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Examples of student interview reflections


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Published in: Education, Business

Examples of student interview reflections

  1. 1. Examples of Student Interview ReflectionsSample AThe workplace has drastically changed and is currently still undergoing major changes. It’sas if the workplace has undergone a type of evolution. Countless things in the workforcehave evolved and modernized. Some have changed for the better and others have changedfor the worse. The good and the bad effects of today’s work field have impacted everyoneincluding my father. My father, XXXXXXXXX, is an entrepreneur taking a part in managing his family’sconstruction business< XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. He has been working in this field since 1986,and has witnessed many positive changes relative to his company and the workplace as awhole. Technology has been one of the biggest changes. Cellphones, Ipads, and computersare a part of everyday life making it easier to communicate from mobile locations, be betterprepared for emergencies, and track job costs. Another difference in this field today is thatthere are more women and minorities by twenty percent. The field employees are also bettereducated having at least high school diplomas and all office employees have college degrees,which did not used to be the case. In addition, there are many safety, environmental, andgovernment regulations and inspections compared to even ten years ago which improvesemployee safety. On the other hand, some changes have taken a turn for the worst. The standards ofemployers have decreased and not by choice. It is very difficult to find quality employeesthese days. Younger generations seem to be lazier and less reliable opposed to oldergenerations. Therefore the work ethic and pride has decreased. My father’s motto is,“Nowadays you have to take what you can get and make the best out of the worst.” Theeconomy is not helping either. My father is becoming increasingly stressed and is having to
  2. 2. be more aggressive to find work and bid jobs. These changes are not only happening in myfather’s career field but around the world. People around the globe are having to adapt to these huge changes in the workplace.The effects are felt by everybody even within my father’s family business. This has made merealize that the career I want to pursue today could dramatically change in the future. I mustbe prepared. Inspired by my father and his work ethic, I would consider becoming anentrepreneur, despite the stress and responsibility. He has handled the changes in his careervery well no matter how difficult they might be. Just like evolution, the workplace will continueto evolve.Sample B As we live in a society that constantly changes, Robert C. Gallagher, a famous photographer,wisely stated that “change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.” Change is something thatwe can neither escape nor dispose of. In order to learn how to deal with constant changes, I contactedMaureen Moeslein, a physician assistant who works at Allergy and Clinical Immunology. She agreedthat working in the medical field as a physician assistant is constantly changing, but in her opinion thechanges are crucial and helpful, especially with the help of technology, education, and the general roleof a physician assistant. Technology is the number one factor of change not only for physician assistant (PA), but thegeneral health care field. She stated that, “electronic medical records (EMR) are changing the wayPA’s practice and chart office visits and follow patients. In addition, electronic databases are replacingtextbooks for research and fact-finding.” Technology creates a whole new world where we find outinformation quicker and more efficiently. In ways this is very proactive and efficient, however in otherways it can sometimes be frustrating because of the way that information is constantly changing. After
  3. 3. viewing the “Shift Happens” video, I was informed that, “the amount of new technical information isdoubling every 2 years, for students starting a 4 year technical degree, this means that half of what theylearn their first year of study will be outdated their third year of study.” Not only does statistic relate totechnology, but also to education. Education is also a huge factor that is constantly changing. Maureen Moeslein mentioned thatthis field is competitive in the way that there are limited spots for the physician assistant programs,especially at Gannon University of Erie, Pennsylvania where she obtained her master’s degree. Shepointed out that “the program continues to get more demanding each year. In addition, technology hasallowed more hands-on training before they start their clinical rotations.” I was also informed that thisis a constantly changing career where new research is arousing due to the new technology andguidelines changing the role of a physician assistant. The general role and job of a physician assistant is shifting gears. They are becoming moreindependent due to the fact that the regulations of physician assistants have changed in the way thatphysician assistants can work without the supervision of physicians. Maureen Moeslein stated that “inaddition, the prescribing rights for PA’s have expanded to allow PA’s to write prescriptions underosteopathic physicians. In the future, PA’s are hoping to become more independent and no longerrequiring physicians to sign off on all office visits.” She also informed me that there is more flexibilityof what I can choose to practice in and this career is becoming more popular. Change is inevitable in the medical field because of technology, education, and the general roleof the job. There is no way around change so as the next generation will have to plan out how to adaptto this ever-changing world and make the best of all situations. In conclusion, Mary Engelbreit, achildren’s book illustrator, once said, “If you dont like something change it; if you cant change it,change the way you think about it.”