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Teaching in a 1:1 Environment


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This is my presentation on things I have learned while teaching in a 1:1 Laptop environment and some of my favorite activities and resources. Topics include: Connectivity, Differentiation of Resources, Virtual Field Trips, Formative Assessments,Summative Assessments,

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Teaching in a 1:1 Environment

  1. 1. Follow me on Twitter: @mosier_histgeek TEACHING IN A 1 TO 1 ENVIRONMENT Lance Mosier, Middle Social Studies Curriculum Leader 8th US History
  2. 2. What I’ve learned • One to One gives students options for final products. (iMovie, Keynote, PowerPoint, Word/Pages Templates, ComicLife, etc..) • Student quality of work appears to be better. (When students take a vested interest in the project.) • Allows more “projects” because “class time” is not as big as an issue as before. • Easier to differentiate curriculum and provide “multiple pathways” to learning.
  3. 3. What I’ve learned continued... • Important to pre-teach expectations, assignments, and model as much as possible, but still give students enough freedom to wow you. • Important to have “consequences” for students who are off- task or easily distracted. Place yourself in classroom where you can view student screens. Remember “I’m Still in Charge.” • Have “paper-copies” or a PLAN B ready for those students without a computer or when the network goes down. • Good Teaching is still Good Teaching. (Active Participation, Clear Objectives, Checking for Understanding, etc...)
  4. 4. Connectivity Being On Demand 24/7
  5. 5. On Demand:iTunes •StudyCasts • Podcasts that students download into their iTunes • Audio reviews for quizzes and tests. • Enhanced with pictures of slides from lectures.
  6. 6. iCAL: Weekly Agenda
  7. 7. Blackboard:Digital Classroom • Online Course Management System • Extends My Classroom Beyond The Walls And Time Limits Of The School Day
  8. 8. Differentiation of Resources Meeting The Needs of the Diverse Learner
  9. 9. We Still Use Textbooks but.....
  10. 10. Go Beyond the Textbook I can also provide outside additional resources... HippoCampus (Video Resources) BrainPop (Video Resources/Subscription) Access Primary Sources such as DocsTeach from The National Archives
  11. 11. Take Students on Virtual Field Trips • Using Google Earth • Using Google Maps • History Animated • • Battles of the American Revolution • Battles of the Civil War • Battles of World War II (Europe) • Battles of World War II (Pacific Campaign)
  12. 12. Virtual Field Trips-Cont • Civil War Battlefields • Antietam 360 • Gettysburg 360 • Google LitTrips
  13. 13. Games • iCivics • Over the Top • Immigration Experience • Cuban Missile Crisis
  14. 14. Learning Modules: Self-paced Learning
  15. 15. Formative Assessments Quick and Immediate
  16. 16. Vocabulary •Free Web-Based Flashcard Program: • •Creates printable flash cards. •Use in class as a review using individual Whiteboards. •Students can play Vocabulary Review Games to help master vocabulary terms.
  17. 17. Exit Tickets and Checking for Understanding Socrative Student Response System
  18. 18. Blackboard: Tests • In Blackboard I can provide ... • Practice tests where students can take as many times as they need to study & receive feedback on correct and incorrect responses. • Check for Understanding Quizzes: To get diagnostic information on students strengths & weaknesses.
  19. 19. Google Docs • Using Google Forms I can create short open ended surveys to gage student understanding.
  20. 20. Summative Assessments Projects
  21. 21. What I or my students use Mac Programs Website Projects or Instructional Tools
  22. 22. Questions???