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Using social media_to_launch_your_campaign_or_


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Harvard Kennedy School presentation 2011

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Using social media_to_launch_your_campaign_or_

  1. 1. Using Social Media toLaunch Your Campaign or Organization Brand and Message September 19, 2011
  2. 2. What Were Going to Do Today•  Establishing your brand•  Translating brand into your digital presence
  3. 3. What Youre Up Against•  Each day, US adults absorb:•  34 GB data over 11.8 hours (USCD)•  65% of online adults use social media (Pew)•  Adults using the internet as primary news source up 17% between 2009-2010 (Pew)•  1 in 4 adults accessed most of their 2010 campaign news online (Pew)•  3-fold increase from 2002
  4. 4. Why START our presentation with branding? •  Social media isn’t a SOLUTION, it’s a tool that can be deployed strategically in support of a larger organizational or campaign goal. •  A brilliant social media strategy cannot compensate for a campaign or organization that lacks a strong, memorable brand.
  5. 5. Whats a Brand?**What promises does your brand make?**
  6. 6. Example: Ben & Jerry’s v. Godiva
  7. 7. Must-Haves of a Brand Promise•  It must respond to a need or problem FedEx will get my•  It must differentiate you package there overnight from the competition•  It must be simple to understand Volvo will keep my o  It must be compact family safe o  It must be easy for customers to translate into their own words Obama will change the o  It must be about one direction of our country. thing•  It must be emotionally powerful
  8. 8. What are Messages? Its the economy, stupid.
  9. 9. Content and Distribution Channels PR TV/Ads Platform: content Influencers Partner Email Search Mobile Facebook YouTube Events Twitter (blogs) organizations Online adsYour brand iseverywhere, and it’sconsistent!
  10. 10. Baseline: Website•  Your website houses your content•  Content’s purpose: o  Who we are (delivering on the promise) o  How you can join us o  What we’re doing and why it’s so crucial o  Who pays the bills•  Most people won’t come back to your site voluntarily…you need to go out and get them
  11. 11. Use Your Channels for MessageGetting to know you•  Search engine visibility•  Presence on major platforms and networks•  Building the relationshipNews/Rapid response•  Twitter (esp. for media and influentials)•  Email list•  Know what your opposition is doing online•  MobilizationNiche marketing, not mass•  Use channels to tailor your message and make it relevant•  Build relationships
  12. 12. SEARCH
  13. 13. Source: Quantcast;
  14. 14. Message: Bulk EmailCollect email at every chance you get•  Site•  Events•  All posters, collateralGoogle Groups•  Segment, internalStreamSend, MyEmma, Constant Contact•  Stats, spam filters, segmenting•  How does your email list bump up against socialmedia?
  15. 15. Mobilizing
  16. 16. Mobilizing/Oppo•  Google Calendar •  Google Alerts•  MeetUp •  Free social media tools•  Facebook •••  Office Hours•  Emails!
  17. 17. Running on PEOPLEIt’s all about retail politics! •  Thank you’s, follow ups and celebrations! •  Give people a chance to growLIST MAINTENANCE •  Your list is your source of power!Social Events outside of just electoral work •  People come for the cause and stay for coffeeSocial Networks are key •  They save money and time •  Positive use of social pressure – the bandwagon effect.Source: Tanya Tarr,
  18. 18. Social Networks are not a Silver Bullet•  Social networks are the interactive visibility tool of the digital age•  Thousands of followers or “likes” dont directly translate into votes or action•  Social networks are only one tool at a campaigns disposal
  19. 19. Good Sites•••••  What You Need to Know About Facebook Marketing: http://•  PDF “Who to Hire”
  20. 20. Finally...•  Don’t underestimate interns and young staffers•  But don’t shortchange your web program. It IS worth your personal and loving attention!