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Developing evidence for a social security disability case


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Medical evidence is vital in any social security disability case. This article examines how disability attorneys develop evidence and how they are supported by medical review services.

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Developing evidence for a social security disability case

  1. 1.                                    1­800­670­2809 Developing Evidence for a Social Security Disability Case Medical evidence is vital in any social security disability case. This article examines how disability attorneys develop evidence and how they are supported by medical review services. When developing evidence for a social security disability case, the applicant’s symptoms and limitations are taken into consideration. In other words, medical evidence is crucial in any social security disability case. The opinion prepared by the treating doctor/doctors is most important. The doctor’s written opinion comprises the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and functional limitations in a residual functional capacity (RFC) statement. Why is this important? The Social Security Administration (SSA) takes into serious consideration the disability claimant’s medical condition and its impact on his/her ability to work. Review of the doctors’ notes or a comprehensive medical record review will give them the information they need to determine whether the claimant deserves SSD benefits. In many disability cases, claimants may have new medical records by the time the hearing is scheduled. This is especially so when it takes several months to get a hearing,                                    1­800­670­2809
  2. 2.                                    1­800­670­2809 by which time the claimant’s condition may have changed. The administrative law judge (ALJ) would require the latest medical records to review whether the claimant is still disabled. The sad thing is that many legitimate claimants who are not represented by a disability lawyer or attorney may not even know that their most recent medical records are needed. On the other hand, the lawyer concerned would submit these records on behalf of his/her client who is a claimant. Medical Review Services for Disability Attorneys A social security disability attorney developing evidence would need a complete medical history of the claimant, the names and contact details of the healthcare providers, details of medical tests/hospitalizations (including dates and locations), list of medications, names of prescribing doctors and information regarding any adverse effects of medications. Social security disability claims can be substantiated only with appropriate medical records. If the medical records are not received by the SSA in time, a decision may be made without the relevant records. This may be damaging to the claimant. Many attorneys find it extremely arduous to obtain all the medical records needed, especially when the medical providers are busy. Even when the records are made available, they may be incomplete and even ambiguous.                                    1­800­670­2809
  3. 3.                                    1­800­670­2809 Medical review services prove to be a great support in such challenging situations. They provide reliable assistance in core matters. • • • • • • • • Help collect all medical evidence that is relevant Identify duplicate evidence Ensure that no relevant records are left out Explain and clarify jargons and abbreviations of the treating doctors Organize the medical records Develop medical chronology Prepare clear summaries Identify the records that are relevant to the case so that they can be submitted to Social Security Well-documented cases have a better chance of winning – these are cases where the medical records are relevant, complete, error-free and up-to-date. The records should contain clear documentation of the claimant’s symptoms and limitations. The SSA determines eligibility on the basis of functional medical evidence. This includes physicians’ statements explaining clearly why the claimant is disabled. This is what professional medical review services would be looking for. They will ensure that the doctor’s statement is comprehensive and is preferably in an RFC form, which in turn would act as reliable medical evidence for the social security disability attorney. Posted by MOS Medical Record Review Company                                    1­800­670­2809
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