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모바일 AR 개요 및 Scan Search 사례 1부


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Published in: Education, Technology

모바일 AR 개요 및 Scan Search 사례 1부

  1. 1. Mobile Augmented Reality: The Future Web is the Real World Jung-hee Ryu, Founder & CSO Adjunct Professor, GSCT, KAIST
  2. 2. What is Mobile Augmented Reality?
  3. 3. Reality.
  4. 4. What is Reality?
  5. 5. “the state of things as they actually exist.” by Oxford English Dictionary of Current English
  6. 6. Reality goes to Bits, from Atoms
  7. 7. Even we can CREAT it!
  8. 8. We call it Virtual Reality, or “Virtuality.”
  9. 9. “OK. Here are Reality and Virtuality. Make your choice.”
  10. 10. STOP. Morpheus is WRONG. There exist another choices…
  11. 11. Between Reality and Virtuality. Continuously.