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Information about the women of The Democratic Republic of Congo.

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  1. 1. Women’s Studies 420 Info about ME and the WOMEN of The Democratic Republic of Congo By: H e ath e r M .
  2. 2. About ME I am a Biology Major as well as double minoring in English with an emphasis in writing and chemistry. This is my 4th year at MSUM I plan on attending Physician Assistant school when I graduate.......where I don’t know yet
  3. 3. More about ME I have 2 brothers, Justin and Harrison, and a German Shepherd named Elsa I am the oldest I grew up on farm Fun Fact: All the girls in my family were born in April and all the boys were born in October
  4. 4. Some More about ME I have been coaching volleyball in the Fargo area for 3 years I LOVE CSI: Las Vegas and Criminal Minds I’m not a fan of Math My favorite color is Green I absolutely LOVE the Ocean
  5. 5. Women of The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) These women and young girls are some of the strongest women out there (emotionally, mentally and physically) They go through events you and I can’t even imagine They are treated like garbage by men they once trusted Men from armies who fight for freedom, yet captivate women and hold them prisoner for their pleasure
  6. 6. Women of DRC Women and young girls (ages from 1 year to 80 years) are often taken from places such as the market, the fields, and their own home. They are either sold into brothels, sex trafficking, or held captive for as long as the men want them. They are raped over and over countless times per day Many women acquire multiple STD’s and even AIDS which cuts their lives short
  7. 7. Women of DRC If women who are captured don’t comply to the men they are often killed. If the men don’t think the women are good enough they as well are killed Many of these women who are raped often become pregnant and die during childbirth. If the women are let go they often die of complications with STD’s or AIDS The life expectancy for women is only 46 years old.
  8. 8. What is being DONE to HELP these WOMEN? In January 2008 a ceasefire was signed to restore peace and stop the war. The rapes, abuse, torture, and violence still continue today in The Democratic Republic of Congo Women are taken in by The Panzi Hospital of Bukavu and treated for their sexual abuse. Of the 350 patients the hospital holds over 250 are survivors of sexual abuse.
  9. 9. Organizations Multiple organizations have been set up around the world to help these women. A popular organization is Women for Women International which helps women in African countries They raise money thru donations and give these women a chance for an education, to have food, water, and necessities, and to give them a new start.
  10. 10. Sources To learn more about the organization go to www.womenfor