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Gp cc reflection samples


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Published in: Career, Technology
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Gp cc reflection samples

  1. 1. Name Period Date TitleUsing the Career Cruising program was a great aid to me in searching for my future career. Before Iused the program, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with my life after high school. I aspired tobe a psychologist, or neurologist. However, upon further investigation into my interests and skills, Idiscovered that a career in Education or Law and Government would better suit my abilities. Last year,during the speech project, I found Foreign Language Educator via Career Cruising. This career pathseemed to be the right one for me based on my interest in culture and languages. Learning a secondlanguage has been an enjoyable experience for me, and I would like nothing more than to let my futurestudents experience the same thing. After using career cruising a second time in the Graduation Project class, I realized that manymore careers were available for bilingual educators. Careers in local, state, and national governmentare in abundance for translators and interpreters. Being a bilingual teacher could give me an edge in allaspects of my future career possibilities. Using my visual learning style, I will be able to disseminateinformation to my students in a different way. My skills showed me that I am able to speak in front oflarge groups of people and command the attention of a large group. Based on the personality quizzes Itook, I have the type A personality that is necessary for me to lead and instruct. My interests in helpingothers, understanding cultures, and learning languages, will enable me to be an active learner with mystudents. Influencing the lives of the youth of America is something that keeps our leaders strong andour nation’s future bright. Through the help of teachers, knowledge will always live on in the minds ofour future leaders. Overall, this exploration into the world of Career Cruising enlightened me to the world ofForeign Language Education. Being bilingual in today’s world will enable me to open doors to a brighterfuture for myself and my future students. My love of the Spanish language will allow me to explore andunderstand the diversity of the cultures around me. The more I learn, the more I want to teach. I canonly dream that one day, a student will approach me and say, “You inspired me to…” The reason I wantto educate is because knowledge gives you power, but only the strong use it wisely. Knowledge allowspeople to live with an open and creative mind. As Anton Checkov once said, “Any idiot can face a crisis,but its day to day living that wears you out.”
  2. 2. Name Period Date Career Matchmaking Reflection In the past, I have been lost in the search of my career path with no idea of how to find my way,but the career matchmaking process has finally gave me hope in finding my future career. It hasenlightened me on many characteristics that make me unique and applying those characteristics to thecareer that fits me. Because of this process I finally feel that my career path is unfolding. Although,there were multiple steps that went into this process.To begin my exploration, the first thing I did was answer the 116 questions on career cruising which thengave me a list of careers which are most suitable to me. The next thing I did was answer questions tofind out which skills I am the best at to relate to the list of careers that were already chosen. After that Ianswered a series of questions about my learning styles and thought of ways to apply them to my futurecareers. I also took two personality tests not on career cruising and used the results to think of waysthey could help me in my career search. Last, I took a college survey to figure out which colleges wouldbe a good fit for me in the career path I want to go.After answering the 116 questions on career cruising the list of jobs consisted of mainly business relatedjobs, although this did not surprise me because it is something that I am very interested in. One of thejobs that caught my attention on the list was inventor. I never thought about this as a career but i dofeel it would be cool to use my imagination to come up with new ideas. One of the jobs that was listedthat i didnt expect was fashion retailer. I felt it was random and I do not fit with this career. I am veryopen to changing what I thought in the past about careers because I know that my interests aboutcareers will change over time. Not to mention that they have also changed a lot since I took the careermatchmaker test last year. After taking the skills survey, I learned that my skills related greatly to all ofthe business related jobs on the list. I do feel that the skills survey accurately represents me. It wasaccurate in saying how I am skilled in understanding how businesses and organizations work and how Iam able to solve problems by seeking new ideas. I believe that most of my skills will be constantthroughout my life although there are some skills that I need to develop, such as computer skills. I planon doing this by first understanding more about how computers work then spending more time on theactual computer. Many of the skills that I answered I am skilled at go hand in hand with business. And
  3. 3. considering venture capitalist, which is the career I value most out of the matchmaker list, my skillsmatched tremendously and It was given a rating of "A" for how good it matched. And along with mytop careers of E-business consultant, investment advisor, and venture capitalist, I was labeled anauditory-tactile learner after taking the learning styles quiz. First of all, I feel that being a very auditorylearner fits very well with these three jobs. A lot of this is because in all of the jobs being a good listeneris key. Such as with an E-business consultant, even though the business is over the Internet, much of itis talking and listening to other people over the phone and in meetings. And with venture capitalists youhave to be a good listener while a business representative tells you about his business in hope of youinvesting. Second of all, I feel that being a tactile learner as well really doesnt fit well with these threecareers. There are not any ways that I can think of how being tactile fits at all with these careers. Aftertaking two of the online personality tests, It has shown that am a very calm and optimistic person, but atthe same time outgoing and sociable. I am also moderately organized while still remaining flexible andable to have fun. Lastly it said I am a kind natured person that is also moderately intellectual andimaginative. Every single aspect of my personality should be a great help to me in the work field. Tostart, being a very calm and optimistic person is a big help to jobs that involve stress and deadlinesbecause when people do get stressed out it makes work a lot harder and more painful. Second, the factthat I am moderately organized is a help to any job when trying to get work done. Next, being a kindnatured person will help you everywhere in the world, but especially in the workplace. It can help youget a job, be liked by your fellow workers and bosses, and help you get promotion. Last, I am amoderately intellectual and imaginative which is needed for every job because you need to be smart tobe able to do your job correctly. I felt that all of the results from the career cruising questions and surveys, as well as thepersonality tests were an accurate representation of myself. The one exception Is that I feel that I ammore of a visual learner than the learning style results stated. But maybe this shows that my learningstyles are changing and I could take advantage of this knowledge. Ultimately, the career matchmakingprocess has been a definite help to me and with all the knowledge I have gained and it could quitepossibly change my life for the best.