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Smartnet For Asr 1000 Routers


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Smartnet For Asr 1000 Routers

  1. 1. Smartnet for ASR 1000 Routers White Paper Submitted By Morty Eisen 10/3/2010 The Cisco ASR 1000 Series utilizes the Cisco QuantumFlow Processor, which is a groundbreaking technology offering superior multiprocessing, advanced memory management, customized quality of service (QoS), and silicon-based service delivery and programmability for emerging requirements. The flexibility of this new processor encourages consolidation of network services such as packet encryption, packet inspection, application recognition, traffic differentiation, and subscriber management to be integrated on a single routing platform. As these ASR 1000 routing solutions support multiple critical functions, Smartnet services should always be included. However, configuring Smartnet for the ASR 1000 is a little different then configuring Smartnet for an ISR router where there is typically one Smartnet part for the router. For example, the Smartnet for an ASR is typically comprised of Smartnet parts for the hardware, software and for each SPA. For ASR 1000 bundles, Smartnet is configured as the service components that comprise the bundle. For example, if one is proposing the ASR1002-5G-SEC/K9 (ASR1002 VPN+FW Bundle w/ ESP-5G, AESK9, License, 4GB DRAM) with one part number then the following five Smartnet parts are required as per the Cisco Configuration Tool. CON-SNT-ASR1KESP SMARTNET 8X5XNBD ASR1K Embedded Services Processor,5Gbps CON-SNT-25GSECK9 SMARTNET 8X5XNBD ASR1002 VPN+FW Bundle w/ESP- 5G,AESK9,Lic CON-SNT-ASR1FWRT SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Firewall Right-To-Use Feature Lic CON-SNT-ASRIPSEC SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Encryption Right-To-Use Feature Lic CON-SNT-SASR1R11 SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Cisco ASR 1000 Series RP1 ADVANCED ENT For another example, if one is proposing the ASR1006-20G-HA/K9 (ASR1006 HA Bundle w/ 2xESP-20G, 2xRP1, SIP10,AESK9) with one SPA-2X1GE-V2 (Cisco 2-Port Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter) with two part numbers then as many as seven Smartnet parts are required as per the Cisco Configuration Tool. In conclusion, Smartnet for the ASR 1000 routers is essential, but careful attention is required to make sure that all of the components are properly selected and ordered correctly before these powerful routing solutions are placed into Production.