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Outsourced medical legal_review_service_for_the_effective_management_of_claims


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Outsourced medical legal_review_service_for_the_effective_management_of_claims

  1. 1.                                 1­800­670­2809Outsourced Medical LegalReview Service for the EffectiveManagement of ClaimsOutsourced medical legal review service is apractical option to ensure hassle-freemanagement of claims. Go for an outsourcingcompany with the right mix of professionalismand technology.Effective management of medical claims is animportant requirement formedico-legal professionals.Claims are to be carefullyevaluated to establish theirvalidity. Since claim review isa tedious, time-consumingtask, it is best handled byprofessionals experienced in the job. Moreover,there is no allowance for error. Medical claimscan be complex, especially when they relate tocases that involve serious injury as in workers’compensation and disability claims. Such casesinevitably involve many entities – employers,healthcare providers, employees and others.Medical legal review service provided by anexternal provider is a practical option to ensurehassle-free management of claims.                                1­800­670­2809
  2. 2.                                 1­800­670­2809What a Medical Review CompanyCan Do to HelpA medical review company is a great supportto attorneys and physicians who have toreview complicated medical claims analysis.• The professional reviewers will preparecomprehensive medical legal reports withimportant information such as the patient’smedical history, all relevant data obtainedfrom the treating physician and otherdetails. They will ensure that eachsignificant piece of information is capturedsuch as the diagnosis, objective findings ofthe physicians, prescribed treatment, anddetailed description of the patient’s ailmentor disability among others.• Claims are subjected to detailed scrutiny tospot mistakes and irregularities if any.• They are reviewed for medical necessity,abuse or fraud and so on.Once the evaluation is complete, the recordsare checked with the itemized bill to establishaccuracy.Typically, the services you can expect from acompetent medical record review firm include:• Referencing of claimant                                1­800­670­2809
  3. 3.                                 1­800­670­2809• Referencing of medical record documents’tab and identification numbers• Referencing of important dates such asdate of event, and dates of service• Providers’ list• Sorting and indexing the medical records• Classification of relevant information• Medical case chronology• Medical case history and summaryMedical Legal Review from aProfessional Firm – Simple andEfficientReputable medical record review firms havethe right professionals and technology toprovide state-of-the-art services. The medicalreview team comprises medical as well as non-medical staff that work together to provideaccurate and comprehensive services. Themedical professionals in the team are well-versed in complex medical terminology in thedocuments to be reviewed and can provideconcise summaries quickly. Go for anoutsourcing company with the right mix ofprofessionalism and technology. Make sure                                1­800­670­2809
  4. 4.                                 1­800­670­2809that the services are available within yourbudget.Posted By: MOS Medical Record Review Company                                1­800­670­2809