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H2 dev co ghes 2017 presentation


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H2 Dev Co Green Hybrid Energy Solutions Green H2 & EPC Turn Key Green Mw Class Hydrogen Power project investment opportunities.

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H2 dev co ghes 2017 presentation

  1. 1. 1 Renewable Power to Green Hydrogen Gas – Green Hydrogen Gas to MW Class Power.
  2. 2. A Secure / Inexhaustible / Carbon-Free Energy Supply with MW Scalability. A Renewable /Sustainable Energy supply for a GREEN H2 Decentralized - Prime Power Infrastructure. H2 Development Corporation & GHES Solar provide a cost-efficient & sustainable, Renewable Energy Supply from Solar Power & GREEN Hydrogen. We provide Prime Power electricity generation that is fully secure (Grid Agnostic) and provides a closed-loop for Localized and Decentralized Energy. A reliable Micro-Grid (Mw scale), Ready for deployment anywhere in the world. We provide Commercial and Industrial clients with turn-key renewable solutions, offering Mw scale GREEN Hydrogen production plants. Rapidly deployed, customizable, and fully scalable.
  3. 3. 3 Fact check: HYDROGEN IS READY FOR PRIME TIME. Automotive FCV are here. Their presence within the market is only going to increase in availability from this point forward.. However – Green H2 is MORE than just fuel for the Automotive & Transportation industry.. Types of Hydrogen: Blue / Brown / Green! Blue & Brown Hydrogen are derived from Fossil Fuel’s. Blue and Brown H2 continue to support the Fossil Fuel industry within a ‘Fossil Fuel 2.0 / H2 economy’. There is a vastly greater ability for rapid ROI and a new / enhanced long-term authentic revenue opportunity had from GREEN H2. Underperforming existing renewable asset portfolio’s with Green Mw H2 integration fromH2 Development Corp., and GHES Solar, can realize entirely new energy markets. True Energy Security and a truly decentralized as well as Carbon-Free, sustainable / renewable energy economy is deploy ready now. GREEN H2 is produced from Renewable Energy. GREEN H2 is sustainable, Carbon-Free and provides SOLUTION’S for resolving Stranded Energy, Intermittent Energy, Utility Throttled energy from renewable energy investments, can employ Spinning Reserve energy (From Renewable Assets). GREEN H2 is BOTH a Battery as well as a Fuel for Prime Power (From Renewable Energy) and also provides grid buffering through Micro-Grid and/or for Disaster Relief and Grid Back-up for prime power generation from a utility infrastructure, where high-demand infrastructure suffers an inability to buffer/ balance / deliver energy effectively. Disaster relief / Uninterruptable (GRID AGNOSTIC) Power Service, from stand-alone (decentralized) Prime Power generation from our Green H2 Mw class ICE Engine Hubs is a truly sustainable solution for utility and/or for on-site direct commercial application’s (Demand Response and/or as Prime Power). This is a not evolutionary.. It is definitively REVOLUTIONARY. Green Hydrogen from Renewable Energy is an Inexhaustible / Renewable. It’s a Secure Energy Supply for the USA.
  4. 4. 4 Fuel Cells: Hydrogen fueled Fuel Cells are not capable of full duty Prime Power at the Mw Scale… This is a problem. Continuity of service is implied, yet the reality is Mw Class H2 Fueled FC are NOT ready for the Prime Power / Full Duty Cycle / Continuous Duty operation role… H2 Development Corp., LLC. & GHES Solar offers a Mw Class H2 fueled ICE Engine ready for Full Duty Cycle / Prime Power / Continuous Duty Service – Ready to deploy.
  5. 5. 5 Let’s address some immediate and incontrovertible FACTS.. In terms of Micro-Grid Technology and Energy Storage (now being deployed)… Current Micro-Grid Technology is fueled by Natural Gas (A Carbon- Based Fossil Fuel) and/or the Utility Scale Battery, which does not generate any Electricity on-site (it can only store energy). Only GREEN HYDROGEN can provide a closed loop for Renewable Energy Storage as well as for creating a Carbon-Free Fuel Supply which is capable of On-Site / On-Demand – Decentralized & truly Sustainable Mw Class Prime Power Electricity Generation (Full Load, Full Duty Cycle, Continuous Duty). We maintain that there is a fundamental and SIGNIFICANT advantage in offering our solution.
  6. 6. 6 An all inclusive / Turn – Key Installed Mw Class / Scalable Green H2 Production Facility including a 1 Mw H2 Fueled Internal Combustion Engine with an O&M management team on-site is included. A Long-term O&M and Gas Management partnership with H2 Development Corp., LLC. and GHES Solar assures Long-Term revenue stream and a secure Energy Supply & Successful operation’s. With Current Tax Law incentives and attractive SREC, a project ROI can be had in under 3 years. The longevity of equipment is 25 Years. The Revenue potential speaks for itself. This is an entirely new ROI and Revenue / Energy model, which provides for localized / Grid Agnostic / Decentralized Energy Security and Energy Independence.
  7. 7. 7 Drop-In technology: On-Site Mw Scale Green Hydrogen production. - Add-On to existing MW scale Solar Farms, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal. - To be built Renewable Energy assets.. FAST ROI and Revenue from Power or H2 Gas and Gas to Power or Distribution. - Stranded Renewable Energy / Throttled or Disadvantaged PPA’s… Our technology shifts the playing field – Renewable Energy Asset owner’s CHOOSE what is most advantageous. An existing PPA from a Utility or an ability to produce H2 Gas for distribution for NEW energy markets. - GREEN H2 Fueling distribution for on-site H2 Fueled Internal Combustion Engine’s for Prime Power or for Fuel Cell Vehicle Refueling station’s.  We provides BOTH Mw Class H2 fueled Internal Combustion Engine’s as well as our own H2 refueling station’s. - H2 Development Corp., LLC. and GHES Solar offer a Virtual Mobile Pipeline for H2 Gas Distribution.
  8. 8. 8 H2 Development Corp., LLC. and GHES Solar provide MW Scale Micro-Grid & Mw Scale Green H2 fuel Production on-site for a Decentralized, Sustainable Grid-Tied / Grid Agnostic Secure Energy Supply. We provide a unique opportunity for a truly autonomous Closed-Loop / Prime Power - deploy ready solution..
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  11. 11. 11 State of the Art System reporting / operating readout.
  12. 12. 12 H2 Development Corp., LLC & GHES Solar provides on-site Hydrogen Refueling Station’s and the Mobil Infrastructure to Refuel them.
  13. 13. Green (99.9999%) Fuel Cell Grade pure Hydrogen is delivered to H2 Fueled MW Class Internal Combustion Engine hubs or Hydrogen Refueling Station's or Micro- Grid’s or Cell Tower sites. 13
  14. 14. 14 Introducing the World’s first and only Mw Class H2 Fueled Mw Class Internal Combustion Engine...
  15. 15. H2 Fueled ICE Engine Hub Array: An authentic Decentralized Micro-Grid. 1 MW Prime Power capability each. Mw Class H2 fueled Internal Combustion Engine hubs to be fueled from Virtual Pipeline. Engine Hubs are located regionally within logistically favorable delivery from localized Green Mw Class H2 Production sites. 15
  16. 16. The Owner 16 Thank you ALL H2 Development Corp., LLC’s Hydrogen Production technology and MW Class / Prime Power H2 Fueled Engine’s are – Made in The USA