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Previewing Paragon - Accelerated Learning Program


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Paragon is an award-winning, accelerated learning program. Paragon was developed by Dr. Dawn Eidelman and has been classroom tested around the world since 1997. The full program extends from preschool through high school. This particular SlideShare focuses on the program serving students in K-Grade 5. To learn more about Paragon, visit us on YouTube and Google+ at: or emails us at

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Previewing Paragon - Accelerated Learning Program

  1. 1. PREVIEWING PARAGON™ A World of Ideas that Makes a World of Difference
  2. 2. Paragon™ is an award-winning accelerated learning program. It takes students on a school-wide journey through world culture— beginning at the start of the school year in the Ancient World, and concluding in current day by the end of the year.
  3. 3. Students explore different countries and cultures as they progress from grade to grade—and always cover the full span of history each year. Through this spiral design, Paragon™ creates a strong framework of learning that students build upon year after year.
  4. 4. Paragon™ replaces traditional Social Studies, History, Civics and Geography lessons. It also integrates the Visual & Performing Arts and serves as a double dose of Literacy instruction.
  5. 5. Paragon™ instills Cultural Literacy and teaches skills that are essential to living and working in a connected world and in a global economy.
  6. 6. First graders will meet me…and my woolly mammoth! Won’t they love exploring the Stone Age with us?
  7. 7. Paragon™ was created by a Humanities Professor who believed in the power of curiosity. She observed the ability of her own children to grasp high level concepts at a young age—often more easily than the college freshmen she was teaching.
  8. 8. We will explore together the wonders of Ancient Egypt!
  9. 9. Uninspired by the traditional learning options available for her children, she attracted a group of talented professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to develop Paragon™–a model of excellence.
  10. 10. Here in Imperial Rome, we will guide our Paragon Friends to answer the question: What do we learn from the ruins of an empire?
  11. 11. The Paragon™ Design Team created a well-researched, authentic and immersive learning experience for students. One small example is the visual storyboards that feature artwork by an artist trained in costume design and period clothing.
  12. 12. I will guide students as they explore how civilizations change over time, and we experience daily life in the Mayan rain forest.
  13. 13. Paragon™ is where the Pages of history come to life! Lessons are guided by these “Paragon Pages” who students follow throughout time and place on their journey through a world class, global education.
  14. 14. With me, Paragon Friends will explore the land of the Inca!
  15. 15. 90-minute Paragon™ lessons each afternoon are the time of day when all of the subject areas come together for students: Archeology, Engineering, Literature, Visual Arts & Performing Arts, History, Math, the Sciences & the Social Sciences…
  16. 16. We will guide our Paragon Friends as they travel the Silk Road!
  17. 17. In each lesson, students step into the shoes of great leaders, thinkers and innovators throughout history and explore essential questions such as: How do explorers connect cultures?
  18. 18. We will welcome our Paragon Friends to the Renaissance!
  19. 19. After studying authentic materials from across the disciplines, students collaborate with their peers to explore the possibilities, impacts and implications.
  20. 20. We’ll guide our Paragon Friends as they explore the Northwest Coast Indians.
  21. 21. Learning is further enlivened when students engage their hands, minds and hearts in making and creating projects relevant to the essential question in study.
  22. 22. Together, we will discover answers to the essential question: How do cultures interact and stay unique?
  23. 23. Throughout the school year, projects typically include: Cooking, Archeological Digs, Engineering, Public Speaking, Architecture & Design, Music, Performance Art, Sculpture, Weaving—other Visual Arts, etc.
  24. 24. We will welcome Paragon Friends to Colonial America!
  25. 25. Each 5-week unit of study culminates in Paragon™ Night where all students engage in showcasing their knowledge and skills in a school-wide production for their parents and the greater community.
  26. 26. We will invite students to join us in Victorian England. We will explore how a civilization is defined by an era.
  27. 27. “My children are engaged. They come home from school and are talking about it. Paragon™ has definitely enhanced what they know and how they are learning. It’s beautiful to see them really happy about what they are learning.” - Elementary School Parent
  28. 28. We will help our Paragon Friends explore the innovations of the 21st century. We’ll see how these changes in society impact people like you and me!
  29. 29. “What I like about Paragon™ is the hands-on activities because it helps me learn. When we made African masks, I kind of felt like I was in Africa making the masks, so it helps me understand the culture and why they are making things like that.” - Elementary School Student
  30. 30. LEARN MORE!