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Why a medical_case_chronology_is_significant


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Why a medical_case_chronology_is_significant

  1. 1.                                           1­800­670­2809 Why a Medical Case Chronology Is SignificantMedical case chronology is crucial in medical litigation. Itneeds to be prepared accurately and in a timely manner tohelp the legal professional win a case.Chronology is a timeline. In ahealthcare setting, it records thesequence of medical encountersfrom the time a patient is admittedto the facility till the time ofdischarge. A medical casechronology is an important factsheet that is an invaluable asset fora litigator preparing a case for trial. However, do allchronologies really serve their purpose? How can a medicalchronology be made a potent tool in the hands of a lawyer?Before going into details regarding how a chronology canbe made effective, let us consider what makes it significant. • All the facts of the case are assembled clearly and in an easily accessible format • Chronologies help to understand the facts that are disputed                                           1­800­670­2809
  2. 2.                                           1­800­670­2809 • They make it easy for all team members to share knowledge regarding the case • They can be used during trial, for developing pretrial motions, and preparing depositions • Medical case chronologies are extremely significant in cases where there are multiple medical problems involvedFor medical case chronology to be most effective, it has tobe prepared by professionals well-versed in complexmedical terminology and have an eye for quickly capturingimportant details.In-house vs. Outsourced Medical ChronologyThe practical thing to do isto outsource medical casechronology to an externalprovider that can be trustedimplicitly. This is in view ofthe fact that you need notoverburden your office staff and paralegals with thisimportant, but time-consuming and rather tedious job.Moreover, a medical record review company providingmedical chronology can ensure the service of realprofessionals for whom this task is simple. They work with                                           1­800­670­2809
  3. 3.                                           1­800­670­2809a clear, objective mind to provide accurate chronologiesthat will help you win your case. • The relevant data contained in the medical records will be extracted and organized in a succinct manner. • Information regarding the claimant, date of service, time of service, type of service, service provider, insurance file number, submitter name, and all other important details will be included for ready reference. • The chronology will give the attorney a clear idea of existing as well as potential medical issues. • Each and every medical encounter will be recorded clearly in the correct sequence. • Even insignificant events are recorded, so that the attorney can benefit from this information at a later stage if required.Benefits Ensured by Medical Review ServicesOutsourcing brings manybenefits, the chief amongwhich is of course the effortthe attorneys can save. Theydon’t have to review eachindividual medical record.                                           1­800­670­2809
  4. 4.                                           1­800­670­2809With organized services provided by the medical reviewcompany, legal professionals will find it easy to locate therequired documents. • Qualified and experienced professionals work for you • They can easily identify missing records, if any • Service offered round the clock • Outsourcing benefits include cost savings of 30% to 40% • Customized TAT • Free trial optionIt is clear that medical case chronology is of greatsignificance in medical litigation. It is the basis on whichyou have to build your case. With the right medical reviewservices, you are well on your way to winning your case.Location and Contact8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone: (800) 670 2809Fax: (877) 835-5442E-mail: info@managedoutsource.comURL:                                           1­800­670­2809