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Audio monitor


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Audio monitor

  1. 1. Audio MonitorThe right place for Audio MonitorAudio systemby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011Audio systemImage by drosen7900Fostex FE126E + Fountek NeoCD3 ribbondesign from amazing.Question by ptk1: Headset and monitor audio help please?I have vista 64. I was wondering if either of the two were possible:1. Is there a way to easily control when the audio comes out of my monitor and/orheadset? Like when I don‘t to wake anyone, I would like to have all audio coming throughmy headset.2. Is it possible to have certain audio coming though my headset (voice chat) and haveeverything else come through the normal speakers?Thx in advance, provided you give me a legitimate answer.Best answer:Answer by jim wFor the second choice yes there is a way where on the bottom right hand corner of yourscreen you should see the little volume tihng click it and it will say the things you have upand you can click for like youtubr could be muted while itunes was playing threw yourheadset.If you have anymore questions just ask.I hope I helped. Best answer ?Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Audio Technica ATH-M35 monitoring headphoneby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011
  2. 2. Audio Technica ATH-M35 monitoring headphoneImage by CLFQuestion by Nikki: What is the best video/audio monitor to buy?I am looking to buy a video baby monitor through walmart. I am looking at the GracoiMonitor Baby Video Monitor, the Summer Infant 900 MHz 2.5″ Color Handheld VideoMonitor, and the MobiCam Ultra Wireless Color Video Monitor System. I have readreviews on all of them and have compared all of the features but still do not know whichone would be best. Can anyone give me any input please? Thanks!!!!!!Best answer:Answer by AnaHi! Well since no one else answered your question I just thought to give some input frommy experience. Perhaps you haven‘t yet had your baby? I was the very same way. I wentout and planned every last product to put into my nursery: $ 200 bassinette, expensivetravel system, breast pump set, sounds n lights baby monitor (fisher-price) etc. He won‘tsleep in the bassinette, the travel system is nice but the stroller that went with it is so bigand bulky and so inconvenient and heavy to unload that I never us it. I used the breastpump only a few times because my milk didn‘t come in properly. The monitor is rarelyused because I carry the baby with me everywhere in the house (in his carrier) butsometimes when I have the right batteries for it, I use it when I am outside visitingneighbors. I guess my point in saying all of this is that I think you should wait until thebaby comes and you know for sure what will work for you and also you won‘t waste a lotof time and money on stuff that you regret and never use.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Audio Technica ATH-M50 monitoring headphoneDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]Audio Technica ATH-M50 monitoring headphone Image by CLF Question by pitbullpup: Are MonitorAudio speakers manufactured/assembled in the UK or in some poor country? I‘m pretty picky aboutbuying speakers and I want a pair that not only sound great, but they‘re durable and build in a firstworld country. Does anyone know any other [...]Read the full article →Sexy new speakerDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]Sexy new speaker Image by Ben Shepherd Obviously, there are two of them. But they both look like this.Monitor Audio Silver S5 series, in case you were wondering. Question by coolaznraver91: How do I splitaudio between my pc and monitor? I wanted to split the audio so I could use the speakers with [...]
  3. 3. Read the full article →Tiny!DECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]Tiny! Image by Gurney Monitor Audio Radius 90HD vs B&W CM7 Question by Guy: I want to buy a pairof Monitor Audio RX1 bookshelf speakers, anyone know any good sites that have these? I don‘t live neara major city that has stores that carry higher end audio equipment. Best answer: Answer by joseph [...]Read the full article →Audio Technica‘s ATH-A900DECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]Audio Technica‘s ATH-A900 Image by Zh3uS One of the more Premier counterparts of their ArtMonitor series.Read the full article →Monitor Audio bronze b2DECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Monitor Audio bronze b2 Image by fellowapeman Question by baseball1b: How can I monitor audiooutput from all programs? I would like to write a program that outputs an audio spectrometer from allactive programs using audio. I am using some VLC source code for the visuals, I just need to know whatAPI I [...]Read the full article →Focal ou Monitor Audio ?DECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]Focal ou Monitor Audio ? Image by Des systèmes au rapport qualité prixdétonnant ! Question by Q&A Squad: Do most store security people use audio microphones to monitoraudio? in most stores like walmart, target, or albertsons, do they use audio microphones to monitor andrecord things in places such as dressing booths, [...]Read the full article →Monitor Audio BR2DECEMBER 1, 2011 [ EDIT ]Monitor Audio BR2 Image by matt512 Question by dills122: would hooking up a set of computerspeakers through a computer monitor audio out port transfer the sound? if i hook up a set of normalcomputer speakers through an audio out port on my computer monitor would it transfer the sound if myxbox 360 [...]Read the full article →Monitor Audio BR2NOVEMBER 30, 2011 [ EDI T]Monitor Audio BR2 Image by matt512 Question by jeff b: Where can I find a replacement Tweeter formy Polk Audio Monitor 60 Speakers? I recently blew the tweeter on my Polk Audio Monitor 60 floorstanding speaker and I cannot find a website with a replacement part. Does anyone know if there are any[...]Read the full article →
  4. 4. MP3 AudioThe right place for MP3 Audioaudacity podcast mp3 output settings monaural voiceand musicby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011audacity podcast mp3 output settings monaural voice and musicImage by playerxoutput settings used for audacity for outputing a mono mp3 speaker version of a podcastwith music and voiceQuestion by ahmedsaleem1947: From where to download mp3 audio Biblein Arabic, Farsi and Hindi?I want to download mp3 audio Bible in Arabic, Farsi and Hindi languages. What is thebest site to download it from.Best answer:Answer by Ayaunot sure.. but you can try on these top download sites for mp3 your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }How Do You View FLV File Metadata or Extract MP3Audio?by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011How Do You View FLV File Metadata or Extract MP3 Audio?
  5. 5. Image by Chris PirilloSee the "How Do You View FLV File Metadata or Extract MP3 Audio?" – Have you ever downloaded an FLV file? Once you have these files, youneed something to view them with. Let‘s say you want to extract the audio from the videofile? It‘s not always easy to do. But, there‘s an Adobe Air application that will do this foryou.This video was originally shared on by l0ckergn0me with aNo license (Allrights reserved) license.Question by Knowledge Seeker: How can I convert Mp3 audio format to(real media) format, such that it can play in real player?I have 100 Mp3 audio songs and I want to put these songs on my website so that peoplecan listen these songs online?But some one tell me that ―real media‖ is best format for online audio?Please help me a tell me how Can I convert mp3 format to RM(real media) format?Waiting for your responseGoodbyeBest answer:Answer by LinuxGeek24download super here is a link your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }NOKIA 3310 – mp3 ringtonesDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]NOKIA 3310 – mp3 ringtones Image by Remko van Dokkum Tick The Thats Ring Merry Hurdy-Gurdy.mp3
  6. 6. City Question by ram825: How toconvert MP3 [...]Read the full article →08 World Fantasy Con III 1977 MP3 Audio Clips NoticeDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]08 World Fantasy Con III 1977 MP3 Audio Clips Notice Image by California Cthulhu (Will Hart) Thedirect link to the blog posting with the MP3 audio files is:… But it‘s really more fun to browse through everything the CthulhuWho1 blog has tooffer at: Notice created by Will Hart 17-September-2010. Question by [...]Read the full article →Hiwassee Refuge + Microtrack IIDECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]Hiwassee Refuge + Microtrack II Image by The Microtrack performed fairly well, but the coldsure ate up the battery! Click the link below to hear a short sample from one of the recordings:hiwassee_refuge_clip.mp3 The sounds that you will hear are the Sandhill Cranes, camera shutters, andMichael and I talking. Question by [...]Read the full article →creative mp3 playerDECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]creative mp3 player Image by Br3nda Question by wayback: What would make Adobe Premiere CS3Recognize MP3 Audio Files? Everytime I input a divx-avi movie file, there is no sound. I checked thedetails of the movie file and it says that it has mp3 audio. I already have a ds-mp3 source installed but it[...]Read the full article →IMG_6194DECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]IMG_6194 Image by jameschou Question by Betty F: How do you change a windows media audio fileinto a mp3 audio file? I bought songs from Itunes and ripped the songs I wanted on a CD. Then, I rippedthe CD and got the songs to be Windows Media Audio Files. How do you convert [...]Read the full article →fonofoto: onderweg naar SloterdijkDECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]fonofoto: onderweg naar Sloterdijk Image by Marco Raaphorst trein naar Sloterdijk (mp3) Question byAngela: How to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio using YouTube MP3 Converter? I need someoneto give me the tutorial steps about how to convert YouTUBE video files to MP3 audio files:) waiting foryour help! Best answer: Answer by [...]Read the full article →
  7. 7. Richard holds a tiny Mp3 playerDECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]Richard holds a tiny Mp3 player Image by mrlerone Question by john: How do I take a Mp3 audio file onmy computer and put it onto a regular cassette tape recorder? I need to take a mp3 audio file that i haveon my PC and put it onto an audio cassette tape. what [...]Read the full article →A traditional Egyptian Mizmar (with matching audio)DECEMBER 1, 2011 [ EDIT ]A traditional Egyptian Mizmar (with matching audio) Image by Karim Rezk A traditional mizmar (awind instrument) player leading the procession in an Egyptian wedding. He is accompanied by a groupof drummers/singers known in Arabic as ‗tabl baladi‘ and optionally a belly dancer. This procession("Zaffa") is done at the begining of the wedding [...]Read the full article →Phone AudioThe right place for phone audio tools.What‘s in your bag?by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011What’s in your bag?Image by Br3ndaQuestion by Bruce S: Audio Codecs?I just bought Motorola phone speaker tools for my phone to be able to add my music asring tones. However, it keeps telling me that it needs an audio codec because it is missing.Where do I get one of these? Why do I need it?Best answer:Answer by saul_sabiaI don‘t know about audio codecs for your phone, you‘ll have to contact Motorola aboutthat, but for your computer‘s codecs google ―download free codecs‖, the first or secondwebsite should be the right one… should say something about downloading free codecs inthe website title.It has both video and audio codecs, and a few utilities beyond that.Saul
  8. 8. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Utterzcast: Equipped for Travelby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011Utterzcast: Equipped for TravelImage by doughaslamDespite the company I keep online, I do not consider myself a Supreme Geek. When Itravel, I think about the tools I do have, and how they serve me:1. Laptop: An obvious one- my main work PC is a laptop and I just carry it with me2. Phone: Iave been lucky enough to avoid Blackberry slavery, but nor do I have any othersmart phone. QWERTY keyboard & simple browsing serve me well- for now.3: Audio: Zoom H2 is always in the bag. You never know when a podcast is gonna breakout.4: Video: I have had a Flip Ultra for months and love it. Small and convenient with good-enough video. My Canon SD1000 camera takes usable video as well.What‘s in your travel bag?Audio, and more at by RXQueen: How can I transfer shortened mp3′s to my MotorolaKrzr and make them my ringtones?I already have Motorola Phone Tools v5.0 and I have transferred the shortened mp3′s tomy phone but the mp3 only shows up in the audio part of the phone. Is there a way tochange the audio file to a ringtone and how would I go about doing that?If it matters, my carrier is Rogers.Best answer:Answer by is completely free. It‘s not one of those $ 9.99/month type of scams. Youjust upload the song, edit which parts you want in the ringtone, then it sends to yourphone as an MMS message (pix message or multimedia message). Then you download itto your phone and set as your ringtone!
  9. 9. Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }How Folk Media Can Help Your BusinessDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]How Folk Media Can Help Your Business Image by Joel Mark Witt Folk Media is dedicated todeveloping world-class audio, video, and social media content for your business. We can help improveyour sales as well as build a strong community and a strong relationship with your clients. In the pastfew years there has [...]Read the full article →Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter on front page ofNew York TimesDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]Hipstamatic iPhone photos of Afghanistan by Damon Winter on front page of New York Times Image bySteve Rhodes… The Photos on the inside (the registration was offin the print edition I have) And the front page with a different Hipstamatic filter (it wasthe one my phone was [...]Read the full article →What‘s in my bag #2..DECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]What‘s in my bag #2.. Image by william.n So…now that I don‘t have the red bag down there on the rightI thought I should post another one of these photos. (Although at the time of this image I was still usingthe red messenger bag..) This is a collection of the stuff I was [...]Read the full article →Maryland Researchers Show Hands-On Research Can be Cutting Edge ANDInexpensiveDECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]Maryland Researchers Show Hands-On Research Can be Cutting Edge AND Inexpensive Image byUniversity of Maryland Press Releases (Caption above: Maryland Physics Professor Rajarshi Roy (left)will be joined by graduate students Bhargava Ravoori, Shelby Wilson, Math Professor Brian Hunt andgraduate student Adam Cohen on their trip to Cameroon this summer.) See this release [...]Read the full article →June 2006 Desktop RigDECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]June 2006 Desktop Rig Image by John Biehler Ikea Jerker desk bearing the weight of a geek‘s toys andtools Question by Azstryd L: why is audio codel not supported in my motorola‘s videos? i installedmotorola phone tools and tried to put a video onto the computer and it works but there is so [...]Read the full article →Tools of the 21st century educational road warriorDECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]
  10. 10. Tools of the 21st century educational road warrior Image by Wesley Fryer Wow. No wonder mybackback has been getting heavier! This does not include a digital camera and laptops! Question bymario: I bought a Slvr l7 of ebay, it doesn‘t come with Itunes, it has a digital audio player. How i putmp3′s [...]Read the full article →AudioBerkman (phone recording) podcasting gear pic 1DECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]AudioBerkman (phone recording) podcasting gear pic 1 Image by Colin Rhinesmith PowerBook G4, ProTools with MBox, JK Audio Inline Patch telephone recording interface, Lacie hard drive, Boseheadphones and a phone. Question by Delores H: MOTOROLA phone tools? I HAVE VIDEO THAT IWANT TO TRANSFER TO MY COMPUTER FROM THE PHONE BUT IT [...]Read the full article →RYOBI TEK4DECEMBER 1, 2011 [ EDIT ]RYOBI TEK4 Image by flyzor Ryobi Introduces the Tek4 Portable Power Source powered by the Tek4 4VLithium-Ion battery technology. This tool offers a number of advanced features such as: WeatherResistant for the rough environments, compatible with multiple electronics for versatility and is packedwith multiple adaptors for cell phones, blackberry‘s, iPods and iPhones. [...]Read the full article →ReceiverThe right place for receiversSherwood S8900 FM Stereo Receiver 1971by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011Sherwood S8900 FM Stereo Receiver 1971Image by NessterThis great receiver audio was top rated over all others in its class, by a leading consumertesting publication.I remember back then, my friend Jay‘s dad bought one of these, and he showed us itwhen we came over after school. The funny part was, I was into underground radio whilemy friends were still doing the Top 40 thing – and WMMR 93.3 and WXPN 88.5 are bothway to the left of the FM dial… Jay got alarmed when I tried to tune the radio below 97 orso, "Don‘t Break It!", he was worried… And I could see why, but still, sheez…
  11. 11. Question by tripp928: What kind of receiver would I need to run two pairs ofheavy duty speakers and a heavy duty subwoofer?In my house I have two large sets of industrial grade speakers, and have them runningthrough an amplifier. I also have a very large subwoofer (it must be atleast 3 feet tall),and I don‘t have an input for it on my amplifier. What kind of box/receiver would I needto get to run all the speakers and the sub and where could I find it?Best answer:Answer by soccerplayer45760go with a denon reciever. Those things really put out.Add your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }The receiver of DOOM!by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011The receiver of DOOM!Image by antiuserAwesome Craigslist find… Technics SA-GX390 Pro Logic receiver for . Came with 3speakers (left, centre and right) plus a HUGE Boston Subwoofer. Cannae beat that.Question by quietken21: How do I develop better wide receiver skills overthe off season so that i can start this year?I am a 17 year old junior playing receiver this upcoming season as a senior. We workoutand run 4 days a week. I am 5 ft 11 and 175 lbs. the fastest receiver on the team, long armsand decent hands. Last year i was considered the 3rd best junior and i think the coachesalready know who the #1 and #2 are going to be considering the fact that they got themost reps and playing time as juniors last season. How do i impress the coaches andimprove my skills?Best answer:Answer by Magicwell if you are the fastest Receiver on the team you should keep that up and make sureyou can beat anyone. but you probably aren‘t the tallest person on your team or if you areyou will be going up against some pretty tall defenders. You should work on your vertjump and your upper body strength. You are really fast so keep that up work on your vertjump always work on your hands and build upper body muscle for running the ballGood luck Show the coaches who deserves to play
  12. 12. Give your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }GPS receiver pinoutsDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]GPS receiver pinouts Image by P^2 – Paul These are two GPS receivers I got with Microsoft Streets &Trips 2006 and 2007, respectively. The smaller, newer one uses the SiRF III chipset and is far moresensitive than the first. I‘m documenting them here, because it‘s tough to find any data on these on [...]Read the full article →Satellite ReceiverDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]Satellite Receiver Image by kahunapulej This is the receiver that used to relay Wantok Radio Light‘ssignal to Kainantu and surrounding area. Its input section got fried in an electrical storm. Question byBrian: What receiver should I purchase under 300 dollars? I need a new receiver that can support a HDTV, Blu-Ray player, [...]Read the full article →audio laser receiver & speakerDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]audio laser receiver & speaker Image by b_azzarelli the receiver unit is plugged into a small speaker via1/8 inch mini plugRead the full article →Fist ReceiverDECEMBER 6, 2011 [ EDI T]Fist Receiver Image by missklang Fist Receiver, 4.7. quote, fluc wien Question by Mathew Pilon: Whathappens to a receiver when it gets hot? I‘m not too familiar with how a receiver works so bare with me.So far I‘ve understood that the louder it is, the more current it takes. More current means more [...]Read the full article →WM. Enright, Receiver United States Land Office, Billings, Montana. (1911)DECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]WM. Enright, Receiver United States Land Office, Billings, Montana. (1911) Image by Butte-Silver BowPublic Library WM. Enright, Receiver United States Land Office, Billings, Montana. (1911) Image takenfrom pg 29 of Cartoons and Caricatures of Prominent Men of Montana Unique ID: mze-cart1911 pg 29Type: Book Contributors: J. C. Terry – Artist & Publisher, [...]Read the full article →Franz ReceiverDECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]Franz Receiver Image by missklang Fist Receiver, 4.7. quote, fluc wien Question by Iman: What happensto the amperage from a car receiver when you add an external amp? im thinkin of adding an externaldoor speaker amp to my current 18 watt receiver. I want to know, what happens to that 18 watts internal[...]Read the full article →IR Receiver
  13. 13. DECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]IR Receiver Image by Sudar Muthu IR Receiver Question by : What kind of hdmi surround soundreceiver do I need to get hd to my tv and sound to home theater speakers? I have been reading about―pass through‖ receivers and such and I am still a little confused. What I want is a [...]Read the full article →fist receiverDECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]fist receiver Image by davnull fist receiver on 30. april 2011 at 10 jahre quote (10th anniversary of quote)brut, vienna, austria. for more go to Question by TViral23: How do I connect my newreceiver to my old one to power my passive subwoofer? I bought a new Sony STR-DG720 receiver. Ialready [...]Read the full article →RecorderThe right place for recordersJust rented a Zoom H4 audio recorder. They didn‘t haveH4N‘s in :(by HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 10, 2011Just rented a Zoom H4 audio recorder. They didn’t have H4N’s inImage by John BiehlerQuestion by me: Where can I download an audio recorder for windows xp?I am running a very stripped down version of xp on my pc. Unfortunately it does not havethe basic audio recorder typically found under All Programs>Accessories>entertainment.Were can I download a free version of this software? I do not need it to be fancy as Ialready have an audio editing program. ( I know i could use this program to record but….I don‘t want to)Never mind, I found itBest answer:Answer by CleonIIyou have that. look at C:WINDOWSsystem32 and locate the file ―sndrec32.exe‖ it isyour sound recorder. run that!i think you can restore that to start menu from: control paneladd-remove
  14. 14. programsadd-remove windows features‖if failed just type ―sndrec32.exe‖ in googleKnow better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }digital audio recorders in actionby HOSTMEI R on DECEMBER 9, 2011digital audio recorders in actionImage by biversonI was struck by the digital audio recorders and cellphones, rather than traditionalmicrophones in the reporters‘ hands.Question by Don: Does the Apple Iphone 3G have an audio recorder? Notsimply a message recorder, but an extended audio recorder?Does the Apple Iphone 3G have an audio recorder? Not simply a quick-message recorder,but an extended audio recorder that could record audio for several minutes? I realize ithas a video recorder, but I am specifically interested in Audio. Thanks!Best answer:Answer by Sunny007upgrade your iPhone to any version above 3.0.x and u will get an icon on your homescreen that reads ―Voice Memos‖. that app will enable you to record audio with no timelimit. the only limitation is your available space on your iPhone…so the more the space,the more time for recordingHave Fun:)What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Digital Audio RecorderDECEMBER 8, 2011 [ EDI T]Digital Audio Recorder Image by Colin Rhinesmith Question by Andrea: A good audio recorder for anelectric guitar? My sister and I are trying to think of Christmas gift ideas for our brother… When werealized that his current recorder really sucks. Does anybody have any suggestions for a high-qualityaudio recorder for the electric [...]Read the full article →H2 Audio RecorderDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]
  15. 15. H2 Audio Recorder Image by WCGAPS Question by Jack J: How can I use a digital audio recorder as astudy tool? I occasionally get distracted while taking notes and forget what the teacher is saying. I‘mconsidering using a digital audio recorder to help me. How can I use it as a study tool? [...]Read the full article →EPROM Digital Audio RecorderDECEMBER 7, 2011 [ EDI T]EPROM Digital Audio Recorder Image by Question by ~Khanokh~: Is it legal to carry aconcealed audio recorder? For example, if in a public access government building? Is it legal to carry aconcealed audio recorder? For example, if in a public access government building? Best answer: Answerby azwethinkweizIt is legal, however if [...]Read the full article →EPROM Digital Audio RecorderDECEMBER 5, 2011 [ EDI T]EPROM Digital Audio Recorder Image by Question by Celest: What would you suggest for acheap quality audio recorder? I am doing a focus group for a school project and have to find an audiorecorder that can record at least well enough that I could hear what people are saying. I‘ve tried using[...]Read the full article →Edirol Audio RecorderDECEMBER 4, 2011 [ EDI T]Edirol Audio Recorder Image by SonnyandSandy New mobile audio recorder Question by ashley0954:What kind of audio recorder do I need for a flip cam? I saw a package from a video company thatincluded some kind of digital audio recorder to use with a flip camera. My boss tasked me with getting usone [...]Read the full article →Marantz PMD620 Digital Audio RecorderDECEMBER 2, 2011 [ EDIT]Marantz PMD620 Digital Audio Recorder Image by Josh Bancroft Just announced here at the Podcastand New Media Expo. Looks really nice – by far the prettiest among the M-Audio Microtrack, Zoom H4,Zoom H2. Will have to look at specs and reviews to see how it performs. Takes SD memory cards asrecording media, [...]Read the full article →M-Audio Microtrack Compact Flash Audio RecorderDECEMBER 1, 2011 [ EDIT ]M-Audio Microtrack Compact Flash Audio Recorder Image by kino-eye M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96Compact Flash Digital Recorder. Boston Media Makers Meeting, Sweet Finnish, Jamaica Plain, January7, 2007 Question by Jason S: What is a free streaming audio recorder that allows you to schedulerecordings? I currently use the free version of Hi-Q Recorder to record [...]Read the full article →iLike iRiverNOVEMBER 30, 2011 [ EDI T]
  16. 16. iLike iRiver Image by cogdogblog My trusty little iRiver digital audio recorder has been serving me wellof my latest rounds of podcast interviews. I admit getting my models mixed up when ordering, and reallywish I got one with the external microphone input– the internal one is not bad for ambient roomsinterviews, but [...]Read the full article →Audio SystemsThe right audio systemsconnecting with giant pandasby MEI R RI VLI N on DECEMBER 11, 2011connecting with giant pandasImage by woodleywonderworksAt the new Fujifilm Giant Panda Habitat, two new yards feature several enrichingfeatures for both animal and visitor enjoyment and add more than 12,000 square feet tothe pandas‘ outdoor exhibit. Additions to the indoor exhibit include a new room with arocky outcrop and waterfall, another den, and more visitor viewing space andinformational exhibits.from Smithsonian Web…Experience Asia Trail with an online and audio tour from Fujilfilm.The creation of this state-of-the-art research facility and habitat is made possible in partby Fujifilm, who donated .8 million to the Zoo‘s giant panda program, the single largestsponsorship ever provided to the Zoo.
  17. 17. Many sustainable design strategies, such as planted “green†roofs to reducestormwater runoff, were incorporated into the new habitat. Other elements include asolar hot water system; natural tree-resin bound paving material, instead of petroleum-based asphalt, on the visitor paths; recycled rubber; sustainably harvested ipe wood,which is naturally resistant to pests and rot; and dried bamboo, because it is rapidlyrenewable resource and does not deplete the environment when harvested. more AsiaTrail green elementsOutdoor ExhibitThe pandas‘ state-of-the-art Fujifilm Giant Panda Habitat is designed to mimic thepandas‘ natural habitat of rocky, lush terrain in China. Each element has a purpose—fromhelping the pandas stay cool in hot weather to giving them a place to hide when they needprivacy. There are rock and tree structures perfect for climbing; grottoes, pools, andstreams for keeping cool; and shrubs and trees, including weeping willows, corktrees, andmaples, and several species of bamboo.Water-cooled grotto has cold-water pipes in the walls that provide a cool respite.Low trees and shrubs provide shade and cover.Fog grove creates a misty retreat from the heat.Pools and streams offer refreshing dips on hot days.Rocks and fallen trees allow for climbing and exercise.Visitors can enjoy two levels from which to view the pandas, several areas where they maybe just inches away from the bears, separated only by glass, and the new Clint FieldsConservation Plaza, where they can learn more about efforts to save pandas and theirhabitat through the stories of real people here and in China. At the Plaza‘s DecisionStations, people can get a sense of the complexity of conservation choices by watchingvideos about wildlife-people dilemmas and deciding which actions to take. Other featuresat the Plaza include a topographic map of the mountains of central China and exhibitsabout alternative economic activities to reduce habitat destruction. Portraits of villagers,scientists, park rangers, and others, with the real tools of their conservation work, will behighlighted. Multimedia displays of photos, video, and audio will give visitors a sense ofplace, introducing them to the sights and sounds of China‘s wilds.As seen in by adrian R: can a virus make a fake desktop and directory anduser?i think i have liser.exe but i looked it up and its virut or something…….i keep killing thefake processes with taskmgr and i searched for recently modified files, i keep finding
  18. 18. temp files and one exe file called msa that plays an audio ad using an invisible internetexplorer……well yesterday i went all out and got rid of the infections several times andkept rebooting, at first it changed the registry so i cant use exe files but i went around itwith ―open with‖ then it got smart and didnt let me do that with any antivirus ,systemtools,and msi or exe installers of antivirus progs… on my last reboot i think it madea virtual machine,my desktop is green now and missing many icons and files but if i do asearch it says its still there under user……so how can it log me into fake user1,2,or 3 also ican no longer boot safe mode…..and the virut or win32blahblah removers from diff siteswont work,and the symantec one needs to be run in safe mode……also i did use manyantiviruses and reg cleaners, and on the last boot it asked to activate windowsand i did manage to get unlocker and current ports, and there is activity in port 80and i did manage to get unlocker and current ports, and there is activity in port 80Best answer:Answer by EMTchickYes! On my Dell laptop, some program changed my desktop from a pic of my dog to amessage in broken english telling me my computer was infected with spyware and thatmy family hates me. No joke.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }University of Maryland Introduces iPads as Part ofMobility Initiativeby MEI R RI VLI N on DECEMBER 11, 2011University of Maryland Introduces iPads as Part of Mobility InitiativeImage by University of Maryland Press ReleasesCOLLEGE PARK, Md – As further demonstration of the university‘s strong commitmentto new educational technologies and innovation across diverse media, all 75 studentsenrolled in the University of Maryland‘s newly-launched Digital Cultures and Creativity(DCC) living and learning program within the Honors College were given an Apple iPadat the start of the fall semester (above – Terp Freshman Victoria Lai receives her newiPad from OIT‘s Michael Hooker).This device will be fully integrated into the program‘s curriculum, where it will serve asthe basis for content delivery and instruction. Students will also have the opportunity tolearn to develop their own applications for the iPad. The devices were handed out in lateAugust when students move onto campus. This latest action is part of the university‘s
  19. 19. Mobility Initiative, a pilot program studying whether mobile technology enhances thestudent education experience."DCC is thrilled to be joining the university‘s innovative Mobility Initiative," said Dr.Matthew Kirschenbaum, Associate Professor of English and Director of Digital Culturesand Creativity. Kirschenbaum adds, "Many of DCC‘s students are digital natives who willcome to campus already having programmed their own applications, made their ownelectronic music and art, or designed their own interactive media. They will use theiriPads in the context of a curriculum that immerses them in the surprisingly long andcomplex history of thought behind today‘s new media devices. They will learn to developnew content for the platform, as well as use it to consume rich media integral to theireducation."DCC‘s faculty includes Associate Professor of Computer Science and former director ofthe University of Maryland‘s Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory Ben Bederson,who has already developed applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.For nearly two years, the University of Maryland has been studying whetherincorporating mobile technology enhances the student educational experience.Sponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost,the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the Office of Information Technology, theMobility Initiative began in fall 2008. During its two years of existence, 280 freshmen inthe Banneker/Key Scholarship and Maryland Incentive Awards programs have beengiven either an iPhone or iPod touch to test inside and outside of class.In addition to the 75 DCC students who received an Apple iPad in the fall, approximately160 new freshmen in the Banneker/Key Scholarship and Maryland Incentive Awardsprograms were given either an iPhone or iPod touch devices – bringing the number ofstudent pilot participants to approximately 515.During the initiative‘s first year, more than 130 student participants used the mobiledevices to substitute for student response devices (also known as clickers) in class, toaccess the mobile versions of the university‘s portal and learning management system,and to participate in varied special activities, such as research scavenger hunts.For its second year, the pilot study expanded to include additional students, professors,and learning opportunities. New efforts were undertaken to support faculty in their
  20. 20. efforts to incorporate mobile learning into their courses, including offering a set of iPodtouch devices that can be loaned out to students in a course to support specific learningactivities.Additionally, an Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Center for TeachingExcellence (CTE) partnership gives participants in the CTE‘s Summer Institute forNew(er) Technologies the opportunity to explore integrating mobile learning activitiesinto their courses with support from OIT."Four fall courses and five spring courses have been part of these efforts," said Ellen YuBorkowski, Director of Academic Support in the Office of Information Technology. "Someof the mobile learning activities in these courses include recording assessments of highschool PE teachers, recording use of media as part of an international research study,collecting and distributing interpretations of poetry, and using the devices‘ recording andplayback features in support of learning foreign languages. OIT and the CTE plan tocontinue this partnership into the Mobility Initiative‘s third year," Borkowski said.Additionally, for the spring 2010 semester, a new upper-level computer science offeringwas introduced to the university‘s curriculum. The new course, "CMSC498I: SelectedTopics in Computer Science: Programming the iPhone," covers topics such as iPhonedevelopment tools and fundamentals; user interface design; media considerations relatedto gaming, audio, and video; and usability and quality assessment. As part of the course,students are developing new mobile applications for the iPhone, specifically focusing onones that can be deployed and used across the university as part of Maryland‘s overallefforts to support mobile devices on campus.Digital Cultures and Creativity is sponsored by the College of Arts and Humanities, withco-sponsorship from the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, theDepartment of Computer Science, and the College of Information Studies. Learn moreabout DCC at initiative of the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean forUndergraduate Studies, the Center for Teaching Excellence is the campus‘ central partnerfor improving undergraduate education. Learn more about CTE at Office of Information Technology plans, develops, supports, and maintainscomputing, networking, and telecommunications services for the University of Maryland.Learn more about OIT at more information contact:
  21. 21. Phyllis Dickerson Johnson 301-405-4491phyllis@umd.eduQuestion by Matt White: Omfg, how do I delete this virus?Recently(about 2 hours ago) I was surfing facebook,someone sent me a private messagesaying ―heres a surprise to you‖ it had a blogspot website link.. I opened it and itdownloaded a photo.exe file, I was stupid enough to open it, avast detected it and deletedit, i deleted it manually aswell, then 5 minutes later, it crashes my audio systemsflashplayer,task manager,msn/xfire,everything, all i have is internet and avast. I can runsafemode with everything,but when I tried to delete it in safemode, and switched toadministrator, still the same virus.It also downloaded a thing on my PC called ―System Tools 2011″ which is obviously a fakevirus scanner, I don‘t know how to delete it.. can anyone help me pleaseBest answer:Answer by dϵviηϵ ♏oϻϵиt σƒ Tяuтнomfg makes me lolGive your answer to this question below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Good Morning!DECEMBER 10, 2011Good Morning! Image by elycefeliz 30 Days of Gratitude: Day 8 – I am grateful for hot coffee in themorning. Is your TV on or off? Is your microwave oven and coffeemaker using electricity even when youaren‘t using those appliances? Did you know that mobile phone chargers are using electricity even whenthey‘re [...]Read the full article →Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 10, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitiousgoal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 9, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitiousgoal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →
  22. 22. Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 9, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitiousgoal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →Aviary – Creation on the flyDECEMBER 8, 2011Aviary – Creation on the fly Image by Narisa The entire Office and Adobe Suite done in AIR? Sweet!Nice site and icon design too. ―With Aviary, the New York based team is aiming at the rather ambitiousgoal of not only creating a marketplace for multimedia artwork, but a suite of robust collaborative online[...]Read the full article →Cool Toys pics of the day: OpenCastDECEMBER 8, 2011Cool Toys pics of the day: OpenCast Image by rosefirerising Open Cast In their words: "Matterhorn is an open source project working within theOpencast Community to develop an end-to-end, open source platform that supports the scheduling,capture, managing, encoding and delivery of educational audio and video content." "The Opencastcommunity is a [...]Read the full article →Hunting the Energy VampiresDECEMBER 7, 2011Hunting the Energy Vampires Image by elycefeliz 79/100 Possibilities~ 100 Possibilities Project set ―Ifyour home is typical, you live with 20 vampires.‖ A "phantom load" is any appliance or electronic gizmothat uses energy even when turned off. Some people call them "vampire appliances" or "energyvampires." Phantom energy is drained by items including [...]Read the full article →canon eos rebel t2i 550dDECEMBER 7, 2011canon eos rebel t2i 550d Image by hopeless128 LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., February 8, 2010 – Canon U.S.A.,Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today introduced the new flagship model for the Company‘s highlypopular Rebel DSLR line: the Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR camera. Today‘s photo enthusiast islooking for a camera that will [...]Read the full article →