How to access ptsd google apps students


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How to access ptsd google apps students

  1. 1. How to Access PTSD Google Documents Signing In 1. Go to this site: OR Go to the district’s webpage, go to Student Links 7-12, and look for Google Web Apps link on the right. 2. Sign in to Google Apps. Use your school username (such as 12hatfieldb). The original password was indians, all lower case. You may have changed it. On your first login, you will be prompted to change this to a more secure password and you will have to enter the code word that is typed on the screen. This will happen only once. 3. If you have never logged on to Google Apps before, you may get an acceptance screen like this. Click the “I accept” button. 4. After changing your password, your screen will look similar to the picture below. Click on the word Docs.If your screen opens to email, look for the word Documents in blue letters at the top left of thescreen. Click on it.
  2. 2. How to Access PTSD Google DocumentsCREATING A NEW FILE5. (Follow steps 1-4 if necessary to get in the program) The first time you access the page, you will see a relatively empty screen. Later, when you start saving more documents, you will see a list of your documents. Look for the words Create New on the left side. Click the pull down arrow to get a menu for the types of documents you can create.6. You can Create a Document by clicking on the word document. A new window opens with a document similar to the style of Word. Give the document a name by clicking on the box that says Untitled Document. A pop-up box will appear that will let you name your document. Name document here. Set sharing rights here.7. You can share your document with group members or your teacher so that everyone can see it. Click on the word Share on the right side. Don’t click the down arrow. A box will open that has a space for you to type the PTSD Google App emails of your group members. You must use the PTSD Google App emails. They are formed like this (ex share box will look like this:
  3. 3. How to Access PTSD Google Documents Add PTSD emails here. Separate addresses with a comma. When you are done adding names, you will see the word SHARE again at the bottom. Click it. Now your group members will be able to see the document when they login in.8. Google Docs automatically saves as you work. You can see that in the upper right corner. Should you want to save sooner than Google is already saving for you, click on the save button.9. You have most of the functions that you have in WORD. You can also create spreadsheets and other forms of documents.10. When you are finished, click Sign Out in the upper right corner.
  4. 4. How to Access PTSD Google DocumentsACCESSING A DOCUMENT THAT HAS BEEN SENT TO YOU OR CREATED BY YOU EARLIER11. Follow steps 1-4 at the top of this document to establish and open your account. Rememberto go to this website: Regular Gmail won’t work forthis.11. Once you have started saving documents, your opening screen will become a list. Your screen will look similar to this with a list of your documents in the middle of the screen. Just double click on the item you wish to open.12. Tip: To see everything, click Tip: This column will show you on All Items. who else sees this document.
  5. 5. How to Access PTSD Google DocumentsUPLOADING A DOCUMENT13. Follow Steps 1-4 to get to the Google Docs page.14. From the opening screen, click UPLOAD. A dialogue box will open so that you can selecta file.15. Select a file by clicking on it. An option box like the one below will open.16. You can usually leave the default boxes checked. Click Start Upload. Almost immediatelythe file will appear in your document list.OTHER FEATURES OF GOOGLE DOCSADDING COMMENTSOpen your document. Go to the spot where you want to add a comment to the writer. Nowclick INSERT from the menu bar. Find Comment in the pull down menu. Click Comment. Abox will appear on the right. Type in the box. Comments are not erased when you log out.CHATOpen your document. Share it with your group members. To chat, two or more membersneed to be working on the document at the same time. You will see your names on the rightside of the document. Click on your name and a text messaging box will appear. Type in thebox. Hit enter. Chat messages will end when you logout.Want a professional tutorial? Go to