Organizing and reviewing medical records for litigation for law firms


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Medical record organization and analysis is a crucial factor when preparing your case. It speeds up decision making and is a vital component when it comes to winning your case.

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Organizing and reviewing medical records for litigation for law firms

  1. 1. 1-800-670-2809 Organizing and Reviewing Medical Records for Litigation for Law Firms Properly organized medical records are a must when it comes to medical litigation. These help to avoid confusion and save valuable time, effort and money. Efficient medical record organization will help you review the records quickly and find the core information, making trial preparation and arguing the case easy. How to Organize the Medical Records • Once you receive the medical records, start organizing them appropriately. If there are lengthy hospitalization records, classify each hospitalization into sections such as progress notes, lab notes, radiographic and so on. • To save time and keep the records organized, make an index of all the major sections and subsections. Ensure that you have the complete set of medical records you need. • Next step is Bates stamping that can be done manually or by using a software program for numbering the pages. Bates stamping will help to refer to specific pages as required. It is advisable to have the records professionally organized by a medical record review specialist. 1-800-670-2809
  2. 2. 1-800-670-2809 Reviewing the Medical Records When organizing the medical records, arrange them chronologically in keeping with the various medical encounters listed in the client’s claim. This will bring to light missing records if any. For example, claims that need imaging evidence should be supported by a full set of Xrays and radiology written reports. • When reviewing the medical chart, categorize the physician’s progress notes as well as the notes of any consultant physician. If you are reviewing hospital records, be aware that typically the primary physician should be documenting on a daily basis. See if daily notes are missing and if they are you can question whether or not daily evaluation was done. Another thing to check out is whether any dictated notes are there that were not included along with the medical records you have in hand. Find out whether a copy of this dictation is there within the chart. The consultant physician may have a copy of the missing records, in which case you can get them from him/her. • To identify discrepancies that may exist within medical records, the practical option is to prepare worksheets that list events of each day. These will give you a clear idea about the dates, providers and treatments rendered. A carefully prepared worksheet will enable you to find conflicting information if any, in the notes made by physicians, nurses and interns. 1-800-670-2809
  3. 3. 1-800-670-2809 Comprehensive, Accurate Medical Record Review Crucial for Your Case Obtaining, analyzing and reviewing medical records can be overwhelming. Whether personal injury, workers’ compensation, products liability or medical malpractice – vital information you need lies deep within the medical records. This is what makes accurate medical record review an indispensable factor when fighting a case. You need to be systematic when handling medical records and have an efficient way of organizing and reviewing them. In case you find that extensive review of complex medical data is not your forte or the entire review process is too intimidating and time consuming, you can always seek the assistance of professional medical reviewers. A medical review company can provide the support of its team of medically trained professionals, documentation specialists, physicians and legal nurse consultants that will help you understand the medical information. Moreover, they can also provide you with clear, accurate and concise medical case summaries which will prove valuable in understanding your case. Medical record organization and analysis is thus a crucial factor when preparing your case. Properly presented medical information will provide a lucid and comprehensive understanding of the various medical events, providers and the appropriateness of services rendered. It speeds up decision making and is a vital component when it comes to winning your case. 1-800-670-2809