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AP Information - Graham High School


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Information on Advanced Placement testing at Graham High School.
Credit to District Testing Coordinator, Shannon Bozeman.

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AP Information - Graham High School

  1. 1. AP Student Sessions AP INFORMATION SESSION FEBRUARY 2018
  2. 2. Topics for Discussion  Why should I take the exams?  How much will it cost?  When do I pay for the exams?  What if I’m a 504 student?  When are the exams?  What do I do on the day of the exam?  What am I allowed to bring to the AP exams?  How do I get my results?
  3. 3. AP + PLTW  When you take selected AP and PLTW courses, you can earn a AP + PLTW Student Achievement.  Complete 3 courses in a pathway – one AP, one PLTW, and one additional AP or PLTW, earn a 3+ on AP Exam(s) and a score of Proficient or higher on the PLTW EOC assessment.  Complete the AP + PLTW application on CollegeBoard website.  Applications received by June 30th will be awarded the following fall.
  4. 4. Pathways
  5. 5. Why Take the AP Course?  More than 3,600 colleges and universities annually receive AP Exam scores. Most four-year colleges in the United States provide credit and or advanced placement for qualifying scores.  The work you do here at GHS is aligned to that which you will find at any major college/university  Successful completion of any AP course will demonstrate to universities your willingness to work/study hard and has a strong correlation to success in college/university
  6. 6. Why Take the AP Exams?  The cost of an AP assessment is a fraction of the cost compared to tuition for a college course  Your results will come in July via your AP College Board account  You DON’T have to achieve a 5 on an AP Exam to earn credit.
  7. 7. How Much Will It Cost? 2017-2018 School Year Total Cost Per AP Exam $94 School Site Fee Waver $9 Parent/Student Contribution Per Exam $85
  8. 8. How Much Will It Cost? 2017-2018 School Year Total Cost Per AP Exam $94 College Board Reduction $32 School Site Fee Waver $9 State Contribution Per Exam $24 Federal Payment Per Exam $0 Parent/Student Contribution Per Exam $29
  9. 9. How Much Will It Cost?  Late Testing Fees  $85 + $45(Late test) = $130 Regular Lunch  No late charge for F/R lunch  Test last week of May 18th – 20th
  10. 10. How Does this Work?  What if I’m a 504 student?  Students identified as 504 must see Mr. Bozeman to complete paperwork to ensure accommodations are in place for all assessments.  We MUST send documentation to College Board by February 23rd for review/approval.
  11. 11. How Does this Work?  Students may begin to bring funds now  No test will be ordered if not paid in full  NO $ = NO TESTS ORDERED  NO INSTALLMENTS…PAY IN FULL AT TIME OF ORDER  All funds must be submitted to Mrs. Iltis by March 21st for us to order the exams on time  One check can cover the payment of all exams  Students MUST complete the online google form at the time of payment.
  12. 12. How Does this Work?  Full payment is expected before exams will be ordered  Make checks out to: Graham High School  Memo: AP exam(list your exams)  We will meet again for a pre exam session to complete important identification information on you answer document
  13. 13. When are the Exams?
  14. 14. What Can I Bring W/Me?  Picture ID  No 2 Pencils  Blue or Black ink pen  Watch that doesn’t make sounds  An approved calculator – see approved list at the college board website or ask Mr. Bozeman
  15. 15. What Do I Leave @ Home?  Electronic devices or equipment  Rulers/Scratch Paper/Unapproved Aids  Watches that beep or have multifunction capabilities  Reference guides  Clothing with subject related materials  Food or drink
  16. 16. How Long Must I Wait?  All AP results will be sent to your online AP account.  NO PAPER RESULTS MAILED OUT!  Your results will be sent out in July  aq
  17. 17. Questions?  Visit the College Board website  Talk to Mrs. Morris or Mr. Bozeman  504 Students please visit with Mrs. Husen for accommodations review prior to February 23rd.  Talk to former students