Staple multiple pages together inthis corner. Papers must bestapled before arriving for class.                            ...
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Mla format for gp papers


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Mla format for gp papers

  1. 1. Staple multiple pages together inthis corner. Papers must bestapled before arriving for class. Johnson 1 Margaret Johnson Heading Title Header Student name Same size and style font Include last name and page number Mrs. Harrison Teacher name No bold, italics, quotes, or underline Use same size and style font No all capital letters Double click in upper margin of page Center title Click Page Number menu Graduation Project Course title No extra space before or after Click Top of Page Click Plain Number 3 Date paper due Type last name and a space December 4, 2011 Click Close Header and Footer Career Interest Survey Reflection Using the Career Cruising program was a great aid to me in searching for my future career. Before I used the program, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with my life after high school. I aspired to be a psychologist, or neurologist. However, upon further investigation into my interests and skills, I discovered that a career in Education or Law and Government would better suit my abilities. Last year, during the speech project, I found Foreign Language Educator via Career Cruising. This career path seemed to be the right one for me based on my interest in culture and languages. Learning a second language has been an enjoyable experience for me, and I would like nothing more than to let my future students experience the same thing. After using career cruising a second time in the Graduation Project class, I realized that many more careers were….. Additional MLA Formatting Guidelines Set the font to 12-point Times New Roman. Set the page margins to one inch all around. Set the line spacing to double. Do not include an “extra” space between paragraphs. Use “tab” once to indent new paragraphs. Place heading on first page only. Include header on every page. For numbers, use numerals in scientific and statistical material. Otherwise, generally spell out numbers written in one or two words or that begin a sentence, and use numerals for all others, including numbers used with abbreviations or symbols (6 lbs. or 3 %), in addresses, in dates, in decimal fractions (3.2), and in page references (page 5). Introduce authors, celebrities, and other notable sources originally by first and last name, and then by last name only. Thanks to Mrs. Hitchens for developing this MLA guidelines page.