way, that raspy voice of hers has alsorecorded an album of Tom Waits covers.Anne Hathway is a poster girl for Hollywood beauty. She’s a good actress, having beennominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress at age 26. She has received so muchacceptance by the filmmaking community that she has actually hosted this year’s Oscars.Far from being typecast in wholesome roles, she has actually shown her whole(unclothed) body in films such as Brokeback Mountain and Of Love and Other Drugs.The list of the most beautiful women in movies would be incomplete without CharlizeTheron. The South African bombshell has time and again proven that she is not just apretty face, but also a capable actress in award-winning movies such as Monster andNorth Country. In both films, she also showed herself in a less-than-flattering light, withappearance-changing make-up. But everyone knew that behind the performances is oneof the most classic beauties in contemporary cinema.