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In this webinar Laura Madsen provides an overview of her new book, "Healthcare Business Intelligence: A Guide to Empowering Successful Data Reporting and Analytics."

Increasing regulatory pressures on healthcare organizations have created a national conversation on data, reporting and analytics in healthcare. Behind the scenes, business intelligence (BI), business analytics, and data warehousing (DW) capabilities are key drivers that empower these functions.

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  • The buzz is nearly deafening. Its important for us to understand what is real, and what is just marketing talk.
  • A report by the McKinsey Global Institute claims a $300 billion annual value to the US healthcare system for just big data analytics. They find this value not in process improvements but in the value of using the data to make modifications to the care we provide. This macro view of data allows us to view patients not as a one-time instance but as a lifetime of history, combined with related patients and their lifetime of history.
  • The ability to analyze large datasets for little known diseases or variations means that we can improve the outcomes of certain conditions. The opportunity to compare behavioral data with clinical data can show us the propensity an individual has in developing a condition (i.e. diabetes) or even tailoring the delivery of care to the individual based on certain preferences.
  • Regardless to how much you have, you must ensure that there is value in managing and storing these enormous amounts of data. With the data storm swirling around us we must ensure that the data is analyzed and used in a way that will benefit patients and the healthcare system positively, not just add more stuff for us to do.
  • Big data has the potential to just be a bigger headache. Noisy data can take over and you have the potential to get lost in the process improvements before gaining any real insight. Know what you are measuring, invest in data that’s valuable and ignore the stuff that doesn’t have tangible, specific value tied to it.
  • Regardless to whether you are a payer or provider, regulatory reporting is a large demand on your reporting resources. You have to chose, pick which one seems like an easier path.
  • Laura Madsen Healthcare Webinar - Big Answers

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    2. 2. IntroductionsLaura Madsen, M.S.Principal Healthcare Leader, Speaker, & Author"Healthcare Business Intelligence: A Guide toEmpowering Successful Data Reporting andAnalytics.”David MorrisBig Data Analytics Marketing – Cetas, By VMwaredmorris@vmware.com2
    3. 3. Big Data Thought Leadership Webinar Series Today’s Big Data Thought Leader: Laura Madsen, M.S. Founder of the Healthcare Business Summit International Healthcare Business Intelligence Speaker & Author Leads the Healthcare Practice for Lancet, a leading BI consulting firm Initiated and supported dozens of BI initiatives and worked with more than 50 health plans  Her most recent work is “Healthcare Business Intelligence: A Guide to Empowering Successful Data Reporting and Analytics.” - Available on Amazon3
    4. 4. Agenda• The impact of business intelligence and big data on healthcare• How to streamline regulatory reporting pressures• How to sidestep the top 10 most common mistakes• Top future trends in Healthcare business intelligence
    5. 5. Impact of Big Data on Healthcare Analytics
    6. 6. Impact of Big Data on Healthcare Analytics
    7. 7. Stats 101 Population - all people, objects, or events that are of interest. Populations are usually defined by one or more specific characteristics. For example, we might be studying the population of all diabetics, which isdefined as all individuals currently diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Research Methods, 7th edition. Sample Population
    8. 8. How can Big Data change healthcare?
    9. 9. Value in the eye of the (big data) storm
    10. 10. Just Know…• Getting value from data is more about people and process than tools and systems.
    11. 11. What that means…• Tools will not solve the hard issues• It will require someone’s gray matter
    12. 12. Regulatory Pressures
    13. 13. Streamlining
    14. 14. Don’t do this!10. Make a consultant the leader of your program9. Underestimate the importance of ETL8. Ignore the value of Data Governance7. Forget to manage the project6. Fail to incorporate business users5. Overlook Change management4. Disregard Release cycles3. Don’t neglect your staff2. Ignore the Maintenance1. Forget to deliver value
    15. 15. Future Trends
    16. 16. Future Trends
    17. 17. Privacy
    18. 18. Big Data Thought Leadership Webinar Series Questions & Answers Laura Madsen — Principal Healthcare Leader, BI Evangelist, Speaker, & Author - @lbmadsen 952-230-9299 Twitter: @lbmadsen Blog: Available on BeyeNetwork, co-host of the Healthcare Amazon Channel
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