Gp official guidelines for selection of a project


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Gp official guidelines for selection of a project

  1. 1. PTHS Official GuidelinesFor Graduation Project Classroom Project Self-AnalysisDefinition:Each student must successfully complete a classroom project in any class or a service project through the community servicecoursethat is related to their career goals. The project must connect to the career they have chosen (past or current). It is acceptable if the student has changed his/hermind about the career as long as the project was related to the career at the time. For example a project might be a video filefrom a media project, written lab report if from a chemistry project, a music file if from a chorus project, etc.If you have completed the classroom project answer the questions in detail below: 1. What Project did you complete? (Name the course, the year you completed project, and a detailed description of the project.)For example: The project that I completed was a lab report in Honors Chemistry during my sophomore year. I wrote a labreport on the Qualitative Analysis Lab that we conducted in class. In this report I wrote the procedure on how to qualitativelydetermine the identity of an unknown chemical based on precipitation rules. I had to completely understand these rules. Ialso had to test known solutions and then apply their results to the unknowns…….. the data table that I constructed……myresults were…….. 2. Why did you choose this project? (Explain why this one project stood out for you to include in your Graduation Project.)For example: I chose this project because it was one of the labs that I had to create my own procedure. I had to figure outthe identity of the unknowns. My teacher did not just tell me what to do. I had to think for myself. I had to integrate what Ilearned in class…solubility rules, precipitation rules…to identify the unknowns…….This project demonstrated my strengthsin…. 3. Explain how this project directly connects to the career you have chosen…whether past or present. Explain how this project influenced your decision to either pursue this career or to change your career.For example: This project related directly to the career I had chosen when I was a sophomore. I thought that I wanted to be apharmacist. As a pharmacist, I would have to understand precipitation rules. If a patient was taking multiple medications, Iwould have to understand precipitation rules. For example I would not want the active ingredient in a heart medication toprecipitate out…resulting in a heart attack for my patient. Also in pharmacy there are a lot of unknowns when it comes tomy patients. If they come to me with a question or concern I will have to be able to think of a logical way to find theanswers……I have since decided not to pursue a career in pharmacy. The reason is that in my junior year I earned a “D” in APChemistry……