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Leed nd and local governments 031213_Includes Aurora and Arvada


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LEED ND for local government presentation in Colorado at Rocky Mountain Green conference. Includes latest sustainability efforts from City of Arvada and Sustainable zoning code from Aurora

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Leed nd and local governments 031213_Includes Aurora and Arvada

  1. 1. Principals of LEED-ND and Local Governments Journey • Overview of LEED-ND • Local Examples: • Aurora • Arvada • Denver • Interactive Discussion
  2. 2. LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) Joint effort of the US Green Building Council, the Congress for New Urbanism, and the Natural Resources Defense Council
  3. 3. US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  4. 4. Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)
  5. 5. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  6. 6. Why LEED-ND?
  7. 7. Urban v Suburban Energy Use Source: Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC for the EPA
  8. 8. Report: 98 Percent Of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation For Others "With traffic congestion, pollution, and oil shortages all getting worse, now is the time to shift to affordable, efficient public transportation," APTA director Howard Collier said. "Fortunately, as this report shows, Americans have finally recognized the need for everyone else to do exactly that." Source: The Onion, November 29, 2000 | Issue 36•43
  9. 9. LEED-ND: Quantifiable Sustainability Planning
  10. 10. Three Stages of Certification Stage 1 : Pre-Review (optional): Intended to assist with entitlement approvals Stage 2 : Certification of Approved Plan: Certification of what has been approved to build Stage 3 : Certification of a Completed Project: As construction is complete or near complete
  11. 11. Smart Locations and Linkages (SLL) 27 Points Possible 6 Prerequisites  Location  Water  Imperiled Species  Wetlands  Ag. Land  Floodplains Major Credit Bundles – Infill Redevelopment (10 pts) – Transit (7 pts)Photo Credit:
  12. 12. Neighborhood Pattern and Design (NPD) 44 Points Possible 3 Prerequisites  Urban Design  Density  Connectivity Major Point Bundles – Urban Design (12 pts) – Density (6 pts) – Mixed-Income AND/OR Diverse Housing Types (7 pts)
  13. 13. Green Infrastructure and Building (GIB) 29 Points Possible 4 Prerequisites  Certified Green Building  Energy Efficiency  Water Efficiency  Construction Pollution Plan Major Bundles – Green Buildings (5 pts) – Stormwater Management (4pts)
  14. 14. Innovation in Design (ID) 6 Points Possible  Innovation  Exemplary Performance
  15. 15. Regional Priority (RP) 4 Points Possible (out of 6) For 80203 GIBc15 Recycled Content in Infrastructure GIBc4 Water-Efficient Landscaping NPDc2 Compact Development (>38 DUs/acre ) NPDc5 Reduced Parking Footprint NPDc8 Transportation Demand Management SLLc4 Bicycle Network and Storage
  16. 16. Thank You! C2 Sustainability Conor Merrigan | Cliff Lind |
  17. 17. Sustainable Infill & Redevelopment Aurora Department of Planning and Development Services
  18. 18. Mix it up. SIR means more flexibility and less expense. SIR means less regulation. SIR means energy and resource efficiency. SIR means more creativity and high-quality design. SIR rezoning is voluntary. SIR means more choice. Rezoning fees waived to the end of 2013
  19. 19. • Some large areas of Aurora have an uncertain future. • Areas are dynamic: some properties are being improved while others are in decline • Often located along major streets = highly visible • SIR is a tool to encourage development and economic vitality throughout the city. Sustainable Infill & Redevelopment
  20. 20. Why not have an all-purpose zone that permits a mix of residential and commercial uses where development is at least as easy to approve as in any other district?
  21. 21. Before SIR: Gardens on Havana
  22. 22. Before SIR: PD mixed use zones at Mississippi and Havana
  23. 23. One Very Big Book
  24. 24. Possibilities with SIR Establish foundation for redevelopment Buckley and Iliff
  25. 25. Current Zoning
  26. 26. Commercial Success Visibility and Accessibility
  27. 27. Pad site on corner does well.
  28. 28. Pad Sites Along Iliff
  29. 29. The Interior of the Center
  30. 30. Limited Visibility and Accessibility
  31. 31. How Can We Help? Rezone to SIR
  32. 32. One Possible Future Build residential on southern half: Residential and Commercial both conforming uses New Street p Residential Commercia l Buffers/Park s
  33. 33. Why SIR? • Allows for a variety of uses • Allows intense development where appropriate and compatible • Some flexibility in parking, landscaping, and open space requirements with infill development • Once SIR is in place, allows change of use without rezoning • Fewer non-conforming uses • Easier approval process • Voluntary – Property owner’s decision
  34. 34. Incentives for Using SIR 1. Free rezoning within the target areas 2. Streamlines review process for site plans in SIR 3. Flexible parking, landscaping, and open space requirements 4. Broader range of uses
  35. 35. SIR Target Areas
  36. 36. Where Not to Use It • Established single family residential areas • E-470 and other master planned communities • Parks and schools • Established commercial and industrial campuses (Fitzsimons, Gateway) • Station Area Plans - TOD
  37. 37. SIR Handbook
  38. 38. Example of SIR Goals New Popular Public Spaces Energy and Resource Efficiency
  39. 39. Example of SIR Goals High Quality Design Enhance the Value of Properties
  40. 40. Example of SIR Goals Better Pedestrian Connections
  41. 41. Contact: Mike Smyth – Planning – 303-739- 7184 or
  42. 42. City of Arvada Sustainability Programs Rocky Mountain Green Conference April 26, 2013
  43. 43. …is a way of honoring Arvada's rich heritage and preserving our resources to foster economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and community vitality today and into the future.
  44. 44. Community Vitality/Community Agriculture Energy Land Use Transportation Waste Water Topics Included in SustainTopics Included in Sustain ArvadaArvada Delva Community Garden, Arvada
  45. 45. Leading By Example (municipal operations)
  46. 46.  In 2008 650 kW of ground mounted photovoltaic cells installed at the Ralston Water Treatment Plant at W. 64th Avenue and Highway 93.
  47. 47. Renewable Energy on City Facilities  56 kW system on City Hall  9.9 kW system on City Hall Annex  7.6 kW at Nature Center
  48. 48. LED Traffic Lights
  49. 49. Xeriscape water conserving plants Computerized irrigation of all parks
  50. 50. 40% of City Fleet runs on alternative fuel
  51. 51. LEED Standard for City Buildings  City Council established LEED Silver for any new city buildings August 2012  Two police substations construction starting summer 2013, LEED Gold is the goal
  52. 52. Recycling and Composting in City Facilities Big Belly Solar Compactor
  53. 53. Traffic Signal Management  Reduce Idling  Move traffic through intersections more efficiently
  54. 54. Community Programs
  55. 55. Resource Smart Arvada- Residential and Business
  56. 56. Water Conservation
  57. 57. Community Agriculture  Code Amendments  City active partner
  58. 58. LEED-ND Type Efforts  Comprehensive Plans calls for mixed-use  City creating four new mixed-use zone districts.  New Comprehensive Plan to include more sustainability goals.  Investment in TOD infrastructure, bike and pedestrian infrastructure  Joint RFQ with RTD and Arvada Urban Renewal District for TOD development near Olde Town Arvada
  59. 59. Contact  Jessica Prosser, Sustainability Coordinator 720-898-7511