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Medical chart audits_to_improve_revenue_and_business_efficiency


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Medical chart audits_to_improve_revenue_and_business_efficiency

  1. 1. 1-800-670-2809 Medical Chart Audits toImprove Revenue and Business EfficiencyManaged Outsource Solutions (MOS) provideserror-free medical chart audits for a widerange of clients For physicians, chart audits can improve the quality of care. On the other hand, insurance companies and law firms require medical chart auditing services to determine reimbursementand rule out inappropriate claims. ManagedOutsource Solutions (MOS) has establisheditself as a reliable medical chart auditsupport service provider for a wide range ofclients – law firms, insurance companies,medical attorneys, medical-legal consultants,private corporations, case or medical chartreview firms, and more.Whatever your requirement, MOS is well-equipped to deliver quality audits of medicalcharts to meet your deadlines. Our team ofprofessionals uses state-of-the-art technology 1-800-670-2809
  2. 2. 1-800-670-2809to deliver error-free solutions in customizedturnaround time. Their in-depth knowledge ofmedical terms and jargon, medical codes, andabbreviations ensure that the end product iserror-free and in keeping with industrystandards. MOS has had great success with its comprehensive medical chart auditing services that involves a detailed audit and chronologicalordering of patient demographic insuranceinformation sheets, consent of care,emergency department records, order entryforms for laboratory, special testing, imaging,general medical orders by departments, historyand physical examination reports, consults forspecialized care and hand-written progressnotes. We are HIPAA-compliant, so there isabsolutely no breach of confidentiality.Our clients continue to report improvedrevenue and business efficiency with ourprofessional chart audits that save them upto 40 per cent on overhead. 1-800-670-2809
  3. 3. 1-800-670-2809For a free trial of our medical chart auditservices, call 1-800-670-2809.About Managed Outsource SolutionsBased in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS has been providing professional medical review services to a vast clientele since 2002. Our professional services are available for medical record review, medical peer review, medical chart review, medical claims review and medical legal review.MOS Medical Record Review8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133PH: (800) 670 2809 1-800-670-2809