Train car research


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Train car research

  1. 1. John Morrison I have decided to make a boxcar. Boxcars are the most versatile of the train cars, because they can carry a large variety of loads. Box cars resemble rectangular prisms and are usually the same height as the engine car. 087.html&usg I like the idea of the sliding door for easy access to the supplies in the car. Also, it seems like a cool design. ?imgurl=http://farm3.static.flic k I like the idea of a rail guard on the front or back of the box car. This would help prevent people from falling of when crossing in between. a/catalog/product
  2. 2. I like the idea of a rounded toprather than a flat one, becauseit seems like a more sleekdesign, and may stop rain andother unwanted materials frombuilding up on top of it. I think it would be a good idea to add a ladder onto my train car such as this one. This would allow people to be able to reach the top of the boxcar. galleries/2008/digital- photo- manipulation/boxcar/P325 0013-boxcar6.JPG In this boxcar, I feel like the wheels are too far apart, causing it to be unstable. I will space my wheels closer to the ends. tures/old-boxcar.jpg
  3. 3. This open top design could be helpful for me. With either and open top or removable top, I would be able to shell out the inside of the boxcar, allowing it to be hollow. playA handle like this onewould make opening thesliding door on my boxcarmuch easier. I like the idea of a small window on the front of back of the boxcar, so that it could accommodate passengers, or make crossing between train cars easier. rs/danwstephens/2.1255449318 .old-mine-train-cars.jpg
  4. 4. If I had my boxcar double stack like this one, it would be able to carry twice the supplies, making it more efficient. content/uploads/2009/02/toy- train-2.jpgI would like to place my wheels onthe outside of boxcar, because itwill be much easier to design. Alsoby distancing the wheels in thismanner, the train will spread itscenter gravity and have betterbalance. I like the edging around the bottom, because it would provide a step for getting onto the boxcar, while also protecting the tops of my wheels if I placed them on the sides. http://media- s/01/99/02/22/train-cars.jpg
  5. 5. The overhanging top part would provide protection from some of the elements, while also providing a bit of shade if passengers were on board. http://www.medfordmailboxshop. com/Merchant/Images These are the wheels that I want to use on my box car. They will be the same as the ones on the engine, but my boxcar will not have a linkage arm, because only engines are supposed to have those.This is a coupling similar to theone I want to use. One end is ahook (male part) and the otherend is a hole (female part). Thiswill sufficiently connect the twotrain cars while allowing for alarge range in degrees ofmotion.