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Introduction to AvePoint and the DocAve software platform for SharePoint inftrastructure management.

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  • Founded in 2001 – history of working with SharePoint since 2001, so the SharePoint experts.Support – entire support and SE team are MCTS, Microsoft Certified Technology SpecialistsDepth Managed – top 0.1% of partners, dedicated MSFT person just to AvePoint.
  • Every company has a vision to use SharePoint as the sole ECM. There are many steps and challenges along the way. The greatest leaps are going from ‘collaboration’ to ‘development’ and customization, and then again from ‘development’ to full ‘enterprise content management’ (ECM). You must have tools to get you there, and DocAve will accelerate your growth.
  • Microsoft targets the business goals, AvePoint targets the infrastructure to support those features. This depicts the progression of SharePoint content… now, the important thing to note is that this linear depiction does not suit SharePoint deployments in general. To talk about SharePoint lifecycle……
  • We need to take a step back, and realize that the SharePoint lifecycle is cyclical in nature. SharePoint is not a set-it-and-forget-it system, as SharePoint grows, you may need to re-architect to accommodate that growth, or accommodate the more advanced business uses. With this growth, new management concerns may arise. You’ll always have to periodically evaluate the status of SharePoint to see what’s next.This also highlights the benefits of having a PLATFORM to manage the whole system- Central UI – low training overhead
  • Doc Ave Software Platform Global Master Standard

    1. 1. DocAve Software PlatformInfrastructure Management for Microsoft SharePoint<br />
    2. 2. Meeting Agenda<br />Slide Presentation <br />Who we are: Background and History<br />General Platform Overview <br />Pain Points in SharePoint<br />Technical Demo<br />Licensing/Pricing Options<br />Q&A <br />2<br />
    3. 3. AvePoint: Who We Are<br />The Global Leader in SharePoint Infrastructure Management<br />Backup & Recovery, Administration, Replication, Migration, Compliance, Storage Optimization, Archiving, Reporting, and Testing <br />Founded in 2001 <br />Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, with global offices in:<br /><ul><li>USA: Chicago, San Jose, Washington D.C.
    4. 4. International: UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore</li></ul>R&D team of 500+ –> Largest SharePoint team in the world<br />Winner of 2008 Best of Tech Ed Award for Best SharePoint Product<br />Exclusive OEM relationships with IBM and NetApp<br />A Depth Managed Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner<br /><ul><li>MTC Alliance Member; Notes Transition Partner; Office TAP 14 Member; BPOS TAP Member</li></ul>3<br />
    5. 5. 5000+ Customers Globally<br />4<br />Communications<br />Retail<br />Pharma & Healthcare<br />
    6. 6. Across All Industry Verticals<br />Financial Services<br />Government<br />High Technology<br />4000+ Customers  Expansive Needs<br />5<br />
    7. 7. Growing With SharePoint<br />ROI<br />Enterprise Content Management<br />Line of Business Applications<br />DocAve Accelerates Your SharePoint Growth<br />Collaboration<br />Tool<br />More Valuable<br />Content Repository<br />More Complex<br />
    8. 8. Content Lifecycle Management<br />7<br />Design<br />Produce<br />Consume<br />Sites<br />Workflow<br />Office<br />Doc Library<br />Version<br />Publishing Site<br />Record Center<br />Content Mgr<br />Depl.<br />Mgr<br />Migration<br />Extender<br />Replicator<br />Connector<br />Archiver<br />Replicator<br />Archiver<br />SharePoint Platform Features<br />Data Protection – Administration – Auditing – Reporting<br />
    9. 9. Governance & Compliance<br />Architect<br />Grow<br />Manage<br />Infrastructure Management<br />End-to-end SharePoint Management<br />Focus on the SharePoint lifecycle<br />Scalable for multiple farm environments<br />Granular controls –business policy driven<br />
    10. 10. Architecting SharePoint Deployments<br />Structure<br /><ul><li>Information Architecture and Site Topology</li></ul>(Administrator, Content Manager)<br />Configure<br /><ul><li>Web Application/Site Collection/Site configuration</li></ul>(Administrator)<br /><ul><li>User permissions configuration</li></ul>(Administrator)<br />Deploy<br /><ul><li>Dev/Testing/Staging/Production front-end configurations</li></ul>(Deployment Manager)<br /><ul><li>Content Deployment/Synchronization</li></ul>(Replicator, Content Manager)<br />Architect<br />9<br />
    11. 11. Protect<br /><ul><li>Granular backup of SharePoint content and farm elements according to </li></ul> business importance<br /> (Backup and Recovery)<br /><ul><li>Recovery of accidentally deleted or corrupted content</li></ul>(Backup and Recovery, SiteBin)<br /><ul><li>Efficient platform protection before maintenance</li></ul> and recovery following platform failure<br />(Backup and Recovery, High Availability)<br /><ul><li>Prevent non-compliant content and behavior</li></ul>(Content Shield, Anti-Virus, Auditor, Vault, eDiscovery,) <br />Administer and Manage<br /><ul><li>Manage ever-evolving user base</li></ul>(Administrator, Report Center)<br /><ul><li>Streamline “change delivery” processes</li></ul>(Deployment Manager, Report Center)<br />Monitor and Report<br /><ul><li>Server, platform, and storage states</li></ul> (Administrator, Monitor, Report Center)<br /><ul><li>User activities and behaviors</li></ul>(Auditor, Administrator, Report Center)<br /><ul><li>Compliance-related auditing and reporting obligations</li></ul>(Vault, Auditor, Report Center, Administrator)<br />Manage<br />Managing SharePoint Environments<br />10<br />
    12. 12. Scaling SharePoint Infrastructure<br />Optimize for Performance<br /><ul><li>SQL database performance</li></ul>(Archiver, Extender, Connectors, Content Manager)<br /><ul><li>Data access to end-users</li></ul>(Replicator, Content Manager)<br />Scale<br /><ul><li>Deliver SharePoint access to distributed teams</li></ul> (Replicator, Deployment Manager)<br /><ul><li>SharePoint for public-facing web collateral</li></ul>(Website Migrator)<br /><ul><li>Content reorganization and site change</li></ul>(Content Manager)<br />Integrate Additional Data Stores<br /><ul><li>Consolidate legacy stores within SharePoint</li></ul>(Migrator)<br /><ul><li>Manage and present file shares via SharePoint</li></ul>(Connectors)<br /><ul><li>Integrate SharePoint and Salesforce</li></ul> (DocAve for Salesforce)<br />Grow<br />11<br />
    13. 13. 2009 Q3 DocAve platform offering<br />12<br />
    14. 14. XYZ Pains in SharePoint<br />Based on Information sent to us, here are the key pain points right now:<br />Backup and Recovery/Disaster Recovery<br />Reporting Capabilities-Charts, roll up lists, etc.<br />Administration- managing permissions and securities in a variety of scenarios<br />Tracking user activity<br />13<br />
    15. 15. Resources -<br />Visit us:<br />Email us:<br />Download a FREE, fully-enabled 30 Day trial of DocAve at<br />14<br />