NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                              2012 Issue                           Contents               Readi...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY      Ningwakwe Learning Press (NLP) has been publishing      culturally appropriate resources f...
NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                                 READING LEVEL 1                   Ningwakwe’s ABC Book:       ...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY                    Potato Soup                    by Ferguson Plain                         Jet...
NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESSJourneys of the SpiritVarious Authors     This anthology series features writings by First Nati...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY                    Healthy Life Series Volume 4                    Emotional Wellness          ...
READING LEVEL 2                             NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                   Meet a Musician - Derek Miller  ...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY                    Meet a Music Industry Professional – Alan Greyeyes                    by Kim...
NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                   Take It Away Bear Creek                   by Mary Elliott                   ...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY                     Just Reach Out - Back To High School Transition Guide                     b...
READING LEVEL 3                             NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                   Story Keepers                   ...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY                     Winning in Your Workplace for Aboriginal Workers                     by Nin...
NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                                       WORKBOOKSSinew and Sage Work book Series     Sinew is li...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY                       Omuskegowak: Cree People of James Bay                       by Annie Asha...
NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                   Empowering the Learner 2: Native Literacy Workbook                   by Bria...
EDUCATORORESOURCES                               F I RST NATI N LI TERACY                   Illustrated History of the Chi...
NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS                   Vision Guiding Native Literacy                   by Priscilla George        ...
F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY                           LANGUAGE RESOURCES                    Anishinaabemowin Maajaamigad - ...
NLP book catalogue 2012
NLP book catalogue 2012
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NLP book catalogue 2012


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Ningwakwe Learning Press publishes and distributes authentic Canadian First Nation/Aboriginal books and resources for literacy and education.

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NLP book catalogue 2012

  1. 1. NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS 2012 Issue Contents Reading Resources Level 1 ------------------------- 4 Level 2 ------------------------- 8 Level 3 ----------------------- 12 Workbooks --------------------- 14 Educator’s Resources -------- 16 Language Material------------ 19 Mailing Address: Email: Saugeen First Nation GMB #56 Site 3A publisher@firstnationliteracy.comSouthampton, Ontario, Canada N0H 2L0 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 (519) 372-9855 Publishing Centre: Fax: (519) 372-1684 1190 2nd Avenue East 3rd Floor Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H9 www.firstnationliteracy.comNLP acknowledges the financial support of the Province of Ontario through the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.2 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  2. 2. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY Ningwakwe Learning Press (NLP) has been publishing culturally appropriate resources for the Aboriginal literacy field in North America since 1996. By developing and distributing essential skills learning materials, NLP provides needed resources to literacy students and programs across Canada which in turn enables them to support development of employability skills and support the transition to independence. We look forward to sharing our cultures and our resources with you. Thank you! Ningwakwe Learning Press Ningwakwe Learning Press has organized the 2012 catalogue to loosely reflect the three levels of the new Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework. All of our reading resources meet the requirements of addressing learners’ needs, are culturally appropriate and reflect adult learning principles. However, only some of the newer resources make explicit the connection to the task-based and goal paths of the OALCF. These reading resources have an accompanying teacher’s guide that can be downloaded online from Teacher’s Guides and Student Activities available for download are marked with this file folder icon. You may also inquiry about purchasing printed copies of these additional resources by contacting our sales department.Phone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 3
  3. 3. NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS READING LEVEL 1 Ningwakwe’s ABC Book: Aboriginal Illustrations of the Alphabet Illustrated by Doug Maracle Vibrant watercolour illustrations create a stimulating learning environment of the alphabet. Aboriginal cultural objects, teachings, people and activities make this a joy to read for all ages.Date: 2008 2nd PrintingISBN: 978-1-896832-26-556 pgs $ 25.95 Through the Eyes of Our Elders: Cooking by Letitia Root, Sharon George, Anissa Nashkewa Step-by-step directions, supply lists and detailed photos walk the reader through the making of bannock or scone and corn soup. OjibweDate: 2004 Elders supplied the knowledge and expertise for this fun project thatISBN: 978-1-896832-46-3 teaches you a few traditional Ojibwe cooking recipes.48 pgs $10.95 Through the Eyes of Our Elders: Quilting by Letitia Root, Sharon George, Anissa Nashkewa You could make your own quilt by following the easy-read text and accompanying photos. Ojibwe elders provided the knowledge andDate: 2004 expertise for this fun project. This booklet could be used as a craftISBN: 978-1-896832-48-7 guide or as a cultural reading material.36 pgs $10.95 Through the Eyes of Our Elders: Quill Basket Making by Letitia Root, Sharon George, Anissa Nashkewa This 36 page booklet explains step by step the process of making a quill basket with easy-read text and photos. Ojibwe elders providedDate: 2004ISBN: 978-1-896832-47-0 the knowledge and expertise for this fun project.36 pgs $10.95 Frybread by Ferguson Plain Dakota’s friends had never seen frybread before. Dakota explains how it is made. Frybread, scone, bannock, or gullet, there are asDate: 2003 many ways to call it as there is to make it. Written and illustrated byISBN: 978-1-896832-39-5 Ferguson Plain, he combines elements of his Ojibwe culture with28 pgs $15.95 realism and mysticism in his drawing. 4 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  4. 4. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY Potato Soup by Ferguson Plain Jethro entertains his guest with one of his famous stories over a bowl of his even-more-famous pinaboo ~ potato soup. Jethro tells a Date: 2004 story of the Great Nanaboozho and how he tried to catch Waaboos ~ ISBN: 978-1-896832-49-4 rabbit. It is a fun story of why the rabbit has long ears and back feet. 68 pgs $25.95 The Truth About Nibbles by Lenore Keeshig-Tobias & David McLaren Authors Lenore Keeshig-Tobias and David McLaren have masterfully incorporated a contemporary First Nation family in their day-to-day setting with traditional teachings in a Date: 2005 humourous and insightful story. The Families-Read-Together format ISBN: 978-1-896832-52-4 64 pgs $25.95 of these books include two different reading levels. A smaller-print text is intended for the adult to read aloud to the child. Larger-print text in the book is intended for the child to read at a Grade 2 level. Seven Gifts for Cedar by Cherie Dimaline This charming and descriptive story teaches the core traditional First Nation cultural values in a contemporary setting. It portrays the strong ties that exist within First Nation families and communities. Date: 2010 The Families-Read-Together format features two levels of reading. ISBN: 978-1-897541-11-1 56 pgs $ 25.95 The Illustrated History of the Chippewas of Nawash Illustrated by Polly Keeshig-Tobias The comic book storyline was developed to present locally specific historical facts about First Nation territorial and fishing rights around the Owen Sound and Cape Croker areas. Date: 1996 ISBN: 0-9680904-0-0 Teacher’s Guide on Page 17 90 pgs $24.95 Cedar Child - Hear the Teachings by Annie Ashamock Annie Ashamock has written this strong, moving story about a First Nation woman’s life experiences. It is a story with a theme that is shared through the different indigenous cultures of Turtle Island. The Date: 2007 traditional oral teachings and method of storytelling is attempted to be ISBN: 978-1-896832-76-0 recreated in the accompanying CD that tells the same story in Ojibwe. 36 pgs $25.95Phone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 5
  5. 5. NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESSJourneys of the SpiritVarious Authors This anthology series features writings by First Nation, Inuit and Métis literacy learners from across Canada. Journeys of the Spirit provides the reader with a variety of voices and realities, as learners share their triumphs and struggles through their stories and poetry. We hope that these writings will help to inspire other learners and authors as well as promoting a deeper understanding of the issues. Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3Date: 2000 Date: 2003 Date: 2007ISBN: 978-1-896832-20-3 ISBN: 978-1-896832-42-5 ISBN: 978-1-896832-82-164 pgs $ 16.95 80 pgs $16.95 92 pgs $16.95 Healthy Life Series Volume 1 Choosing Life: Bobby’s Story by Dr. Gilles Pinette This emotional story is about a First Nation youth struggling with his friend’s suicide. It includes warnings signs and what to do if you knowDate: 2002ISBN: 978-1-896832-33-3 someone is suicidal. Dr. Pinette blends evidence-based Western28 pgs $10.95 medicine with traditional indigenous teachings on health. Healthy Life Series Volume 2 Diabetes and Diet: Ivan’s Story by Dr. Gilles Pinette Forty-year-old Ivan has been diagnosed with diabetes, like so many other First Nation people. Ivan’s success story is about him takingDate: 2002 control of diabetes rather than letting the disease rule his life. ThisISBN: 978-1-896832-34-028 pgs $10.95 book can be used for personal education or to teach others on diabetes and diet. Healthy Life Series Volume 3 Healthy Pregnancy: Jenny’s Story by Dr. Gilles Pinette A young couple want to have a baby. They knew that preparing forDate: 2002 a healthy pregnancy is the first step. Jenny learns to stay healthyISBN: 978-1-896832-32-6 in all areas of the Medicine Wheel in order to give their baby the24 pgs $10.95 best start in life.6 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  6. 6. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY Healthy Life Series Volume 4 Emotional Wellness by Dr. George Renfrey In the tradition of our culture, this teaching about emotional well-being Date: 2007 will be told through a story. Mary started to recognize the signs of ISBN: 978-1-896832-62-3 stress creeping into her life once more. She knew it was time to do 24 pgs $10.95 something about it before it led to depression. Healthy Life Series Volume 5 Understanding Cancer by John Rice In the tradition of our culture, this teaching about understanding cancer in our communities will be told through a story. A grandfather Date: 2008 explains to his granddaughter the dangers of cancer and ways to ISBN: 978-1-896832-96-8 cope. 25 pgs $10.95 Healthy Life Series Volume 6 HIV/AIDS Awareness: Sage’s Story by Martha Troain In Sage’s Story, a positive HIV diagnosis affects the life of a young Anishinaabe woman. Her best friend, an Elder and her family Date: 2011 accompany her on this journey of emotional and physical healing. ISBN: 978-1-897541-29-6 25 pgs $10.95 Her doctor also recommends ways to stay healthy. She learns that life goes on. Honouring Our Peacekeepers: An Overview of Aboriginal Veterans & Peacekeepers by Ningwakwe Learning Press For thousands of years, the roles of peacekeeper, warrior, and veteran Date: 2008 were extremely important for First Nations people. We recognize ISBN: 978-1-896832-57-9 that these soldiers overcame great challenges and made inspiring 28 pgs $10.95 sacrifices to help this nation. They fought to make sure we keep our freedoms that we enjoy today. Listening to Mother Earth and Father Sky: Teachings for Urban Aboriginals by Michele Graveline Mother Earth and Father Sky are always available to remind us about our relationship with everything around us. Your increased awareness and appreciation for our environment will lead you to make changes. Date: 2012 ISBN: 978-1-897541-35-7 This book acknowledges and respects the various teachings from the 64 pgs $25.95 unique Inuit, First Nation and Métis groups found all across Canada.Phone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 7
  7. 7. READING LEVEL 2 NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS Meet a Musician - Derek Miller by Kim Ziervogel Award-winning guitarist, song writer and music producer Derek Miller reflects on what it takes to be a Career Path successful musician. Choices This seriesDate: 2007 of bookletsISBN: 978-1-896832-69-2 showcases young Canadian First16 pgs $15.95 Nation, Inuit and Métis people Meet a Dentist - Dennis Hewitt engaged in interesting careers. by Kim Ziervogel It highlights their hard work and Follow the road to becoming determination and some interesting a dentist with Dennis Hewitt. facts about their chosen profession. He charts out his inspiration, challenges, college years and first practical experience years.Date: 2007ISBN: 978-1-896832-68-520 pgs $15.95 Meet a Police Officer - Mueller Sisters by Kim Ziervogel Three Albertan Métis sisters join the Royal Mounted Canadian Police. Read about their journey to becoming police officers. They provide a glimpse into what hard work and determination is required to reaching their goals.Date: 2007ISBN: 978-1-896832-70-820 pgs $15.95 Meet a Journalist - Waubgeshig Rice by Kim Ziervogel Waub has been a reporter on Canada’s national news station, CBC, Date: 2009 in Winnipeg and now in Ottawa. Before he went to ISBN: 978-1-897541-04-3 CBC, Waub wasn’t even a journalist. How did he get 16 pgs $15.95 his start in journalism? Meet a Veterinarian - Candace Grier-Lowe by Kim Ziervogel The inspiration Candace found in her parents allowed her to pursue Date: 2009 her goal of becoming a vet. It is this strong sense ISBN: 978-1-897541-05-0 of family, which Candace credits in helping her to 16 pgs $15.95 understand the amazing bonds between families and their pets, she says, as she lovingly refers to pets as “furry family members.”8 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  8. 8. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY Meet a Music Industry Professional – Alan Greyeyes by Kim Ziervogel Alan is the Aboriginal music program coordinator and provides advice to Aboriginal recording artists on everything from setting up a business to understanding the world of copyright. Find out more about his unique career and how it all began. Date: 2009 ISBN: 978-1-897541-06-7 20 pgs $15.95 Drum Making - A Guide for the Anishinaabe Hand Drum Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Skills Volume 1 by Waubgeshig Rice The drum has been a cornerstone of First Nations culture since time immemorial. This guidebook explores the roots of the Anishinaabe Date: 2005 hand drum and leads you through one contemporary method used ISBN: 978-1-896832-54-8 to make your own hand drum. 60 pgs $25.95 Harvesting - Cree Hunting and Gathering Techniques Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Skills Volume 2 by Edmund Metatawabin James Bay Cree author, Edmund Metatawabin, provides specific details and photos that show the traditional methods of collecting Date: 2008 berries and medicines, conservation fishing and hunting techniques. ISBN: 978-1-896832-71-5 This inter-generational approach to sharing traditional knowledge is 60 pgs $25.95 told in the form of a fictional story. Beadwork - First Peoples’ Beading History and Techniques by Christi Belcourt First Nations, Métis and Inuit beadwork are beautiful art forms that are unique to North America. As an expression of cultural identity, it is also an art form that connects us to the skills, the sacrifices and the creativity of our ancestors. This book explores the history of Date: 2010 ISBN: 978-1-897541-25-8 beads; the cultural and spiritual significance of beadwork; various 62 pgs $ 25.95 techniques used in beadwork regional styles in Canada. Includes diagrams and step-by-step instructions. Find NLP on the Internet Twitter: firstnationbook facebookPhone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 9
  9. 9. NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS Take It Away Bear Creek by Mary Elliott Young people struggle with alcohol, drugs, personal issues, education and self- identity. The Bear Creek Singers want to share their message of empowerment, pride, and identity, so they can leave a good trailDate: 2002 for other youth to follow. This youthful magazine-style layout includesISBN: 978-1-896832-40-140 pgs $ 10.95 photos and personal stories about this group of First Nation youth from the Sault Ste. Marie area. Are You Ready to Mind Your Own Business? by Narda Kathaleen Iulg So, you think you would like to start your own business? Whatever the reason you have for starting your own business, this workbook asks you questions that will help focus your thinking in the right direction. Author, Narda Kathaleen Iulg talks to you from her own experienceDate: 2010 in this First Nation specific resource on being an entrepreneur.ISBN: 978-1-897541-14-2138 pgs $ 30.95 Stray Dog Moccasins by Marilyn Dumont From award winning author Marilyn Dumont comes the story of Wryly, a young Métis man surviving on the streets of Edmonton while chasing his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Wryly’s easy- to-read story brings you inside a contemporary urban Aboriginal world youDate: 2009 won’t soon forget.ISBN: 978-1-897541-08-195 pgs $15.95 The Potawatomi Our History, Our Story, Our Future Volume 1 by Arthur “Butch” ElliottDate: 2009 The Potawatomi is a summary of the stories that Butch Elliott toldISBN: 978-1-896832-99-9 about his people. This book creates an understanding and awareness34 pgs $23.95 of the Potawatomi as a distinct people with an important history. The Lunaape Our History, Our Story, Our Future Volume 2 by Brent Stonefish The Lunaape are one of the more than 600 unique and distinct FirstDate: 2012 Nations in Canada today. Who are the little-known Lunaape people?ISBN: 978-1-897541-31-938 pgs $23.95 They have their own unique language and culture and have called Ontario home for hundreds of years. This book shares one Lunaape’s search for his identity and the exploration of his people.10 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  10. 10. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY Just Reach Out - Back To High School Transition Guide by Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline, Michele Graveline and Amber Graveline This book is for students who are continuing on into high school, returning to high school or relocating to a new program outside of their home community. Just Reach Out is based on bringing Aboriginal Date: 2008 ways of life, learning, and sharing into our everyday lives. ISBN: 978-1-897541-02-9 64 pgs $25.95 M’Daa Kendaaswin to Look for Knowledge: Anishinaabe Men’s Teachings As told by Vernon Roote to Cindy Davidson There are now multiple generations in a row of children who have grown up without fathers in their lives. This book describes the Date: 2005 personal stories of Ojibway Elder, Vernon Roote, and how these ISBN: 978-1-896832-54-8 teachings apply to men today. 60 pgs $19.95 Laughter is Good Medicine – Don Burnstick by Waubgeshig Rice Don Burnstick’s, world-famous Aboriginal comedian, message has always been constant: laugh, stay positive and never give up. Don has been a catalyst in the healing and wellness movement for the past twenty years and has used humour and performance to provide Date: 2009 a holistic approach to healing. ISBN: 978-1-897541-07-4 95 pgs $15.95 Our Original Games: A Look at Aboriginal Sport in Canada by Bruce Miller This book provides a unique look at First Nation, Inuit and Métis people of North America and how Sport and Recreation was an Date: 2008 2nd Printing integral part of life for us then, and still is today. First Nation, Inuit ISBN: 978-1-896832-30-2 and Métis sport role models are highlighted for their achievement 68 pgs $15.95 and contribution to our community and society. Stepping Up: A Personal Guide to Being an Involved Citizen in a First Nation Community by Jody Kechego This book encourages involvement in your community ur and to be the change you want to see in the world. It introduces the concept of citizenship from a personal perspective and how First Date: 2011 Nation reserves are funded and how their infrastructure is organized. ISBN: 978-1-897541-32-6 68 pgs $15.95Phone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 11
  11. 11. READING LEVEL 3 NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS Story Keepers Conversations with Aboriginal Writers by Jennifer David First Nation, Inuit and Métis writers are transforming a strong oral storytelling tradition into a written one. Meet Jeanette Armstrong, Louise Halfe, Maria Campbell, Drew Hayden Taylor, Basil Johnston,Date: 2005ISBN: 978-1-896832-51-7 Ruby Slipperjack-Farell, Gregory Scofield, Armand Ruffo, Richard100 pgs $20.95 Van Camp and Lee Maracle. Zaagidiwin is a Many Splendoured Thing Love Laughter and Learning Stories from Aboriginal Writers Various authors Award winning author Drew Hayden Taylor has written the foreword to this unique compilation of short stories about one of life’s mostDate: 2008 passionate emotions – love.ISBN: 978-1-896832-90-6106 pgs $25.95 The Power of Alliance: A History of the Three Fires Confederacy by Larry Leblanc This historical novel is set between 1615 and 1662 and focuses on the original people of Manitoulin Island in Ontario. It tells the story of the Three Fires Confederacy; the Ojibwe, Odawa-Ottawa, andDate: 2002 Potawatomi. It illustrates the success that comes to these threeISBN: 1-896832-25-3 tribes when they join forces.194 pgs $ 25.95 Moving Beyond: Understanding the Impacts of Residential Schools by Brent Stonefish Canada’s residential school system continues to have a great impact on First Nation people. The focus of this book is to highlight some positive approaches and paths to healing and will promote healthyDate: 2007 individuals, families and communities.ISBN: 978-1-896832-81-464 pgs $20.95 Careers in the Skilled Trades A Resource for Aboriginal People by Jennifer David So, you think you might want to be an apprentice? This handbook will help guide you through the steps you need to make an informedDate: 2008 decision about apprenticeships. It will tell you about possible jobsISBN: 978-1-896832-93-7 available, how to get training and what to expect.64 pgs $25.9512 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  12. 12. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY Winning in Your Workplace for Aboriginal Workers by Ningwakwe, Priscilla George This informative guide is told in a narrative fashion. It includes tips, tricks and many ‘unwritten rules’ that will assist First Nation, Inuit and Métis employees to succeed in their workplace. Date: 2008 ISBN: 978-1-896832-88-3 36 pgs $25.95 Success in Your Studies for Aboriginal Students by Brent Stonefish This book will help First Nation, Inuit and Métis adult learners excel and achieve their educational goals when attending a post-secondary program. It looks at the various aspects of student life that one may Date: 2007 face while going to school. These aspects include such things as ISBN: 978-1-896832-77-7 academics, economics, social, family, health and the most important 38 pgs $25.95 part, one’s own personal well-being. ReVision Quest Episodes Available 1. Labels 2. Free Stuff 3. Languages 4. Oka: 20 Years Later 5. Truth and Reconciliation Download the teacher’s guide and student activities for each episode online at: Ningwakwe Learning Press has developed literacy lesson plans to go with the engaging, contemporary, cultural content that CBC has produced in their series, ReVision Quest. “ReVision Quest mixes personal storytelling, current affairs interviews and comedy to explore issues affecting Native peoples today. It’s a show about the First Nations experience, created by all First Nations producers. ” Download the Teacher’s Guide and Student Activities which include more cultural information, thought provoking questions and tasks for literacy learners. Listen to the podcast online or download it for later. 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 13
  13. 13. NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS WORKBOOKSSinew and Sage Work book Series Sinew is like reading and writing. It is the strength that binds your life skills together. The spirit of this workbook is the cultural teachings and stories you will learn while doing the grammar lessons. Sage represents the spirit. This Aboriginal, culture-based workbook series focuses on learning the fundamentals of grammar and writing. The student-approved short-story format, with easy to follow instructions and a predictable sequence of lessons, make these workbooks learner-friendly. Sinew and Sage 1 Sinew and Sage 2 Aboriginal Literacy Workbook Aboriginal Literacy Workbook by Melanie Ferris by Melanie Ferris Date: 2007 Date: 2007 ISBN: 978-1-896832-75-3 ISBN: 978-1-896832-78-4 36 pgs $10.95 36 pgs $10.95 Sinew and Sage 3 Sinew and Sage 4 Aboriginal Literacy Workbook Aboriginal Literacy Workbook by Melanie Ferris by Mary Shem Date: 2009 Date: 2010 ISBN: 978-1-896832-94-4 ISBN: 978-1-897541-26-5 72 pgs $13.95 72 pgs $20.95 Fire and Water: Original Teachings & Today’s Duties by Nancy Cooper Learn about two of the responsibilities that were given to men and women - fire and water. This book will provide examples of how men and women today are still being responsible for these teachingsDate: 2009 through their activism. The CD includes an audio version of theISBN: 978-1-897541-00-5 Ojibwe Creation Story.24 pgs $20.95 Exploring Measurement by Rhonda Hopkins and Robin King-Stonefish This measurement workbook will help to build the literacy learner’s knowledge and skills of measurement from a contemporary Anishnaabe view. This workbook includes comparisons andDate: 2003 information that relates to how the Anishnaabe viewed and usedISBN: 978-1-896832-41-8 measurements. Answer key included.44 pgs $15.9514 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  14. 14. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY Omuskegowak: Cree People of James Bay by Annie Ashamock This workbook about the Cree people of the James Bay area is written in syllabics. There are stories with accompanying literacy exercises in Cree. The stories have been translated into English in order to share Date: 2003 with others the history and knowledge of these people. ISBN: 978-1-896832-43-2 64 pgs $15.95 Fill It In: Working with Forms by Christianna Jones and Kate Thompson Forms are very common today, but many people feel confused about them. “Fill It In” contains paper-based and links to Internet forms that touch on work, personal and school life. It also explains many of the Date: 2009 “rules” about forms that may not normally be explained. ISBN: 978-1-897541-03-6 80 pgs $20.95 Ten Legends Workbook: Ojibwa and Iroquois Legends edited by Jim Tole Each of the ten teachings are followed by the same type and order of activities. Repetition can be reassuring for new readers because there is a predictable pattern. There is an answer key for all the Date: 1998 exercises in the back. ISBN: 978-1-896832-08-1 90 pgs $13.95 Feathers of Freedom by Sharon Bannon This literacy workbook focuses on issues and concerns that may be relevant to First Nation, Inuit and Métis inmates and parolees of correctional institutions, as well as other learners. Embracing the holistic approach to literacy, this workbook incorporates spiritual Date: 2002 teachings with reading and writing fundamentals and exercises. ISBN: 978-1-896832-35-7 63 pgs $15.95 A History of the Ojibwe People by Mike Anderson and Miranda Perrault This workbook contains basic information about the Ojibwe culture and lifestyles specific to the Rainy River district. Recipes, Ojibwe words and translated stories are included along with exercises for each section. Date: 1998 ISBN: 1-896832-09-1 48 pgs $10.95Phone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 15
  15. 15. NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS Empowering the Learner 2: Native Literacy Workbook by Brian Hawker A multi-level workbook that accompanies “Empowering the Spirit 2.” Each of the 30 chapters starts with a brief story about traditional First Nation teachings or contemporary issues and topics. The lessons provide learners with culturally based information that is meaningful,Date: 2005 interesting, and that strengthens and tests literacy skills.ISBN: 978-1-896832-53-1150 pgs $20.95 Creations from the Heart - Native Crafts & Learning Activities by Jameson C. Brant Creations from the Heart provides interesting and straightforward ‘how-to’ craft based learning activities and combines them withDate: 2006 literacy and numeracy exercises. This book provides helpful waysISBN: 978-1-896832-55-538 pgs $20.95 to incorporate the learner’s familiarity into practical everyday use. EDUCATOR RESOURCES Empowering the Spirit 2 by Mary Elliott NLP’s most popular curriculum has been updated with the most recent research and includes more cultural support for practitioners. The 30 lesson plans have been restructured using the medicine wheel as a guide and organized by Ontario LBS literacy levels.Date: 2003ISBN: 978-1-896832-44-9186 pgs $60.95 Creations from the Heart - Educator’s Guide by Jameson Brant The Educator’s Guide provides the answers to the craft based learning activities found in the accompanying workbook. This guide also includes the literacy learning demonstrations for the exercises.Date: 2006ISBN: 978-1-896832-58-616 pgs $10.9516 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  16. 16. EDUCATORORESOURCES F I RST NATI N LI TERACY Illustrated History of the Chippewas of Nawash: Teacher’s Guide by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm and Julianna Damm This 21 chapter guide accompanies the comic book and provides culturally appropriate materials, lesson plans and activities. Date: 1998 Comic Book on Page 5 ISBN: 1-896832-11-3 80 pgs $19.95 The Aboriginal Literacy Curriculum Tool Box Cultural Philosophy, Curriculum Design & Strategies for Self-Directed Learning by Janice Brant The book is intended for literacy practitioners interested in fostering a Date: 2006 learner-centered approach. It encourages educators to be innovative, ISBN: 978-1-896832-56-2 creative, and compassionate in their approach and delivery of 50 pgs $25.95 curriculum to First Nation, Inuit and Métis learners. Native Learning Styles: Revised Edition Author: Michael Johnny / Foreward by Diane Hill This revised edition of the original ‘Native Learning Styles: An Assessment Tool’ retains much of the same information that has made this booklet so popular over the years. The updated version incorporates the findings of Diane Hill’s Masters thesis entitled Date: 2002 “Holistic Learning: A Model of Education Based on Aboriginal Cultural ISBN: 978-1-896832-31-9 Philosophy.” 48 pgs $15.95 The Story of the Seven Fires: Teacher’s Manual & Media Presentation by Sally Gaikezheyongai The story of the seven fires teachings, as told by Sally Gaikezheyongai, presents an historical perspective on the evolution of relationships Date: 2002 between the First Nations and Canadian communities. This set ISBN: 978-1-896832-37-1 includes a one hour video of Sally’s live presentation and a Teacher’s 64 pgs $50.95 Manual to enhance the listener’s self-reflective learning process.Phone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 17
  17. 17. NING WAKW E LEARNI NG PRESS Vision Guiding Native Literacy by Priscilla George This book adds to a better overall understanding on what Native literacy is and highlights some successful programs from across Canada.Date: 1997ISBN: 1-896832-07-544 pgs $5.95 A New Vision Guiding Aboriginal Literacy by Ningwakwe George A New Vision Guiding Aboriginal Literacy is the follow-up to Vision Guiding Native Literacy This book will explore themes and criteria for best practices to success in literacy for Aboriginal learners. It highlights some unique definitions of Aboriginal literacy that haveDate: 2010 been developed by different groups and projects across Canada.ISBN: 978-1-897541-27-248 pgs $ 15.95 Assessing Literacy Reading Levels: Evaluating Aboriginal Literacy Material by Nancy Cooper This Assessment and Evaluation guide provides some helpful tools on assessing the reading levels with various systmers (LBS, ES, OCC)Date: 2009 of resources for literacy learners.ISBN: 978-1-896832-98-2 This resource is also available as a free download at24 pgs $10.95 Circle Works: Transforming Aboriginal Literacy by Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline The Circle Works Model is a method of teaching/ learning anti-racism based on ancestral Aboriginal philosophies. This guidebook gives teacher and instructors of adult literacy learners a background and understanding on providingDate: 2012 instruction to aboriginal students. It provides tried and testedISBN: 978-1-897541-33-3 activities, examples and rationale as to how prejudice and stereotypes84 pgs $25.95 may have affecting learning efforts of students.18 Phone: 1-888-551-9757 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684
  18. 18. F I RST NATI O N LI TERACY LANGUAGE RESOURCES Anishinaabemowin Maajaamigad - Learning Ojibwe by Howard Kimewon & Margaret Noori Learn Ojibwe with this kit that will include a story, audio and a complete glossary. Students will not just memorize words but can learn the various ways meaning is created. Exercises, CD and Date: 2009 lexicon included. ISBN: 978-1-896832-97-5 42 pgs $30.95 “Frybread” Translations La Banique de Dakota Translated into Inuk Translated into French by Norman Keenainak by Centre FORA Date: 2008 Date: 2008 ISBN: 978-1-896832-85-2 ISBN: 978-1-896832-89-0 28 pgs $15.95 28 pgs $15.95 Translated into Mohawk Translated into Ojibway by Frank Miller by Evelyn Roy, Date: 2008 M’Chigeeng First Nation ISBN: 978-1-896832-84-5 Date: 2008 28 pgs $15.95 ISBN: 978-1-896832-83-8 28 pgs $15.95 Translated into Cree by Translated into OjiCree Regina Sutherland & Omushkego by Vicky Anges, Wawatay Education Mushkegowuk Council Date: 2008 Date: 2008 ISBN: 978-1-896832-87-6 ISBN: 978-1-896832-86-9 28 pgs $15.95 28 pgs $15.95Phone: 1-519-372-9855 • • Fax: 1-519-372-1684 19