IT업계 선배가 들려주는 경력개발에 대한 조언(최종)


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[데브멘토 동영상] 데브멘토 지식공유모임</p>
IT업계 여성으로 행복하게 살아가기 위한 노하우</p>
우미영 퀘스트소프트웨어코리아 지사장</p>
-서울대학교 영어영문학 학사</p>
-현 퀘스트소프트웨어 코리아 대표</p>
-전 시트릭스시스템코리아 대표이사 지사장</p>
-전 시트릭스시스템코리아 대표이사 직무대행 겸 채널영업 이사</p>
-전 아이티플러스 금융사업팀 근무</p>

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IT업계 선배가 들려주는 경력개발에 대한 조언(최종)

  1. 1. 즐거운 일을 찾자A genius cant win one who does his best, a personwho tries his best cant win the one who enjoys whathe does. 12
  2. 2. 잘 만든 필살기 하나가 평생 나를 먹여살릮다 13
  3. 3. 내 업무의 중요도와 강점 매트릭스 S P업무중요도 J H 적성적합도 14
  4. 4. CAREER IS LIKE 15
  5. 5. 최근 이력서 WORK EXPERIENCE: 2004.10 – Present Citrix Systems Korea (01/2006-Present) Country Manager • Responsible for the major functional areas – Sales, Channel Management, Marketing, Alliance Management reporting to VP of APAC • 30~40% revenue growth every year from on boarding • Keeping x 3~4 pipeline since Q3 in 2006 • Customer expansion from 400 in 2004 to over 800 customers as of now • Consequent improvement in contribution margin rate and productivity per head • The lowest turnover of employees among all the regions and functional units in APAC (No voluntary resign) • Company spokesperson and responsible for building the company’s presence with the press and analysts 16
  6. 6. HOWEVER 17
  7. 7. 직급이 올라갈 수록 필요한 것들 18
  8. 8. Job Description for country manager •Seasoned executive with maturity and well developed people management skills, combined with significant passion, drive, energy levels and ambition •Strategic thinking: demonstrated capability in forward thinking and the ability to be to create an evolving strategy to meet and anticipate both near and long-term regional issues AND effectively communicate the strategy and business plan to all levels of the organization •Cross functional leadership abilities - can work with other functions to build relationships and effective teams committed to organizational goals; fosters collaboration among team members and among teams. •Communication - conveys messages effectively using all methods; speaks clearly and concisely, keeps people up to date with information, delivers well-prepared presentations to internal and external audiences. •Strong people management competency and track record, including ability to attract, retain, engage and excite a diverse and high performing multi-disciplined team •Strong and decisive decision maker, with strong planning and organisational skills, ability to manage multiple priorities and tasks •High energy and passion •Demonstrable track record of being able to cope well under pressure, and be able to provide sound judgment and leadership in tough conditions. •Excellent communication skills at all levels. Positive and out-going, with the personal presence and ability to relate well to customers, partners and colleagues at all levels of the organisation both locally, regionally and in the US. •An interest and passion for continuous learning and growth from personal experience as well as from others. •Ability to gain the confidence and trust of others through principled leadership and sound business ethics. •Absolute integrity, honesty and integrity 19
  9. 9. Job Description for country manager • Maturity • Cross functional leadership abilities • Fosters collaboration, communication • High energy and passion • Being able to cope well under pressure • Positive, Out-going • Ability to gain confidence and trust of others • Absolute integrity, honesty and integrity 20
  10. 10. 직장에서 얻을 것은 월급 만이 아니다 21
  11. 11. 화목한 가정을 만들어 가는 리더십 • 배우자 – 동료 : 함께 가정을 경영하는 파트너, 나와 같은 직장생활의 어려움을 가짂 졲재 • 아이들 – 팀원 : 칭찬하고 동기 부여할 대상이며 잘 키워야 할 의무, 그러나 근본적으로 독립된 졲재임을 잊지 말아야 • 가족, 도우미 아줌마, 경비 아저씨 그리고 이웃 – 협력사 : 윈-윈 관계를 구축할 대상 22
  12. 12. 가족 23
  13. 13. 평생 같은 길을 갈 수 있는 친구들(동료, 고객, 파트너) 24
  14. 14. 정해짂 길은 없다 성공한 삶이란• 자신이 좋아하는 일을 찾아가는 과정• 그리고 좋아하는 일에 몰두하는 것• 그 과정에 함께 하는 사람들을 사랑하고 그들을 돕는 것 25
  15. 15. “인생은 어차피 크든 작든 도젂과 선택의 연속이잖아요.저는 사람으로 태어나 좋은 이유는 말을 할 수 있고, 선택을 할 수 있기 때문이라고 생각해요. 모든 선택이 항상 올바르고 좋은 결과를 가져오는 것은 아니지만 선택을 통해서 배우고 커 나가는 것이 우리의 인생이 아닐까요? 마찬가지로 저 또한 음악적 선택을 한 것 뿐이예요“ - 조수미, Samsung & u 2010 5/6 인터뷰에서 26