2012 Emerging Leaders Summit


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Presentation from the Core Education Emerging Leaders' Summit.

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  • "The difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant-first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served. The best test, and difficult to administer, is: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And, what is the effect on the least privileged in society? Will they benefit or at least not be further deprived?"
  • Most schools will profess to be organisations about learning, but very few can safely say the are orgnisations that learn. Why is that? 3 key reasons:
  • If I asked you to list the features of ineffective teaching, you'd e able to do it pretty easily: one size fits none, chalk and talk, sit down and shut up. We know that movement, participation, peer and collaborative teaching are all extremely important to the learning process, not this stuff.
  • In short, if what you are exhibiting are 'dead man's behaviours' (or sleeping cat behaviour), chances are you're not learning much. Sitting still, facing the front, not talking. Kind of like what you're doing now. Things a dead man or a sleeping cat could do.
  • So why is it that we spend a huge amount of time preparing engaging, interactive, interesting lessons for our students' learning, but our colleagues are left in the 18th century factory model?
  • By the same token, do we really expect outside guru to be able to come into our schools, learn everything they need to know about our context, our prior knowledge and tailor an ongoing programme of systemic change that raises outcomes for students? Some kind of divine transformation? Surely not.
  • A third challenge to turning schools into true learning organisations is the compartmentalising of teachers, subjects and students whereby we don't have access to the stunning practice occuring on the other side of our classroom wall. Often we're looking for searching for solutions in strange lands, when the answers lie much closer to home.
  • Well you do things differently. This year our school held an unconference, also known as a barcamp. What's the difference between an unconference and a conference?
  • So if a conference is like a dept. store with everything carefully chosen and laid out neatly, with someone choosing who can speak and who can't where sessions can happen and what the key themes will be...
  • an unconference is like a market or a bazzar. Jumbled up & piled on top, but always with the lure of something amazing just around the corner.
  • So had do we do it? We got a team of people together and gave them leadership over organising different part. Here's the goodie bag team. They put together a survival kit for the two days which included
  • (in retro theme) A notebook to record inspirations, a postcard we could send to our colleagues describing our breakthrough moments, things to keep the bloodsugar levels up, and a fart bomb to remind us to turn hot air into action.
  • The days are organised using an open grid. If you want to run a session, you write it on a post it and put it up. Anyone who wants to be part of your session turns up in the right place at the appointed time and gets into it.
  • There are some rules: make the space your own, involve participants and use the rule of two feet. If the session is not what you thought it would be, use your feet and find another one.
  • What it did, overnight, was turn all of our teachers into confident experts, leading the learning of their colleagues. They spoke from experience, talking from the position of 'here's something I tried', not 'I wish someone would...'
  • Instantly we began pulling together concrete strategies with proven results in our context. We built on each others' ideas, made connections between sessions and critiqued and peer-reviewed each others work.
  • Perhaps the best outcome of all was that anyone, first year teachers, reception and support staff and highly experienced teachers alike felt empowered and valued. They knew that what they had to offer was valuable to others.
  • Mini-unconferences throughout the year, not putting up with 'done to' rather than 'done with'
  • We know that education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire, for our staff as well as our students. My advice to you is do it. Ready, fire, aim. Get a team together, organise an unconference.
  • Mini-unconferences throughout the year, not putting up with 'done to' rather than 'done with'
  • You'll be amazed, inspired, ignited, illuminated, awe struck. You'll stand there with your jaw open, not only at what you are capable of, but also what your colleagues are capable of. Light the fuse then stand well back.
  • Simply by sailing in a new direction / You could enlarge the world.
  • 2012 Emerging Leaders Summit

    1. 1. Leading Teacher Professional LearningMark Osborne 1 LibreOffice Productivity Suite
    2. 2. Defining Leadership 2 LibreOffice Productivity Suite
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    4. 4. Igniting teacher learningTeaching as inquiryThe world cafeIgnite talksUnconference/barcamp 4 LibreOffice Productivity Suite
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    6. 6. TheWorldCafe.com1) Set the Context2) Create Hospitable Space3) Explore Questions that Matter4) Encourage Everyones Contribution5) Connect Diverse Perspectives6) Listen together for Patterns and Insights7) Share Collective Discoveries 6 LibreOffice Productivity Suite
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    8. 8. Ignite your learning Doing teacher learning differently
    9. 9. Sessions included:Role plays and the mantle of the expertFacebook to build learning communitiesThe Flipped SchoolSpace: the final frontierStrategies to give useful feedback to studentsRevision tools that workEffective groupwork strategies
    10. 10. Regular, ongoing eventsFollow up timeSubject associations
    11. 11. ignite.oreilly.com 29 LibreOffice Productivity Suite
    12. 12. Igniting teacher learningTeaching as inquiryThe world cafeIgnite talksUnconference/barcamp 30 LibreOffice Productivity Suite
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