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Hiking shoes

  1. 1. her hiking shoesby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011her hiking shoesImage by karigeeQuestion by Hualing Hualing: Going with my friends to go hiking, but notfor hiking shoes. Can you introduce me some good shoes website?Best answer:Answer by David LeiWell, for this winter, I think nike hiking shoe would be suitable for you.Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }My Hiking Shoeby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011My Hiking ShoeImage by JinxiBooQuestion by rrutia: Where can I find cheap but good hiking shoes in SeattleWA?location can be close to the space needleBest answer:Answer by iconr.e.i.Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Bad hiking shoes!NOVEMBER 28, 2011Bad hiking shoes! Image by dgphilli Question by FashionE101: Where can i buy girls‘ hiking shoes? wellim about to go camping and i need some hiking shoes. it has to be cheap and i can go to a store and buyit. i need it by monday Best answer: Answer by **dAnCe**Lands End or [...]Read the full article →not hiking shoesNOVEMBER 27, 2011
  2. 2. not hiking shoes Image by EssG Question by Leonardo Torrellas: Are hiking shoes really needed? Imgoing to make some hiking trails when i go to Iceland and i was wondering if I really need to buy hikingshoes? i have my Addidas tennis shoes which im always fine with. Best answer: Answer by TheManNo,[...]Read the full article →My hiking shoesNOVEMBER 26, 2011My hiking shoes Image by GrahamKing Question by John: What are some brands that make good hikingshoes? Best answer: Answer by JonathanI have been wearing Asics, Salomon and La Sportiva. Myfavorite is La Sportiva but it really depends how it fits your foot. I always try a shoe out on a training hike[...]Read the full article →Cold MorningsNOVEMBER 25, 2011Cold Mornings Image by jamestraceur Beach at mersing. Malaysia. Shoes belong to a fellowphotographer who went off on a beach hike sans shoes… Question by Dirty Harry: Where can I buy deckshoes and hiking boots in London? I want some cheap and cheerful ones. Any suggestions? I need somelightweight hiking boots that [...]Read the full article →Hiking shoe. Wool socks. On Ridge TrailNOVEMBER 24, 2011Hiking shoe. Wool socks. On Ridge Trail Image by daveynin Old Rag Mountain @ Shenandoah Nat‘lPark, Virginia Question by George: Is it inappropriate to wear a blazer/sports coat with hiking shoes?Best answer: Answer by Jennifer FYeah, I don‘t see any matching going on with that. Give your answerto this question below!Read the full article →i105/365 – shoesNOVEMBER 23, 2011i105/365 – shoes Image by klugi looking for the perfectly elegant, heavy duty, all purpose hiking anddress shoe we had a look at the waldviertler and found shoes that are probably suited best for this job.my custom tailored black and burgundy ‗Jaga‘ will be delivered in 6 weeks. can‘t possibly wear brownshoes [...]Read the full article →Tina HikingNOVEMBER 22, 2011Tina Hiking Image by lancefisher Tina is so hard-core, hiking in tennis shoes in this. Question bygummybear: Should you jog in hiking shoes? I am thinking of purchasing some hiking shoes for hiking,but I don‘t go that often, so I was wondering if you should do activities like sports in them. Best answer:[...]Read the full article →Ready for The Next Hike
  3. 3. NOVEMBER 21, 2011Ready for The Next Hike Image by cogdogblog Yesterday‘s romp in the snow took care of cleaning themud off my hiking boots. Question by billy billabong: I‘m looking to buy a good pair of hiking shoes witha goretex liner,not sure which are best.? i have looked at different makes and noticed that Salomon [...]Backpack Oasisby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011Backpack OasisImage by Whirling PhoenixA silly photo of the collection of backpacks I‘ve amassed over the last 4 years. Crazy.Question by Austin T: I am looking for a two week overnight hiking tripwithin the United States or Canada, where should I go?I am an experienced hiker that is looking for a beautiful two week hiking trip. I wouldprefer trails with little to no facilities as I have my own equipment to sustain me for twoweeks.Best answer:Answer by telewheelsmikeAppalachian TrailGive your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Ready to Hikeby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 28, 2011Ready to HikeImage by nateOneQuestion by wdt: I’m new to hiking/backpacking, what is some basicequipment I need to start?Best answer:Answer by for the halibuthttp://www.simplebackpacking.com/support-files/3season-gear-checklist.pdfThis link has a pretty good packing list.Give your answer to this question below!
  4. 4. { Comments on this entry are closed }Baker BeachNOVEMBER 27, 2011Baker Beach Image by tychay Blogged in The Woodwork: Faking Long Exposure Baker Beach BakerBeach, San Francisco, California Nikon D3, Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G, Gitzo G1228LVL tripod, ReallyRight Stuff BH-55 ballhead Aperture 2.0 (raw fine tuning, spot & patch) nik Color Efex Pro (procontrast, classical soft focus) Photoshop (heal) 10 multi-exposures, 1/100sec @ [...]Read the full article →Hiking with new equipmentNOVEMBER 26, 2011Hiking with new equipment Image by tychay As we were hiking, Caitlin wanted to practice with myportrait lens. Equipment: Gitzo 11228LVL tripod, Really Right Stuff BH-55 ballhead, and Tamrac DigitalZoom 4 bag (which I don‘t use anymore). Filter: polarizer; warming Adjustment: manual white balance;smart sharpening; remove magenta; velvia Issue: Flickr loves to [...]Read the full article →Define Jacket for yoga, hiking and skiingNOVEMBER 25, 2011Define Jacket for yoga, hiking and skiing Image by lululemon athletica Define Jacket – From hiking thehill or hitting the slopes, this jacket is the definition to it all – Made with 4-way stretch luon, hugs yourbody in all the right places with comfort – A fitted medium length jacket – Zipper garage [...]Read the full article →North shore hikingNOVEMBER 24, 2011North shore hiking Image by andrew cutting Question by Kira: What style does this sound like? Hair:Shoulder length and center parted, naturally black and straight, no products or heat tools, generallyworn in pigtails or held back with bandana or headband. Tops: white tank top with Alice from Alice inWonderland on it; white [...]Read the full article →I Need an LL Bean Walking StickNOVEMBER 23, 2011I Need an LL Bean Walking Stick Image by superfluity L‘oph rues her lack of yuppie hiking equipmentaccessories. Fortunately, she‘s only 20′ from the safety of the great indoors. Question by Dara: Whatstyle does this outfit sounds like (for a man)? Makeup: Black mascara with black glittery eyeliner andsilver nail polish Hair: waist [...]Read the full article →Logging equipment, Sedro WooleyNOVEMBER 22, 2011Logging equipment, Sedro Wooley Image by brewbooks Logging equipment, Sedro WooleyRead the full article →wildflower accessoryNOVEMBER 22, 2011
  5. 5. wildflower accessory Image by jamie h Shirley Lake hike / Squaw Valley Question by : I‘m looking to buymy 1st whitewater kayak & accessories. I‘m 23, female ,5‘3, 108 lbs, advice please? I‘ve had a littlepractice doing rolls in pools, etc. and I have plenty of friends that can help me out in [...]Read the full article →pelicans hate litterNOVEMBER 21, 2011pelicans hate litter Image by megankhines pile of garbage can accessories behind the circus worldmuseum Question by xXlove and sorrowXx: Anyone want to design an outfit for me? Whoever designsthe outfit I like best will get 10 points! I‘m 17, if age matters. Style: I adore goth-style clothes, and someemo and punk [...]Read the full article →Hiking BackpackingThe right backpacking for hikerBackpacking – Thursday – Thomas, Emil, Skip, Eric,Chris at Pedlar Riverby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011Backpacking – Thursday – Thomas, Emil, Skip, Eric, Chris at Pedlar RiverImage by Vicky TGAWQuestion by Who: Pennsylvania Hiking+Backpacking – Appalachian Trail?In the Pennsylvania (Philadelphia to be exact – But I don‘t mind driving) area.Looking to do a good 2 or 3 day backpacking trip in the area, where is a good website thathas a list of trail heads, or other information, or even simply personal experience of greatplaces to hike and backpack in the Pennsylvania area? Looking for moderately difficulttrials, but nothing extreme. Thank you!Best answer:Answer by leonard hJust go to Eastern Mountain Sports in Philadelphia and check out theirmaps/guidebooks. The Appalachian Trail is the King of all Trails in the US, and youshould experience it if you haven‘t before. You‘ll have to take a trail name and if you runinto a guy named Foxfire, hey, that might be me! Sorry, I don‘t know about any othertrails in PA; I‘ve only done the AT.
  6. 6. Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Backpacking – Thursday – Camp by Brown MountainCreekby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011Backpacking – Thursday – Camp by Brown Mountain CreekImage by Vicky TGAWQuestion by jp the one: is hiking or hiking backpacking good for weightloss?Is walking with 40 lbs or more on your body good for weightloss? If you‘re an avid hikerthen I would like your insight in this. Thanks in advanceBest answer:Answer by Josh BannonP90X is the answerKnow better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Hike BreakNOVEMBER 28, 2011Hike Break Image by fsamuels Question by ♥♥♥i will always love you♥♥♥: scared of backpacking/hikingbecause of wild life..help me please? I LOVE the outdoors. I like exploring and the woods andmountains. I want to go backpacking or hiking through like back country areas but i am so scared of wildlife such as [...]Read the full article →Hiking Along the CoastNOVEMBER 27, 2011Hiking Along the Coast Image by meganpru Sen, his dad, and the dogs went on a 4-day backpacking tripon the north part of the Lost Coast. Question by Sha Nay Nay: What is a good Hiking/BackpackingCompany? I am looking for one like Swiss Army or Gerber Knives. A good, brand name company.Thanks! [...]Read the full article →Kevin and Brian hikingNOVEMBER 26, 2011Kevin and Brian hiking Image by Brian‘s gallery of shenanigans Hiking up Sunset trail in Big Basin statepark Question by JuJaB: I am going hiking/backpacking for the first time alone? Any suggestions? Food,water, etc. I am not going to be doing any rock climbing just foot hiking. THanks I am going to a [...]Read the full article →Backpacking – Saturday – Nubs Tree
  7. 7. NOVEMBER 25, 2011Backpacking – Saturday – Nubs Tree Image by Vicky TGAW View my blog at tgaw.wordpress.comRead the full article →hiking the Grand CanyonNOVEMBER 24, 2011hiking the Grand Canyon Image by Rick McCharles Question by Christine Y: What are the best boots forbackpacking/day hiking with some light scrambiling? Best answer: Answer by V KYou should try theAsolo Fusion 95 GTX‘s they are great for the kind of use you described. Give your answer to this questionbelow!Read the full article →Hiking Cascade Canyon – Grand Teton National ParkNOVEMBER 23, 2011Hiking Cascade Canyon – Grand Teton National Park Image by Al_HikesAZ This is a view in CascadeCanyon in Grand Teton National Park. I hiked from Jenny Lake through Cascade Canyon to LakeSolitude. One of the most scenic and enjoyable hikes I have ever hiked. Question by Molly: What hikingboot is good for [...]Read the full article →Day 184 – Packing for a long tripNOVEMBER 22, 2011Day 184 – Packing for a long trip Image by LShave Melvin stopped by my room today to borrow mygiant hiking backpack. I used it to bring half of my earthly possessions to El Salvador (the other halfbeing in my giant duffel bag), and now Melvin is going to use it to bring [...]Read the full article →Hiking in Taos, summer 1970 driving trip – 2NOVEMBER 21, 2011Hiking in Taos, summer 1970 driving trip – 2 Image by Ed Yourdon My June 26, 1970 journal says thefollowing: "We left New Mexico this morning after spending five days in the Taos area — much betterthan the desert areas of southern New Mexico and Texas. The highlight of the Taos visit was [...]Read the full article →Hiking CampingMattressesThe right mattresses for hikerBen‘s stagby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011
  8. 8. Ben’s stagImage by higgottQuestion by A: I am going camping for 7 days how many of each type ofclothing will I need?I am going camping for 7 days. I sometimes wet the bed on weekend camping trips. Sohow many of each type of clothing should I bring?Best answer:Answer by thexexedI‘d double up on everything. Triple for everything below your pee line.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }in my luxe tentby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011in my luxe tentImage by c a i tlinQuestion by Mac: What word or phrase in Spanish best describes anenclosed camping trailer?It‘s a tough one to trust to a dictionary. I‘m talking about one of those 20-foot enclosedtrailers for camping bed air mattresses. with beds, kitchen, bathroom, all miniature, totwo behind your truck.Edit: er, make that ―TOW behind your truck.‖Best answer:Answer by Americo Gcasa rodanteremolquecámperAdd your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Temporary BedroomNOVEMBER 28, 2011Temporary Bedroom Image by Ran Yaniv HartsteinRead the full article →
  9. 9. Camping In StyleNOVEMBER 26, 2011Camping In Style Image by nospuds This is a little place called The Camel Camp near Osyan. There wasa full bathroom behind the back flap. We could ring the little bell for cold beers whenever we wanted =)Question by KrzyMom2: Camping Room Ideas for a Toddler Boy? Our son has a camping theme [...]Read the full article →Kitty Bunk BedNOVEMBER 25, 2011Kitty Bunk Bed Image by iamdez And here‘s them relaxing Question by laneacowgirl………..: Which isbetter a bed in breakfest or Lake of the Ozarks or Boat House or log cabin or just camping ? Which isbetter ? Plus why can‘t i just find a nice log cabin in Illinois for rent not taken [...]Read the full article →Camping at MilkwoodNOVEMBER 24, 2011Camping at Milkwood Image by PermaCultured We opted for the option to camp on-site, and we were soright! The super comfortable tents were prepared for us ahead of time and equipped with folding campbeds. It was truly camping Hilton-style. Milkwood Permaculture Farm, October 2010 Question bytiacannpitts: where do you find camp style [...]Read the full article →Petanque With PianosNOVEMBER 23, 2011Petanque With Pianos Image by Jim Purbrick A game developed at Euro FOO Camp 2006. Petanquebecause we were on the continent. Pianos because it was Second Life. Graphics by Alice Taylor. Questionby FlOwErGaL: What would happen if my child were to wet the bed at camp? I‘m sending my daughterto leadership camp [...]Read the full article →Petanque With Pianos And SofasNOVEMBER 22, 2011Petanque With Pianos And Sofas Image by Jim Purbrick A game developed at Euro FOO Camp 2006.Petanque because we were on the continent. Pianos and sofas because it was Second Life. Graphics byAlice Taylor. Question by sxc_bby_gurl_xo: Does wearing my training bra to bed at camp make me alesbian? So i was [...]Read the full article →The master bedroom in the cabinNOVEMBER 21, 2011The master bedroom in the cabin Image by Jordon This is a photo of our bedroom. Complete with a 3/4bed that is pretty crowded with Wendy and I but when the dog decides this should be her bed as well…it‘s too crowded. Question by marmalade: I need to buy a air bed for [...]Read the full article →BedsNOVEMBER 20, 2011
  10. 10. Beds Image by James Almond Question by amberc0102: Why does my boxer pee on the bed aftercamping and other activities? I have a 2 and 1/2 year old boxer. She is technically my boyfriends butwe‘ve been living together for awhile now. We recently moved a couple of months ago but this startedabout [...]Read the full article →Book PictureThe right pictures for hiker#72 There‘s More to Life Than Books, You Know…by HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011#72 There’s More to Life Than Books, You Know…Image by Arty Smokes (deaf mute)"There‘s more to life than books, you know…But not much more."(The Smiths – "Handsome Devil")I love bookshops and libraries and I‘m particularly enamoured of the "librarian look" –women with glasses and their hair pinned up. Every Thursday I pop into the localWaterstones, mainly because I fancy a woman that works there on that day. The problemis that I have to buy something in order to have a reason to talk to her. It‘s becoming anexpensive habit and also means I have more books on my shelves than I‘ll ever be able toread.This week I finally picked up The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I‘d not seen in theUK before. Foxy woman gave me a bit of a filthy look when I slapped it on the counter,perhaps because it‘s a very teenage book and I‘m seventy-five years old.I took the quick snap above while no one was looking. It was a complete rush job as I saton the floor in the music section, set the auto-timer on my mobile and pretended to read.I hadn‘t noticed the bright spotlight that appeared above my head and pretty muchruined the photo. (See original in comments). No matter which effects settings I used inFireworks, I couldn‘t get the glare to fade realistically, so I had to crop it out. I triedvarious other effects on the smaller image before deciding to just convert it to black andwhite.
  11. 11. This image is a conscious nod to the far superior (and luxuriant) "book pictures" by MissA and Vaneska Thomz, but obviously comes from my more "realist" angle.Now if, you‘ll excuse me, I have some reading to catch up on, so I have an excuse to gobook shopping next week…Question by heyyy: what are some famous stories i could do parodies off offor my math picture book?im making a math (geometry) picture book for a school project. i already thought of ―achristmas carol,‖ where a little boy says bah humbug to math and then through 3 mathrelated dreams he realizes that he loves it, etc. but what are some others? please, give mesome of your ideas!Best answer:Answer by LJ KHansel and Gretel (Disney-type version)……when the kids leave crumbs behind to find their way home (if I have the right story; ifnot, maybe you know the one I mean)… they could leave numbers behind instead, andwhatever comes along (animals or birds?) to eat the numbers can‘t, but they DO mess upthe order of them. So H & G have to make the right angles (no pun intended) to get homeagain.(THAT was a convoluted answer. [!])Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Booksby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011BooksImage by Cross DuckDaily Picture using SMC Pentax-A 50mm f1.7 lens. Processed RawTherapee 3.View On BlackQuestion by Emily: what are some good titles for a holocaust picture book?Im doing a holocaust hiking camping book picture and would like some ideas for a titilefor it. My main character is Abigail and she travels to the warsaw ghetto then to treblinka.Something serious and creative titles would be good =) thanks!
  12. 12. Best answer:Answer by Eliza1) A walk through tragedy – Abigail‘s Journey2) ―Forgive, but never forget‖ *Polish historian‘s quote*3) Things not forgotten4) Pulled From The Wreckage – Abigail‘s Journey to PolandI Hope These Help, and Good Luck On The Book.What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }picture booksNOVEMBER 28, 2011picture books Image by annethelibrarian Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public LibraryRead the full article →BooksNOVEMBER 27, 2011Books Image by henry… Taking my PADI inspiration today from Grac‘s picture, here‘s the teetering pileof books next to my bed, the titles of which seem to describe my interests pretty comprehensively.Looking at this in isolation from the rest of my bedroom is weird. Top book recommendation from thislot – the one [...]Read the full article →A French Lesson in PictureNOVEMBER 26, 2011A French Lesson in Picture Image by perpetualplum From page 5392 of The Book of Knowlege,copyright 1919 by the Grolier Society of New York and The Educational Book Co. of London. Theillustration is titled "A French Lesson in Picture" The Names of Familiar Things n A Dining Room". Thisimage was scanned at [...]Read the full article →Picking Picture BooksNOVEMBER 26, 2011Picking Picture Books Image by Salem (MA) Public Library Children and parents alike browse picturebooks at the Salem (MA) Public Library Children‘s Room in custom-built shelving that gives easy accessto the youngest of readers. Question by mamamouse: Can you think of a catchy title for a children‘spicture book about the four seasons? [...]Read the full article →Latest BooksNOVEMBER 24, 2011Latest Books Image by // Denise // It‘s been a while since I‘ve uploaded a book picture and this is why. Ihaven‘t really added to my collection recently. It‘s sad, I know. I JUST finished The White Road, amcurrently reading O, Juliet and plan to read Jack Daws soon. Question by irreplaceable.bby: How [...]
  13. 13. Read the full article →PICTURE BOOKS: Paintings & Their Covers | New Works by Nathan Peck |01.09.09NOVEMBER 23, 2011PICTURE BOOKS: Paintings & Their Covers | New Works by Nathan Peck | 01.09.09 Image by ChicagoArt Department PICTURE BOOKS: Paintings & Their Covers New Works by Nathan Peck For our firstshow of 2009, resident artist and CAD co-founder Nathan Peck presents "PICTURE BOOKS," new workscomprising of two series of Photo-Collage-Painting-Books. The [...]Read the full article →20101229 – Christmas gifts – microbead pillows, cat fish bowl toy, wire cat,cookies, books, picture frames, jewelry, sock monkeys – IMG_2540NOVEMBER 22, 201120101229 – Christmas gifts – microbead pillows, cat fish bowl toy, wire cat, cookies, books, pictureframes, jewelry, sock monkeys – IMG_2540 Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)Britt and Chris gave us the cookie and brownie jars again. We made the brownies for Clint‘s party thisyear. We‘re going to make the cookies [...]Read the full article →20101229 – Christmas gifts – microbead pillows, cat fish bowl toy, wire cat,cookies, books, picture frames, jewelry, sock monkeys – IMG_2540NOVEMBER 22, 201120101229 – Christmas gifts – microbead pillows, cat fish bowl toy, wire cat, cookies, books, pictureframes, jewelry, sock monkeys – IMG_2540 Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)Britt and Chris gave us the cookie and brownie jars again. We made the brownies for Clint‘s party thisyear. We‘re going to make the cookies [...]Read the full article →Hiking BootsThe right boots for a hikerHiking Bootsby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 30, 2011Hiking BootsImage by Jennifer K. MulcahyJennifer K Mulcahy hiking in the mudQuestion by iseepinkelefants: Does anyone know who makes the hikingboots with red laces?
  14. 14. I haven‘t seen them in years but I was recently flipping through a catalog (JCrew? I wish Icould remember which one?!?!) and it being a winter catalog the models were wearinghiking boots, or maybe they were just regular boots but they had red laces. I rememberback in the day (like 1998) American Eagle or Abercrombie used to sell them (probably aknock off version of whatever famous brand makes them). Does anyone know what I‘mtalking about? And if so could they please post the website of where I can find them?Thanks.Best answer:Answer by Shreedevika PriyanshiyesWhat do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Hiking Bootsby HOSTMEI R on NOVEMBER 29, 2011Hiking BootsImage by veggiefrogQuestion by leeeeeroy jenkins: Would it be OK to use hiking boots in thesnow?Would waterproof hiking boots be ok fo a day of tubing down mountains? I‘m not tooconcerned about the lack of insulation, because it‘ll be about 20 degrees F and I can fit 2pairs of wool socks under them.But are there any hidden dangers of using hiking boots in snow?Best answer:Answer by BlakeIf they are waterproof then yesGive your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }APril and May 2007 103NOVEMBER 28, 2011APril and May 2007 103 Image by froglette My Lowa hiking boots purchased at REI in Atlanta. The solefell off on the third hike. These have all been low hikes on the South Eastern side of the United Statesand less than a combined total of thirty miles. I am completely unsatisfied with how [...]Read the full article →
  15. 15. APril and May 2007 097NOVEMBER 27, 2011APril and May 2007 097 Image by froglette My Lowa hiking boots purchased at REI in Atlanta. The solefell off on the third hike. These have all been low hikes on the South Eastern side of the United Statesand less than a combined total of thirty miles. I am completely unsatisfied with how [...]Read the full article →APril and May 2007 105NOVEMBER 26, 2011APril and May 2007 105 Image by froglette My Lowa hiking boots purchased at REI in Atlanta. Brandname not even sweated off on the innersole The sole fell off on the third hike. These have all been lowhikes on the South Eastern side of the United States and less than a combined total [...]Read the full article →Lowa Renegade Mid Hiking BootsNOVEMBER 25, 2011Lowa Renegade Mid Hiking Boots Image by Pig Monkey Photo for a review: www.pig-monkey.com/2008/02/02/lowa-renegade-mid-hiking-bo… Question by Katelyn: How to break in brandnew hiking boots in 3 days? so yeah i only have a few days before a hiking trip and i completely forgot tobreak in my boots! what can i do to break [...]Read the full article →Lowa Renegade Mid Hiking BootsNOVEMBER 24, 2011Lowa Renegade Mid Hiking Boots Image by Pig Monkey Photo for a review: www.pig-monkey.com/2008/02/02/lowa-renegade-mid-hiking-bo… Question by Jim: Where is a good place topurchase hiking boots on line? I‘d like to purchase a new pair of hiking boots. They need to bewaterproof (for example, Gor-tex). My budget is $ 100. I have looked at [...]HikingSmart hikingWRC hike near Downtown Memphisby ADMI N on NOVEMBER 30, 2011WRC hike near Downtown MemphisImage by Greenway Guidephoto by Gary Bridgman*The two men facing each other are Charles Askew (WRC cofounder) and MikeJones whose wonderful documentary photos of the Wolf River are represented in boththis collection and in the Wolf River Flickr group pool
  16. 16. * the photographer has granted the use of this image for the purpose of promoting wateror greenspace conservation under a Creative Commons license whereby the photographermust be credited by name.Question by Taknev: never go jungle with a smart company?Two guys were walking through the woods one day when one of them glanced behindthem and noticed a bear following them. He could see that the bear hadn‘t seen them yet,so he quickly sat on the ground and began taking off his hiking boots. By the time hisfriend noticed him sitting there, he had pulled his running shoes out of his backpack andwas putting them on.His friend said, ―What are you doing ?‖His friend pointed up the trail to reveal the bear coming towards them slowly but surely.He said,‖ Man you‘re crazy. There‘s no way you can outrun that bear!!‖As he was standing up, his friend said, ‖ I don‘t have to outrun the bear, I just have tooutrun you!‖Best answer:Answer by as 1this was a scene from the film ‗without a paddle‘and it wasnt funny then!Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Inside Smarts Mountain Towerby ADMI N on NOVEMBER 29, 2011Inside Smart hiking Mountain TowerImage by mjtsaiQuestion by MRCOOL: Is pet smart good for socializing my 8 month GermanShepherd puppy?So basically when my dog was a younger puppy I could only find small dogs to play withhim but he met sooooo many of my friends and family, short and tall he met them all. Buta week and half of bad weather kept us inside he started to get scared of tall people butwas still okay with small children and friends that were average height but then another
  17. 17. two weeks later he started to bark in a low tone but not lunging or growling, nothing toshow signs of aggression. He is trained to the point where he‘ll track with his nose,sit,stayto a certain point, lay down, speak on command and shake paws. Hes very friendly tofriends cautious of big people as was demonstrated at pet smart where he started barkingat everyone. But when a small dog passed by he was waggin his tail and wanted to play.When I signed up for training the trainer told me he just needed to get used to manysituations and even suggested to join her facebook page called (paws on the shore) wherehe would meet many other dogs and situations on a hike. So I‘m wondering does it seemlike a good training plan for my scaredy cat shepherd. If not please tell me of bettertraining place near york region or Toronto, that you have experienced. Thank You.Best answer:Answer by King Les The LoftyThe socialisation period ended when Pup became 13 weeks old, although if well startedbefore that it can continue through 16 weeks old.Although everyone calls it ―socialisation‖, that is actually a bad term, deluding peoplesuch as yourself into thinking it means playing with people & pups. A more accurate termwould be exposure or familiarisation. The purpose is to (once Pup trusts you) expose it –from a distance PUP considers safe – to every movement, reflection, scent, sight, sound,texture to be found in its environment. It should be done on a 6ft/2m lead where thereare NO dogs running loose, with Pup allowed to try to ―explore in all directions at once‖except when you need to haul it away from dangerous or disgusting things, or from ascared human. And if Pup wants to sit & think about a new thing, or to hide behind you,you should let it, patiently waiting still & silent until Pup decides to ignore or investigatethis new thing, whereupon you praise it – and, if it is still close enough, give it a rub orpat of encouragement.YOU should then have been in a training-club class (NOT a pet-shop play-group) startingwhen Pup was 18-22 weeks old, so that you were coached to be an effective trainer.You should NOT be encouraging Pup to play with other dogs. His attention should befocussed on YOU and the other people & animals in your household.Next time he barks, instantly wrap the leash around his muzzle so that he can‘t open itenough to bark, then command him with ―Quiet!‖ or ―No bark!‖ or whatever simplephrase you will CONSISTENTLY use when he is noisy at the wrong time.Facebook pages, web-pages, commercial videos, books, telephone conversations – ALL ofthem have the same flaw: They cannot OBSERVE YOU to see & hear your errors in use of―the voices‖, timing, body-language, balance, use of rewards vs reprimands. Nor can theyobserve your pet‘s reactions. And so they cannot coach you, they can only suggest
  18. 18. principles.Most pet-shop ―trainers‖ have never subjected themselves to the ―proof of the pudding‖ ofcompeting in Agility or Companion-Utility Trials or Obedience Tests or SchutzHundTrials.If you (or a family member) had a phobia, would you force yourself (that person) to besurrounded by what you (he/she) is scared of?A far better plan is to keep your dog interested in as much as he is confident about, andlet scary-to-him things stay outside his ―bubble‖ (the distance outside which he couldn‘tcare less about things, but inside which he reacts – it‘s like birds that will let you reachtheir ―bubble‖ before taking flight). In training classes you keep his attention fixed onYOU, so that he comes to realise that if he ignores what other dogs & people are doingthey will ignore him but you will praise-&-reward him. At 8 months old he is salvageable,although he will never be a bold pooch.• Add http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_GSD_Source to your browser‘sBookmarks or Favorites so that you can easily look up such as feeding, vaccinations,worming, clubs, weights, teething, neutering, disorders, genetics.In its Links section click GSD_Clubs to get the head offices of the GSDCC and GSSCC andfind out where their nearest training class is (you don‘t want show-training, nor do youwant bite-work training, you want obedience training – and the agility+obedience andtracking sections of SchutzHund might suit you well). Then switch to the Kennel_Clubsto get the web-site of the CKC and find out which of its all-breeds clubs have trainingclasses near you.Toronto has enough humans that there OUGHT to be several clubs you can choose from,if you are happy to drive a bit. Even just York should have at least half a dozen.• To ask about GSDs, join some of the 400+ YahooGroups dedicated to various aspects ofliving with GSDs. Each group‘s Home page tells you which aspects they like to discuss,and how active they are. Unlike YA, they are set up so that you can have an ongoingdiscussion with follow-up questions for clarification. Most allow you to include photos.Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/GSD_Friendly―In GSDs‖ as of 1967Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Me and foliage, Smarts MountainNOVEMBER 28, 2011Me and foliage, Smarts Mountain Image by ellentk Question by Cocubloo: Ok, So I need a person who‘sready to come hitch hiking with me…? Preferably a girl (they‘re cleaner lol) …. no homophobes please.
  19. 19. Some one as crazy as me… someone humourous/sarcastic, who gets sick of being in one place for toolong… loves [...]Read the full article →Christmas decorationsNOVEMBER 27, 2011Christmas decorations Image by simonov Someone has been decorating many of the trees around theSki Hut and the summit with Christmas ornaments. This doesn‘t seem very smart to me as it‘s unlikelythe people who did it will come back after the holidays to clean up, especially as winter storms will haveblown all [...]Read the full article →I Love LucyNOVEMBER 26, 2011I Love Lucy Image by scottjlowe This is also one of my favorite Miata colors–it‘s quite similar to my own.Question by I ♥ Field Hockey!: Please help me! Any smart people out there?PLEASE???!! (algebra 1)?How do I figure this out?? Mr. Jones surveyed a group of college students. He noticed in a sample [...]Read the full article →the fae in the glenNOVEMBER 25, 2011the fae in the glen Image by r c photographic Question by Yahoo Answer Angel: Is it a slippery slopewhen a majority with less income vote to tax only those with higher incomes? A smarter politician woulddraw the line at the top 40% of the earners getting a tax hike, and hope that [...]Read the full article →Julie & I wait near the bottomNOVEMBER 24, 2011Julie & I wait near the bottom Image by eclecticlibrarian We‘re smart like that. Question by Alicia: Forthose of you very deep thinkers and smart people.? Imagine all the water was drained out of the Atlanticocean. What do you think your hike across the Atlantic would be like, describing the deep ocean basin,[...]Read the full article →ImpassableNOVEMBER 23, 2011Impassable Image by °Florian I went about 100 feet farther to the top of the first drop off. I‘m smartenough to not try hiking down Tahquitz Creek to PS. Although the thought did cross my mind. Questionby Rebecca M: Why do most students in college always talk about school and exams, even after [...]Read the full article →Mount Pisgah Fire TowerNOVEMBER 22, 2011Mount Pisgah Fire Tower Image by metimbers2000 Not the smartest thing I‘ve done in awhile. LastThursday, while the sun was out but the wind was gusting like 60 mph, I decided to walk up to theMount Pisgah Fire Tower. It wouldn‘t have been such a big deal, except that it was the middle [...]Read the full article →
  20. 20. Smarts Mountain TowerNOVEMBER 21, 2011Smarts Mountain Tower Image by mjtsai Question by Meg P: Smart people, PLEASE please help me!?When hiking through a national park ou notice some pretty cool rock layers are exposed on the side of acliff. Your friend tries to say that the oldest rocks are the ones on the very bottom,but you notice [...]Read the full article →