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  • 81% of users of global internet properties are outside the USA!
  • Social networks Google+ Facebook – if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3 rd most populated Bebo – appealed to audiences outside of the America, purchased by AOL in March 2008 Orkut – social network that was owned by Google, most visited sites in India and Brazil Hi5 – social network with focus on social gaming MySpace – dropped down from being one of the top social networking sites, purchased by News Corp. in 2006 Micro-blogging Twitter Tumblr – active community, also allows app development Posterous Plurk – Similar to Twitter, used quite a bit in Asia (Taiwan) Location-based Foursquare Gowalla Instagram Brightkite
  • Livestreaming Ustream Qik – allows live mobile streaming from cell phones and shared on multiple social media sites and two way conference YouTube – allows users to produce and watch live streaming video and broadcast Niche Networks Ning LinkedIn Crowdvine Meetup Social bookmarks / crowd sourced content Digg Delicious Stumbleupon Twine
  • Social Q&A Quora Yahoo! Answers Formspring Social Gaming Zynga Farmville Empireavenue – stock market simulation social network game where people buy and sell shares of people and websites Group Buying Groupon LivingSocial Rue La la – not really group buying, but a new way people are purchasing items
  • Enterprise Social Communications Tools Yammer Chatter – is real-time collaboration tool for the enterprise, allows employees to share information with coworkers Blog communities Blogged – blog directory where people can Bloglines – web based aggregator Wiki Wikipedia Wikispaces – platform to create their own wiki
  • Just pick 3
  • Elite position based on expertise, passion, frequency of communication Influencers can ’t be bought, and start off neutral – which is why their potential is so great Influencers are not equal – they can be assessed, ranked and prioritized Research Advertising Web Development Public Affairs Technology Investor Relations Brand management Crisis Management
  • Why do I have a picture of Sarah Palin. BRAND
  • Social media marketing_hks

    1. 1. Social Media Will Not Make You Smarter, Richer or Thinner March 19, 2012 Morra Aarons-Mele
    2. 2. Adapted from KPCB Internet Trends 2011
    3. 3. Adapted from KPCB Internet Trends 2011
    4. 4. Adapted from KPCB Internet Trends 2011
    5. 5. Adapted from KPCB Internet Trends 2011
    6. 6. Types of Social Media Social Networks Micro-blogging Location-based services
    7. 7. Types of Social Media Live streaming Niche Networks Social bookmarks / Crowd sourced content
    8. 8. Types of Social Media Social Q&A sites Social Gaming Group Buying
    9. 9. Types of Social Media Enterprise Social Communications Tools Blog Communities Wiki
    10. 10. What Youre Up Against• Each day, US adults absorb:• 34 GB data over 11.8 hours ( USCD)• 65% of online adults use social media (Pew)• Adults using the internet as primary news source up 17% between 2009-2010 (Pew)• 1 in 4 adults accessed most of their 2010 campaign news online (Pew)• 3-fold increase from 2002
    11. 11. Social Media is not the Silver Bullet• Social media isn’t a • Social networks are the SOLUTION, it’s a tool that interactive visibility tool of can be deployed the digital age strategically in support of a larger organizational or • Thousands of followers or campaign goal. “likes” dont directly translate action or sales• A brilliant social media strategy cannot • Social networks are only compensate for a one tool at your disposal campaign or organization that lacks a strong, memorable brand.
    12. 12. Names (leads, emailaddresses)Awareness (consumer,trade, elites)
    13. 13. Roadmap for Digital PR1) Know what you stand for
    14. 14. Baseline: Website• Your website houses your content• Content’s purpose: o Who we are (delivering on the brand promise) o How you can join us o What we’re doing and why it’s awesome o Who pays the bills/Contact/Customer Service• Most people won’t come back to your site voluntarily…you need to go out and get them
    15. 15. Use Your Channels for MessagingGetting to know you• Search engine visibility• Presence on major platforms and networks• Supplement w/ads if you canBuilding the Relationship• Twitter (esp. for media and influentials)• Email list• Know what your competitors are doing• InfluencersNiche marketing, not mass• Use channels to tailor your message and make it relevant• Build relationships
    16. 16. Source: Quantcast;
    17. 17. Assess ChannelsLinkedIn
    18. 18. Tailor the Message: Blog• Share unique information with assets (e.g. videos, photos)• Be yourself• 600-800 words• Great headlines (SEO)• Tag, categories• Link and blogroll
    19. 19. Tailor the Message: Facebook• Will people really care about relating to you on Facebook?
    20. 20. Tailor the Message: Twitter• Don’t be a press release• Be yourself• Remember the New York Times rule
    21. 21. Start to Make Friends Identify Your Landscape• Who is influential• Where do they hang out?• Who is their network?• Do they want to get to know you?
    22. 22. Use Twitter to connect directly withinfluencers
    23. 23. Use Facebook to connect professionally via pages
    24. 24. Use Linked-In to connect with colleagues via groups
    25. 25. • Write• Publish• Connect• Reciprocate
    26. 26. The Power of Women & Social Media• 42 million women log on to social network sites weekly• Women compose the majority of nearly every major social media networking site• Women are twice as likely as men to blog• Women are more likely to use blogs as a source of information and to aid in decision-making• (BlogHer, iVillage 2009)
    27. 27. BlogHer Poll: Blog Snapshot• The BlogHer network of women:• Female: 95%• Median age: 30• Median range: 25-40 (67%)• Married: 75%• Work outside the home: 52%• Stay at Home: 33%• Are bloggers themselves: 52%• Recommend products to friends online: 56%• Bought product on blogger rec: 63%
    28. 28. “I want free stuff!!”
    29. 29. “I have bills to pay!!”
    30. 30. Now, go do it
    31. 31. If you/staff have 30 minutes per week• Set up social media accounts • Create a Facebook fan page and post an update or photo a few times during the week…or Tweet • Set up your business account on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Foursquare so you can review what your customers are saying about your business• Set up an online retail presence • Explore creating a deal with Groupon, LivingSocial, Google or Yelp. Google Checkout. Etsy. Think about the best experience that will be suitable for new and repeat customers Courtesy Edelman 41
    32. 32. If you/staff have 30 minutes per week• Paid media • Create a self-serve ad on LinkedIn/Facebook • Your ad consists of a headline, description, company name, image and URL • Select a target audience • Set your budget and bid • Pay per click (most common) – you pay when someone clicks on your ad • Pay per 1,000 impressions – determines the number of times your ad is shown 42
    33. 33. If you/staff have 30 minutes per day• Make friends online• Engage on social media sites on a daily basis • Respond to customer service inquiries • Monitor and respond your online reviews • Tweet three times a day and update your Facebook twice a day• Write a blog post • Create and maintain your blog with a daily blog post or use the time to write 2-3 blog posts per week• Set up paid media• Set up an online deal 43
    34. 34. If you/staff have 30 hours per week• Hire a great community manager• Engage on social media sites on a daily basis• Write a blog post• Set up paid media• Set up an online deal• Monitor, set up key metrics, report• Everyone owns it 44
    35. 35. Social Media Monitoring Tools Premium Free 45