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#Selfie: The Year of Self-Portraits


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This is the year of self portraits, also commonly known as a Selfie. Selfies are a growing phenomenon in today’s society. It is quite difficult to walk down the street without seeing somebody taking a selfie on their smartphone on snapchat, or uploading it to facebook, Instagram, or twitter. While some say that selfies have had a negative impact on people such as body dissatisfaction or lowering self-esteem, I personally feel the opposite way. My flip book was created to examine the growing selfie trend in a positive light. Enjoy!

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#Selfie: The Year of Self-Portraits

  1. 1. #SELFIEThe year of Self-portraits By: SAMARA MortoN All  Photos  By:  Samara  Morton  (Personal)  
  2. 2. Photo  by:  Fredrik  Alpstedt  (Flickr)  
  3. 3. O V E R O N E M L L O NI S E L F I I E S A E R T A K E N D A I L Y   All     Photos     By:  Nemo   (pixabay)  
  4. 4. As of May 19, 2014, the word was added to the Merriam- Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary of 2014. IN FACT: Photo  by:  greeblie  (Flickr)  
  5. 5. : an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks selfie: /ˈsɛlfi/  NOUN  plural: selfies Photo  by:  John  Keogh  (Flickr)  
  6. 6. “There is a primal human urge to stand outside of ourselves and look at ourselves,” - Clive Thompson, technology writer and author Photo  by:  CrisB  Breban  (Flickr)  
  7. 7. “The idea of the selfie is much more like your face is the caption and you’re trying to explain a moment or tell a story.” - Frédéric della Faille founder & designer of FrontbackPhoto  by:  Lotus  Carroll  (Flickr)  
  8. 8. “It’s  not  really  about  how  you  look.  It’s   about  you  doing  something  else,  or  you  in   other  places.  It’s  a  more  personal  way  to   share  an  experience.”  –  Dom  Hofmann,  founder  of  Vine     Photo  By:   (Flickr)  
  9. 9. “It’s unconscious. Our brains process visuals faster, and we are more engaged when we see faces. If you’re looking at a whole page of photos, the ones you will notice are the close-ups and selfies.” - Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Photo  By:  Just  Ard  (Flickr)   director of Media Psychology Research Center
  10. 10. of all photos taken by people between 18-24 years old. According to Samsung, SELFIES make up   30%   Photo  by:  Samara  Morton  (Personal)  
  11. 11. How do you take a selfie??? 1. Check your surroundings.. Do you have good natural LIGHTING? 2. SET UP your smart phone.. Is it tilted to a 45 DEGREE angle just above your eyeline? 3. Strike a POSE.. Flash your best SMILE! [show some teeth!] 4. SNAP YOUR SELFIE!Photo  By:  Peter  Burge  (Flickr)  
  12. 12. Step 5:: Photo  By:     Loren  Kerns   (Flickr)  
  13. 13. 48% 27% 9% Where are selfies being shared? 8% 5% 2% Photo  By:  Loren  Kerns  (Flickr)   Corey  Harris  (Flickr)   Sneeu  (Flickr)   Jonathan  Chen     (Flickr)   Tama  Leaver  (Flickr)     Miha  Filej  (Flickr)   mkhmarkeBng  (Flickr)  
  14. 14. Photo  By:  vancityhotshots  (Flickr)  
  15. 15. 1. EVERYONE is doing it! (Even celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Ellen DeGeneres and Rihanna!) 2. SELFIES are EASY and IMMEDIATE Photo  By:  Nan  Palmero  (Flickr)   Photo  By:  Shawn  Ahmed  (Flickr)  
  16. 16. 3. PROFILE PICTURES are meant to represent us! What represents you better than a SELFIE? 4. Just bought a NEW OUTFIT? Just got your HAIR DONE? Show it off with a SELFIE! Photo  By:  Lost_in_SanDiego  (Flickr)   Photo  By:  Lotus  Carroll  (Flickr)  
  17. 17. 5. SELFIES make social media more   Photo  By:  Leo  Hidalgo  (Flickr)  
  18. 18. 6. SELFIES capture PERSONAL EXPERIENCES Photo  By:  Janusz  Leszczynski  (Flickr)   Photo  By:     Will  Keightley  (Flickr)  
  19. 19. 7. Selfies allow you to CONTROLyourONLINEIMAGE! “40% of all teens say social media helps ‘me present my best face to the world.’” - ! Photo  By:  Paško  Tomić  (Flickr)  
  20. 20. •  SELFIES are EMPOWERING •  SELFIES raise your SELF ESTEEM •  SELFIES improve your MOOD 8. “65% [of teens] said seeing their selfie on social media actually boosts their confidence” – Photo  by:  Eric  Parker  (Flickr)   Photo  By:  Wendie  Soucie  (Flickr)   Photo  By:  Edo  Dijkgraaf  (Flickr)   Photo  By:  Bob  Dass(Flickr)   Photo  By:  Roel  Wijnants(Flickr)  
  21. 21. 9. SELFIES can help to MAKE A DIFFERENCE Photo  by:  Kevin  Dooley  (Flickr)  
  22. 22. LANCOME’s “Project #BareSelfie” TODAY’s Reclaiming Beauty Week #LoveYourSelfie DOVE: Redefine Beauty #Selfie #BeautyIs Alexa Ray Joel’s Prom Campaign #PromGirlUp POSITIVE SELFIE CAMPAIGNS Of 2014 Photo  by:  DusBn  GaTe  (Flickr)  
  23. 23. This is the year of SELF-PORTRAITS. Take SELFIES often. Embrace your BEAUTIFUL SELF-IE! TILT, POSE, SMILE AND SNAP! (show us some teeth!) #SELFIE
  24. 24. Photo  by:  cchrisj  (Flickr)   • • • pagewanted=2&pagewanted=all&_r=0 • • • • • balance • • selfies-143700777.html • boost-2D12164198 • reclaiming-1D79558758 • • • •  All images are properly cited and distributed under a Creative Commons License Sources