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Pln example

  1. 1. Student NameClass/PeriodDate Personal Learning Network for Career of LibrarianThe following represents sources that I could use to gain information concerning my chosen career field librarianship.ExpertsDr.Joyce Valenza Dr. Valenza is the librarian at Springfield HS in Pennsylvania. She is a renowned speaker and author of a widely read blog called the NeverEndingSearch. I included her in my PLN because she is a trend setter for school libraries. I first learned of her when I heard her speak at a conference and saw an article by her in School Library Journal.James Hadley Billington Mr. Billington is the chief librarian at the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress is the official library of the United States and thus has the leadership for all libraries. Mr. Billington has been the chief librarian since 1987 and is only the 13th Chief Librarian in our country’s history. He created the American memory project which posted millions of items of American history online through the library.Buffy Hamilton Ms. Hamilton has become famous recently for her blog the Unquiet Librarian. What I like about her is that she works with students every day in a school library so her advice and her comments are very practical. She posts at least every week. She has also been featured in several librarian magazines.Professional OrganizationPA School Librarian’s Association ( This group focuses on supporting school librarians in Pennsylvania. They hold an annual conference and award several scholarships. I like that fact that it is a statewide organization, not national. That gives the group a local ( This blog is rated a 10 by both Google and Technorati. Author Jessamyn West discusses current issues and current books. The blog has a Twitter feed . This blog is very tech intensive and differs from what I usually read because it doesn’t focus on schools.Web 2.0 SiteDelicious ( I use Delicious to keep my bookmarks organized and accessible all the time. I can also use it to find other people’s bookmarks. That way I know what the best websites are for librarians. People who have great bookmarks on delicious include Jim Gates who is a technology coach for the state of PA. The latest thing they have is a stack for the web.Magazine ArticleBatman, Cindy, and Janet Denny. "Librarians in the Brave New World of Todays Job Market." Texas Library Journal 87.2(2011): 52-4. OmniFile Full Text Mega. Web. 6 Dec. 2011. This article tells how to get a job in today’s market. The emphasis is on knowing your skills and having a good resume with a cover letter.