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14.04.04 exegesis lent 5

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14.04.04 exegesis lent 5

  1. 1. In our culture, though eternal life is chased after, resurrection is feared. What does new life mean for the Christian?
  2. 2. 1 My song is love unknown, My Savior’s love to me; Love to the loveless shown, That they might lovely be. O who am I, that for my sake My Lord should take, frail flesh and die? 2 Christ came from heaven's throne Salvation to bestow; But people scorned, and none The longed-for Christ would know: But O! my Friend, my Friend indeed, Who at my need His life did spend. 3 Sometimes they strew His way, And His sweet praises sing; Resounding all the way Hosannas to their King: Then “Crucify!” is all their breath, And for His death they thirst and cry. 4 They rise, and needs will have My dear Lord made away; A murderer they saved, The Prince of life they slay, Yet cheerful He to suffering goes, That He His foes from thence might free. 5 Here might I stay and sing, No story so divine; Never was love, dear King! Never was grief like Thine. This is my Friend, in Whose sweet praise I all my days could gladly spend.
  3. 3. Let us pray for the whole Church of God in Christ Jesus and for all people according to their needs. Brief silence Lord of life, speak hope and life to the dry bones of Your people. You alone can raise us up from sin’s body of death. Renew what You have begun in us by the living waters of our Baptism, lead us by the voice of Your Word and nourish us by the food of this Holy Communion. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer. Lord of life, breathe in us Your Holy Spirit, that we may respond to Your Word and Sacraments with faith and walk in the way of Christ all the days of our lives… Lord of life, equip Your Church to speak boldly Your Word of rescue to the nations. Bless Matthew, our Synod president; [_________, our district president; _________, our pastor(s);] and all pastors and church workers, that they may be faithful in their service and that their ministry might be fruitful for Your purpose…. Lord of life, extend Your blessing to the mission fields and partner churches who work with us for the sake of Your Kingdom throughout the world. Bless the work of the missionary and church planter here and everywhere. Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer. Lord of life, rescue us from this world of death, violence, war and injustice. Raise up here and everywhere godly men and women to pursue peace and protect the weak. Bless [_________, our president; _________, our governor; _________, our mayor; and] all elected and appointed civil servants…
  4. 4. Lord of life, bless all husbands and wives, parents and children. Make their homes places of blessing, faith and love. Lead them in the pursuit of that which is good, right, true and honorable, that in word and deed Your name may be glorified… Lord of life, comfort all who suffer illness, pain and want. Give to them healing, strength, relief and peace according to Your good and gracious will. [Remember especially _________ and all whom we name before You in our hearts.] & OTHER PETITIONS… Lord of life, accept the tithes and offerings we bring today as part of our worship and praise. live in harmony with one another through forgiveness, that what we receive in the Holy Supper of Christ’s body and blood we may keep faithfully all our lives. … Lord of life, You have promised that what we ask in faith, You will hear and answer for our good and the good of the Kingdom. Give us such faith, that we may pray with confidence and rejoice that Your good and gracious will is done in us, among us and through us… Into Your hands, O Lord, we commend ourselves and all for whom we pray, trusting in Your mercy for the sake of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
  5. 5. Jesus Christ Is the Resurrection & the Life

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