How safe are your kids when playing sports the statistics is alarming


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Branded protective gear cannot ensure complete protection. Manufacturers of protective sports gear may be held accountable in personal injury cases that involve comprehensive medical record review.

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How safe are your kids when playing sports the statistics is alarming

  1. 1.                                1­800­670­2809 How Safe Are Your Kids When Playing Sports? The Statistics Is Alarming A properly fitted helmet offers protection against skull fractures; however, researchers point out that it may be extremely challenging to develop a helmet that can offer complete protection against internal brain injuries because of the varying nature of the concussions. Since the brain moves freely in the skull, even the best helmet may not be able to lessen the violent movement experienced by the brain tissue and nerve networks during a high impact injury. A helmet may be able to prevent the side effect of concussions, not the concussions themselves. According to a recent report in, this finding was presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition in Orlando by a team of scientists that carried out a study involving 1332 football players from 36 US high schools during the 2012 football season. The study was spurred by the fact that more than 40,000 concussions occur each year among the high school students in America. The researchers wanted to find out to what extent various popular helmet brands could provide protection against concussion risk.                                1­800­670­2809
  2. 2.                                1­800­670­2809 The study found that 115 players had sustained 116 sports related concussions by the end of the season. What is surprising is that most of the students, i.e. 52%, wore Riddell helmets, 35% wore Schutt and 13% used Xenith. Among the players, 61% used generic mouth guards provided by their respective schools, while thirty nine percent word custom-made mouth guards or specially branded ones. Usually, manufacturers claim that their helmets are capable of bettering cushion impact and reducing players’ risk of concussion. The study found no significant difference between the different brands as regards the possibility of getting concussions. Manufacturers are expected to warn consumers about the risk of concussion injury. Take the case of helmet manufacturer Riddell that paid no heed to the warning given by a biomechanics company in the year 2000. The manufacturer was warned that football helmets cannot protect against concussions, though they may protect against skull fractures. Riddell went on to claim that its football helmet “Revolution” would reduce the risk of concussion injury by 31 percent. Riddell was held accountable by a Colorado jury in April 2013 for failing to warn a high school football player of the risk of concussion injury. The jury did not maintain that Riddell’s helmets were defective; it held that Riddell failed to warn the players of concussion risks.                                1­800­670­2809
  3. 3.                                1­800­670­2809 The incident occurred in 2008 when the high school football player suffered hard impact during a football drill that caused serious brain injury. The left side of his body was paralyzed. His coaches failed to rush him to the hospital. The player, a 23year-old man at the time of the jury decision was entitled to $11.5 million in damages and Riddell who manufactured the helmet was held responsible for 27 per cent of the damages, or $3.1 million. Riddell faces many other lawsuits including one from thousands of former NFL players who suffered injuries related to concussion while wearing Riddell helmets. Considering high school as well as professional football players, even minor concussions can lead to significant, lifelong injury. Parents of injured students may file personal injury claims if their kids sustain serious sports injuries such as severe concussions and associated complications. Insurance plans do cover sports-related activities, and in such cases personal injury lawyers would help recover compensation for the injuries sustained. Of course, this would involve reviewing the medical records that are key elements in any personal injury lawsuit. Insurers and lawyers are usually assisted by medical record review companies that help with medical record organization, medical case chronology and history and                                1­800­670­2809
  4. 4.                                1­800­670­2809 summary services. Efficient support in the review process facilitates speedy decision making and help lawyers win cases. Studies such as the abovementioned one help to raise public awareness about the risks faced by students taking part in various sports activities. When branded products and expensive protective gear cannot offer the expected protection, players have to understand the magnitude of the risks involved; otherwise they may end up with permanent injuries. Posted by MOS Medical Record Review Company                                1­800­670­2809