StrikeAd & Experian briefing November 2013: The London Edition Hotel


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  • We are a data company and data is our bread and butter.We processYottabytes of data connected to individuals every month from more that 1 billion data points.We interpret big data to make meaningful insight and make it available to our clients for better marketing and decision making.
  • About our vision Our data is now being used in all facets of advertising. (Be it a Direct mail, Online, Press, Email marketing, Search, TV (VOD) our data is used heavily to identify, segment and target the right audiences.By using our data advertisers limit wastage and only target the most profitable audiences.
  • Our data was started being used in the online display space about 4 years back through our portal partners MSN, Yahoo & AOLIn last 12 months we have seen campaign spent of over £20 million and over 100 advertisers. By use of our data, brands have seen uplifts in the click through rates and we are noticing increasing demand from our portal partners.So we haven’t reinvented the wheel again but have extended our expertise in the mobile space.
  • Mosaic is Experian’s flagship offering
  • Brief explanation about MosaicMosaic is a unique three tier classification system based on in-depth demographic data. It explains Who, What, Where, How & Why
  • A little explanation about Mosaic Data segmentsAdvertisers can choose from different segments available as per their campaign message
  • I requested StrikeAd for a couple of postcodes of the delegates with a view of coming up with their pen portraits which I would be bringing along to the session.The idea was to give audience a detailed flavour of Mosaic and encourage some engagement.
  • Mosaic Pen portrait of Andrew MorsyBrief description of Group A and Type 02
  • Mosaic Pen portrait for Steve Pereira
  • Mosaic Pen portrait for Steve PereiraBrief description of Group O and type 64
  • StrikeAd & Experian briefing November 2013: The London Edition Hotel

    1. 1. Experian Briefing • Introduction • Evolution of data on mobile • The power of RTB and data • Experian • Back to work…
    2. 2. Introduction • Very excited to be here today talking about imminent launch. • Sneak preview of a mobile first. • Integration currently underway with launch expected late Q4.
    3. 3. Evolution of data on mobile The data available on mobile has always been rich, and unique… • Device information • Connection information • Browsing information • Location information
    4. 4. But unique challenge Identifying and targeting user segments without cookies is difficult… • Site / app / channel buy • Proprietary device identification • 3rd party device identification • Location
    5. 5. The power of data and RTB
    6. 6. Experian and StrikeAd
    7. 7. Making the data work Mosaic data is geographically static whereas users are mobile. How we will ensure that we are accurately target consumers. Looking forwards we will build confidence and tie segments to devices.
    8. 8. StrikeAd Breakfast Session Colin Grieves Head of Strategy & Propositions Experian Marketing Services November 2013 ©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved. Experian and the marks used herein are service marks or registered trademarks of Experian Limited. Other products and company names mentioned may be the trademarks of their respective owners. No part of this copyrighted work may be reproduced, modified, or distributed in any form or manner without prior written permission of Experian Limited. Experian Public.
    9. 9. Unique data differentiation in Experian segments Yottabyte’s of data linked to consumers, connected to all channels. 1 billion individual data points each month ©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved. Experian Public. 11
    10. 10. Bringing consumers and brands closer together Our Vision is 360° Online + Offline Provide the richest, most descriptive data available on cross channel consumers To Drive Insight Segmentation Targeting Across All Channels ©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved. Experian Public. 12
    11. 11. 4 year track record in display Deep expertise in consumer and spatial data & its application to digital markets Over 100 advertisers regularly using Experian data And now extending our expertise in the Mobile Space ©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved. Experian Public. 13
    12. 12. So – what is this thing called Mosaic? 14
    13. 13. Mosaic brings data together to create a common language used by 1000’s of UK & Global companies 15 Groups ©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved. Experian Public. 67 Types One Mosaic 15
    14. 14. Planning your audience is easy Select from a wide range of segments to define your Mosaic audience - ©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved. Experian Public. Demographic Lifestyle behaviour Financial behavior Vertical propensity 16
    15. 15. Andrew Morsy… E11 2LW 17
    16. 16. 18
    17. 17. Steve Pereira NW6 1NU 19
    18. 18. 20
    19. 19. Please contact us for more information @ExperianMkt_UK 0845 234 0391 ©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved. Experian Public. 21
    20. 20. Thank you @gavjs