Wedding buffet menus


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Wedding buffet menus

  1. 1. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 1 -Wedding Buffet Menu # 1Salads StationGrilled mushroom with Watercress & Balsamic Reduction,Tomato Mozzarella Salad with Virgin Olive OilParmesan CheeseBasil Crunchy Thai Vegetables SaladSoy Marinated Seafood SaladFresh Pickled GingerCrab Meat with Cherry Tomato & Grapes ReductionClassical German Potato SaladBelgium Endive Salad, Tuna ShankLemon Flavored OlivesFattoush Salad with touch of SemaaHummus, Taboulah, Mutable, Spicy CheeseLabna with Olive OilCaesar Salad Stationwith its CondimentsCold CutsHerb Marinated Smoked Veal with Glazed ShallotGravy Roast Beef with Italian CornichonMustard Roasted Turkey Breast, Pink Pepper Corn
  2. 2. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 2 -AppetizersSmoked Duck Carpaccio, Parmesan Shaving, Olive OilGrilled Halloumi cheese with Watercress & Cream BalsamicHot StationsToasted Beef Tenderloinwith Black Pepper Dust & Forest Mushroom SauceRoasted Rose-Mary Chickenwith Leek Crème ConfitHerb Crusted Sea Bass Filletwith Smoked Vegetables & Shrimp RagoutSlow Cooking VealFresh Cream & ChivesSaffron Rice, Almond Broccoli, Potatoes AnnaAction StationSmoked Whole Turkey(One for every 50 guests)served with Khalta RicePasta StationRavioli, Penne, Noodleswith Alfredo, Tomato, Pesto Sauces
  3. 3. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 3 -DessertsMini French PastryCaramel Mille-Feuille, Chocolate CroquantCherry & Vanilla GâteauxKiwi Tartelette, Pineapple TarteletteOpera CakeDark Swiss Chocolate MousseCaramel ProfiteroleFruit Mille-Feuille & Passion MousseSmall CakesBlack ForestFruit Cake, Chocolate CakeCaramel Cake & Mocha CakeMini Oriental PastryOsmanly Konafa with Keshta & PistachioJordanian Warbat, Fresh Fruits AsawerSyrian Maamol with DatesAlmond Konafa, Zalabia with HoneyBasboussa with Cream, Hazelnut BasboussaBalah El Sham, Asabeaa ZainabBaklava with PistachioOm Ali with Nuts & Honey
  4. 4. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 4 -GlassesRice Pudding with NutsMohalabia with CinnamonChocolate MousseBowlsChocolate Profiterole, TiramisuCrème Brûlée
  5. 5. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 5 -Wedding Buffet Menu # 2Snacks on tablesMarinated Olives, Cheese Cubes, CrackersSalads & AntipastoAsparagus Salad, Parmesan Cheese with Lemon& Olive Oil TouchFusilli with Tuna Salad, Spring OnionSun-Dried Tomatoes & Bell PepperSeafood Salad, Red Onion & Cherry Tomatoes LemonFlavored Grilled Artichoke ConfitCheese Carpaccio, Tomato SalsaHawaiian Chicken Salad with Apples,Walnuts Pineapple & Fresh CreamTuscany Salad Tomatoes, Cream DressingMixed Roasted Bell Peppers, Anchovy, Olive OilBresaola, Arugula with Parmesan ShavingGrilled Eggplant with Ricotta CheeseBamboo Shoot SaladKeshka, Mutable, Hummus, TaboulahBabaghanoughBeetroot Salad & Spicy Cheese
  6. 6. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 6 -Cheese BuffetSwiss Cheese, Emmental, Blue Cheese, Gouda, EdamHerb Cheese & Smoked CheeseRye Dollar Bread, Sesame BunParmesan Ciabatta, Focaccia & GrissiniGreen Apple & Grapes, Homemade ChutneysSeafood StationNorwegian Smoked Salmonwith all Condiments & Melba ToastShrimp Salad with Cocktail SauceGrilled Calamari with Horseradishmarinated in Lemon & HerbsCold Cuts StationHomemade Smoked TurkeyVeal, Roasted Beef, Chicken TerrineHot StationsHerb Crusted Salmon Fillet,Capers, Broccoli, Lemon Butter SauceVeal PiccataBacon, Double Cream, Fresh HerbsGreen Beans with AlmondGreen Beans with Almond
  7. 7. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 7 -Grilled Beef PointMarinated Eggplant, Pink PeppercornFarm Baby ChickenLeeks Purée, Shiitake Mushroom, Teriyaki SauceGreek Style Lamb BrochettesRoasted Peppers, Herbs, OlivesKobbah LabaniaYogurt Broth, Mint, Pine NutsLight Tomato Vegetable RagoutButtered Basmati RiceAction StationSlow Roast US Beef LegHerb Potatoes with Gravy& two different kinds of MustardsOnion & Cucumber CornichonPasta StationRavioli, Penne, Fettucciniwith Alfredo, Tomato, Pesto Sauceand all Condiments
  8. 8. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 8 -Mini French PastryMini Raspberry Mousse, Almond Passion MousseSwiss Dark Chocolate Mousse, Caramel MousseSacher CakeChocolate Mille-Feuille, Fruit Mille-FeuilleFruit TarteletteHazelnut Praline MoussePassion Almond Fruit MousseSmall CakesSwiss Chocolate Magic Cake, Apple FrangipaneDates Frangipane, Fruit CakeSacher Cake & Cheese CakeMini Oriental PastryOm Ali with Nuts & HoneyHazelnut Konafa Borma, Cream Cheese KonafaTurkish Konafa with PistachioOsmanly Konafa with KeshtaAlmond Coconut BassimaBasboussa with Cream, Basboussa with HazelnutEish El Saraya with Cream & NutsBaklava with Pistachio & Baklava with Cream
  9. 9. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 9 -GlassesSwiss Dark Chocolate Mousse,Raspberry Mousse Rice Pudding with NutsMohalbia with CinnamonBowlsChocolate ProfiteroleCrème Brûlée with Pistachio & Tiramisu with Hazelnut
  10. 10. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 10 -Snacks on tablesMarinated Olives, Cheese Cubes & CrackersMezzah on tablesTaboulah, Mutable, Labna, Fattoush,Spicy Cheese, MuhammarahBabaghanoug, Crisp Pita BreadAppetizers (served per person)Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Capers,Red Onion, Melba ToastSalads BuffetThai Style Shrimp Salad, Tasty Greek Calamari SaladBelgium Endive with Blue CheeseWatercress & Fresh Pear Compote Apple DressingWild Mushroom SaladHawaiian Salad, Asparagus SaladNew Fashion Niçoise SaladCheese Salad, Macaroni Salad with TunaPotatoes Salad with Beef BaconPastrami Roasted-Tomato SaladItalian Meatballs Salad, Smoked Chicken GrillSeafood Poached Mango SaladFeta Artichokes Eggplant Salad,Grilled Goat Cheese on Rye Bread, Curried Pasta,Radish Salad, Herbed Corn Salad
  11. 11. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 11 -Oriental SaladsTongue Salad, Brain with Lemon TouchAlexandrian Style Liver, Frittata with Vegetables,Kashka Makdous, Spicy Chicken SaladWatercress with Grilled Halloumi Cheese,Labna Ambariz with Olive OilCold CutsSmoked Veal, Roasted BeefSmoked Turkey Breast, Swiss Air-dried BeefHomemade Terrines, Duck Terrine,Sea Bass Terrines with Caviar Asparagus, Salmon TerrinesImported Cheese StationGorgonzola, Purée, CamembertGoat, Roquefort, GruyereBread Display, Grapes, Apples, Homemade Chutneys
  12. 12. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 12 -Hot StationsUS Beef Fillet, Mushroom RagoutSpinach Sharhat A La Yabrak Slice VealStuffed Vine Leaves, Pine NutsSweet Lemon Baked Chickenwith Rosemary Flavored Green Olive SauceGrilled Salmon Steak, Lobster SauceParsley PotatoesAssorted Grills( Kofta, Kebab Chops)Turkish Style Mint Flavored Stuffed Zucchini in Yogurt SauceHerb Butter Vegetables with Almond White RiceAction StationsRed Sea Shrimp, Chinese Style with all CondimentsRoasted Whole Lamb with Tiny NoodlesRoasted Whole Turkey with GravySushi StationDifferent types of SushiPrepared live in front of you with their Condiments
  13. 13. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 13 -DessertsMini French PastryAlmond Croquant & ChocolateSwiss Milk Chocolate MousseDark Swiss Chocolate MousseRaspberry Almond Mousse, Passion MousseHazelnut Praline MousseBlueberry Mousse Cream, Fruit TarteletteCaramel Mille-FeuilleChocolate Mille-Feuille, Caramel profiteroleGlassesMarron Mousse, Chocolate MousseRaspberry Mousse, Passion MousseRice PuddingSmall CakesApple Frangipane, Dates FrangipaneCherry Cheese Cake, Blueberry Cheese CakeChocolate Magic Forest CakeMarron Cake, Sacher Cake& Hazelnut Crust Tart
  14. 14. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 14 -Mini Oriental PastryOm Ali with Nuts & Honey, Cashew Konafa,Turkish Konafa with PistachioCream Cheese Konafa, Konafa with CreamHazelnut Konafa BormaKonafa Asawer with FruitsBasboussa with Cream, Basboussa with HazelnutBasboussa with Almond,Baklava with Cream, Baklava with PistachioEish El Saraya with CreamBalah El Sham, Zalabia with Honey, MeshabekBowlsChocolate ProfiteroleBanana Crème BrûléeTiramisuCrepe Station with CondimentsMixed Nuts & Fruit CutsSuzette Sauce, Chocolate Sauce,Caramel Sauce Whipped Fresh Cream
  15. 15. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 15 -Menu UpgradesOngoing Fresh Juicesthroughout wedding timeChinese Crackers & Smoked Nuts(two bowls of each)5 types of Mezza on TablesCold Selection: Tabboula, Moutable, Grilled Babaghanoug, Imam Bayildi, Muhammara, Labna,Spicy Cheese, Vine Leaves with Olive Oil,Cheese Shankleesh, Sweet & Sour CucumberHot Selection: Kobeba, Vine Leaves with Minced Meat, Spicy Chicken Liver, Kebba, ChickenWings, Samboussek with Cheese – Spinach – Meat- Mushroom or SeafoodSalad Bar Station15 SaladsCheese Stationwith Grapes & CrackersSmoked Salmon Station Sushi StationCalifornia, Spider &Tuna RollVariety of Nigri and MakiShawerma Cooking StationChicken or BeefChinese StationFried Rice, Stir fried Vegetables Glass Noodles,Spring RollsChicken, beef or seafood selectionPasta Live Cooking Station Beef Leg Live Cooking Station
  16. 16. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 16 -Lamb with Khalta Rice Turkey Live Cooking StationVeal Leg Live Cooking Station Ice Cream StationCrepes Live Cooking Station Chocolate FountainFruit Display Corner Wedding Cake(5 Layers)Cake PresentationCake FillingCappuccino: Coffee Cream with NutsRaspberry: Raspberry Puree with White Chocolate & CreamVanilla: White Chocolate with Fresh Cream &VanillaPassion: Passion Fruit Puree with White Chocolate & Fresh CreamDark Swiss Chocolate: Chocolate Ganache with Fresh CreamWhite Swiss Chocolate: White Swiss Chocolate Ganache with Fresh CreamMilk Swiss Chocolate: Swiss Milk Chocolate with Fresh CreamHazelnut Praline Cream: Hazelnut Praline &Fresh CreamBiscuit/ Cake ChoiceAlmond Biscuit Pistachio Biscuit Hazelnut BiscuitChocolate Biscuit Brownies Biscuit Vanilla Sponge CakeChocolate Sponge Cake Chocolate FudgeExtrasAlmond Croquant Hazelnut Croquant Pistachio Croquant*** All cakes are covered with sugar dough**
  17. 17. 16, Saray El Gezira St., PO Box 33 Zamalek, Cairo 11211, Egypt.- 17 -Impresario PackageSalon Vert * Zaffa “Domiaty, Violin or Guitar“* DJ + Laser + Smoke + 4 scanners* Photographical photos (3 Films: size 13 x 18 cm)+ Wedding photos (8 photos size 30 x 40 cm)+ One picture (size 50 x 60cm)* Video shooting(one mixer unit+2 wireless camera+ plasma screen 42’’) + 2 DVDsAida Ballroom* Zaffa “Domiaty or Violin or Guitar* DJ + Laser + Smoke + 4 moving head* Photographical photos unlimited shooting during the event(4 Films size 13 x 18 cm= 108 printed photos)+ Wedding photos(10 photos size 30 x 40cm) + One picture(size 50 x 60cm)* Video shooting(one mixer + 3 wireless Cameras + 2 Show Screens) + 2 DVDs Flower shop “Rosa” at Cairo Marriott HotelEng. Rabab Abdel Aaty Tel: +202 27351127 – Mobile +2 0122 126438Impresario Moatassem OrabyMoatassem Oraby AgencyMobile: +2 0122 2141313 - +2 0100 2141313orImpresario Tamer SamirCover Entertainment AgencyMobile: +2 0100 5370041